Etsy vs Squarespace 2024 : Which is Best for You ? Ultimate Comparisons | Which E-Commerce Platform To Choose?

Are you also confused between Etsy and Squarespace ?

Struggling to know that which one is better and why ?

So, we are here to help you. Here , in this article you are going to know all about Etsy and Squarespace which will surely help you in deciding between the two.

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Pricing $10/mo* $12/mo*
Best for

It is best for people who love homemade , old and vintage things around them.

Squarespace is designed first-and-foremost for designers, artists, photographers, and others in the creative space

  • Community Connection and Customer Response.
  • Internal Analytics
  • Easy Logistics
  • Shopify support.
  • Mailchimp integration.
  • Flexible product variants.
  • Exposure to a large, established market audience
  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Elegant templates
  • Numerous items
  • Increased control and creative liberty
  • Limited amount of design
  • Limited sales
  • No built-in marketplace
  • Time consuming
Ease of Use

Etsy provides a very user friendly environment to the customer due to lack of complicated features.

Squarespace scores well in ease of use but somewhere because of high features it become tricky.

Value For Money

Etsy provides the best service in this pricing.

It is worth every penny because of the multiple features it provide.

Customer Support

The service is available 24*7.

They have a huge team and multiple mediums to solve the problem of any customer , anytime.

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Are you considering starting an online shop but not sure which platform to choose? Etsy or Squarespace?

Both platforms have their pros and cons, but in the end, one will be a better fit for your business.

In this post, we’ll break down the differences between Etsy and Squarespace so you can make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

Etsy vs Squarespace: Which is The Better Option?

Are you having difficulty deciding between Squarespace vs Etsy?

With this side-by-side comparison of Squarespace vs Etsy, you can choose which platform is right for you.

Compare each platform’s ease of use, design, support, and overall value for money.

Etsy vs Squarespace 2024: Overview

Allow the comparison to begin. Not to worry; we’ll assist you.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace Commerce is an excellent option for merchants to build and manage a full shop.

At Big Cat Creative, we are Squarespace-obsessed. You’ve undoubtedly heard us rave about it a lot since we believe it’s the most pleasing overall platform for building a whole website for nearly any sort of company.

Squarespace is an excellent all-purpose website builder, and you can integrate it with a shopping cart called Squarespace Commerce. This offers up a plethora of customizing options.

The primary distinction between Squarespace and Etsy is that Squarespace is a platform for creating websites, not a marketplace.

As a result, Squarespace Commerce provides you with far more flexibility and creative freedom. However, this also implies that it might be more involved than just putting up a marketplace business.

Squarespace - Etsy vs Squarespace

Squarespace offers many additional options because it allows you to host a complete website alongside your shop. However, if you want to keep things simple and have a little business, you can do this; it is not complicated.

Unfortunately, since you lack Etsy’s built-in audience, you will need to generate traffic in other ways, rather than rely on marketplace consumers, using marketing tactics such as SEO, advertising, and social media.

Because Squarespace “hosts” rather than own your shop, there are no transaction fees if you utilize one of the Commerce options.

This is the most cost-effective choice if you sell a large volume of items since you pay a monthly price.

Squarespace is a fully-hosted solution, which means you can use it to build a beautiful website in addition to your e-commerce business.

Users have access to a robust feature set, including unlimited bandwidth and storage, analytics, marketing tools, and a point of sale system, in addition to a library of elegant, professional template designs!

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a well-known marketplace and e-commerce website for independent merchants selling hand-made and antique goods.

As well as digital and digital-only products and craft materials (technically, you can sell more anything on there, but Etsy is generally more for more miniature, hand-made goods).

It’s an easy and essential solution for small companies and individuals looking to quickly get their items recognized and sold.

Etsy is unique and straightforward to use since it is an established marketplace. You’re creating a store page on rather than making your website by joining Etsy. Consider a shopping center.

If the Etsy Marketplace is a shopping mall, your shop is a store. As a result, you have access to everyone who is currently exploring the mall in search of something to purchase, as well as to Etsy’s pre-established audience (31.7 million active buyers, in fact!)

By hosting your shop on Etsy, you’ll sidestep many of the difficulties associated with launching a business from scratch because it was designed specifically for creators like you to establish a shop effortlessly.

Etsy - Etsy vs Squarespace

That is the only purpose of Etsy; there is no extraneous fluff or complicated features that you would encounter when starting a business from scratch. It’s easy and fast to get started.

It’s straightforward and fast, but only because you’re effectively piggybacking your business on another website. While this is an excellent starting point, it is preferable to have your brand and shop in the long run.

There are several restrictions associated with operating an Etsy business, but this is the price you pay for such a straightforward solution.

Retailers with a diversified inventory and a rapid turnover of products almost definitely want a more feature-rich platform like Squarespace or Shopify.

It’s worth noting that if you want to take things a step further, you can upgrade to Etsy’s independent solution, Pattern, which lets you design your shop with your domain and sell anything you want while still utilizing Etsy engine.

It’s the next step in transitioning your shop away from Etsy while maintaining the brand’s familiarity.

This is not what we’re discussing today since it isn’t the usual “Etsy,” but it’s worth mentioning in case you want to do some more study on it.

Major Features and Benefits of Squarespace

The following are the standard features included with all e-commerce plans:

E-commerce that is entirely integrated:

I’m referring to product catalog management, shipping tools, and inventory management, among other things.

Customization of CSS and JavaScript:

If you want to take your customization to the next level using code, Squarespace allows you to do so.

Metrics for Your Website:

You can monitor website visits, traffic sources, and geography, among other things. SSL security: You never have to worry about the safety of your website. Squarespace has your back.

SEO for increased website visibility:

Even if you’re unfamiliar with SEO, Squarespace includes comprehensive instruction on how to rank your website on Google.

Indestructible Bandwidth and Storage:

You may grow confidently since your site is not constrained by local storage.

Google’s Professional Email:

Nothing compares to having a corporate email address that is professional. For one year, you’ll get a free professional Gmail and Google workplace account.

Integration and blocks of premium quality:

You may choose to expand your websites and improve the customer experience on your website by connecting your website with the demands of your customers.

Complimentary custom domain:

You do not need to pay for a custom domain if you do not already have one; the price includes domain registration for a whole year.

Major Features and Benefits of Etsy

These features are accessible to subscribers of the Etsy premium plan.

Discounts for the general public:

If you live in the United States of America, Canada, the European Union, or the United Kingdom, you may save money on shipping boxes. Additionally, you get a 30% discount on business cards and other printed items from Moo.

Customization of the store to an advanced level:

You’d have access to more banner choices, a new layout option for highlighting listings, and the ability to highlight certain listings or store areas.

Requests for Replenishment:

This is another excellent tool that Etsy provides. Shoppers can examine your sold-out items and subscribe to get notifications when you add new ones. This enables you to monitor the popularity of your items.

Discounts on custom web addresses:

You get a discount on Hover, a domain registration portal when you register your domain. If you already own a domain name, you’re all set.

Credits for store listings include the following:

With Etsy +, you get 15 listing credits and a $ 5 Etsy Ads credit each month, which is quite a deal for the membership cost. Remember that you must use these credits within a month, or they will expire.

Not to worry; you will continue to get the same credit amount each month.

Etsy vs Squarespace: Customer Support

Even on its free plan, Etsy offers an excellent support package.

Along with one of the most significant seller communities on the web and comprehensive and in-depth training resources, members have access to live chat and phone support.

Etsy Customer Support - Etsy vs Squarespace


In particular, retailers who are new to the business will appreciate the detailed training and “seller manual.” The online forum, which allows users to form “teams” to discuss ideas and interact, is a beautiful tool for learning.

All support options are available through a tab on the seller dashboard, making it simple to locate help when you want it.

Squarespace’s service package is exceptional, and consumers frequently express high levels of customer satisfaction.

Squarespace Customer Support - Etsy vs Squarespace

Customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by email and Twitter. On weekdays, between 4 a.m. and 8 p.m., live chat is accessible.

Additionally, since Squarespace is a well-known and popular site builder, a sizable community of users is active on the forums.

Etsy vs Squarespace: Ease of use

You will not find a more user-friendly site than Etsy. This is partially due to the lack of complicated features (which some may consider a disadvantage) and partly due to the seller dashboard’s basic, understandable design.

Etsy automates routine processes like listing creation and report generation.

Squarespace Ease of use - Etsy vs Squarespace

While the site builder is quite simple to use, it does need some adjustment.

However, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll have no issue modifying anything from your logo to your color palette.

The management dashboard, where users manage listings, orders, and data, is simple to access and straightforward.

Etsy vs Squarespace: Pros and Cons

We have Some Pros and Cons of Squarespace

Squarespace Pros

  • You are the only proprietor of your website and shop
  • Increased control and creative liberty
  • Marketing and SEO characteristics
  • Simple-to-use site builder and administration dashboard
  • Elegant templates
  • Numerous items

Squarespace Cons

  • more arduous and time-consuming to utilize than a straightforward marketplace
  • Increased effort is required to get people to visit the shop
  • There is no built-in marketplace or audience.

We have Some Pros and Cons of Etsy

Etsy Pros

  • Cost-effective (if using the free version and not making many sales)
  • Simple to use
  • Exposure to a large, established market audience

Etsy Cons

  • You are one of the thousands of stores.
  • Etsy technically owns your shop
  • Exorbitant fees (nearly 10 percent of the overall item price)
  • Features of limited sales
  • A limited amount of design possibilities

Etsy vs Squarespace: E-Commerce Tools

Etsy has limited marketing tools, while Squarespace includes robust e-commerce capabilities.

No matter how aesthetically appealing your website is, you will not sell unless you have robust e-commerce solutions. And Squarespace is unquestionably feature-rich in this regard.

Naturally, you’ll get the fundamentals: social network integrations, detailed product descriptions, numerous payment options, order management, and calculated shipping prices.

However, you also receive more complex features with Squarespace Email Campaigns, such as tax rate control, multi-currency compatibility, and your email marketing platform.

Etsy’s array of tools is optimized for small-scale retailing. For example, a typical Etsy account will provide you with essential marketing and promotional options to help you increase your consumer base.

Squarespace E-commerce Tools - Etsy vs Squarespace

This includes incentives to entice new buyers, the opportunity to post your listing on social networking sites, and the chance to increase your exposure via Etsy’s in-house advertising.

You’ll need to upgrade to Etsy Plus if you want advertising credits or email notifications when your goods are in stock.

Meanwhile, Pattern by Etsy provides the conventional capabilities seen on most website builders. After all, it is a distinct entity from your Etsy store, and as such, you are responsible for bringing traffic to it.

As with Squarespace, you’ll have essential marketing and promotional options at your disposal. This includes online analytics, social media sharing, and MailChimp-powered email marketing campaigns.

Squarespace vs Etsy: Themes

Squarespace provides a greater degree of customization than Etsy and Pattern by Etsy.

Squarespace has a definite edge over Etsy when it comes to themes. Its more than 60 templates are among the most attractive on the market today. They’re also mobile-friendly.

Squarespace has even classified its designs according to your business’s requirements.

Among other things, you’ll discover templates for online businesses, restaurants, and even professional services. All of them allow you extensive customization of colors, fonts, and page layouts.

Squarespace Themes - Etsy vs Squarespace

Fonts, in particular, are a straightforward and practical approach to customize a template to match your brand identity completely.

Squarespace has teamed with TypeKit to provide a complimentary selection of online fonts.

Additionally, content is configurable, allowing you to include a variety of media into your website, including video backdrops, picture headers, and even chart blocks. Best of all, you may change templates at any moment.

Etsy’s marketplace falls short of Squarespace’s adaptability. However, since your listings will adhere to Etsy’s design guidelines, you can be confident that everything will appear excellent.

As such, it’s a benefit if you’re not the creative kind but a curse if you want your brand to stand out.

Squarespace vs Etsy: How much do they cost?

At first appearance, Etsy seems to be one of the most affordable eCommerce platforms available. It offers a free plan in perpetuity, and even the premium option, Etsy Plus, is just ten bucks each month.

“Pattern by Etsy” is a $ 15-per-month service that enables you to establish an “independent” internet shop on your domain (in combination with your Etsy store).

However, it is essential to factor in fees. Each listing costs retailers $ 0.20. When an item is purchased, Etsy charges a 5 % transaction fee plus a 4 % payment processing fee, totaling roughly 10 % of the item’s price.

Etsy Pricing

If you handle a small number of sales, these costs may be acceptable. However, when volume increases, Etsy becomes less viable.

Squarespace, on the whole, provides fantastic value for money. The feature set is robust, including infinite goods, multi-channel administration (through the “Shopping Feed” connection), point-of-sale, abandoned cart emails, and user accounts.

Additionally, digital items and subscription services are conceivable.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace’s main shortcoming is its tiny add-on library. Compared to Shopify, Squarespace lacks minor, less noticeable features like countdown clocks and targeted promos.

You must subscribe to the “Advanced” plan to access all features. However, smaller merchants may get by with the “Basic” plan. The “Business” plan is feature-restricted and is intended for webmasters who want to sell a limited number of items.

How to Make the Most of Squarespace and Etsy?

If you’re just getting started with your online store, I suggest using both platforms!

When you’re just starting, it’s beneficial to use the audience that Etsy can provide since your Squarespace site is unlikely to get much traffic.

By maintaining both an Etsy and a Squarespace shop, you can use Etsy’s built-in marketplace audience to generate early purchases and expand your following, and then direct additional visitors to your Squarespace store for longer-term success.

Squarespace - Etsy vs Squarespace

It is preferable to have a self-contained website that you manage rather than depending on Etsy for sales in the long run. It is never a brilliant idea to build your whole company strategy on a market that may vanish tomorrow.

Additionally, having your website demonstrates to clients that you take your brand and company seriously.

Therefore, whether you start on Etsy and then migrate to Squarespace or start on Etsy and then add a Squarespace website and continue operating both stores, I believe an excellent long-term aim is to transition to a stand-alone business.

Hence, you aren’t entirely reliant on Etsy. Eventually, you’d want to reach a point when your Squarespace shop becomes your primary focus.

FAQs on Etsy vs Squarespace :

Does Squarespace take a percentage of sales?

Squarespace Commerce plans do not include transaction fees (Basic and Advanced). The business plan charges a 3 % transaction fee on all sales.

Can you do dropshipping on Squarespace?

You certainly can. Squarespace provides two dropshipping options: Printful and Spocket. Although Printful is ideal for novices due to its simplicity of use, they prefer Spocket if you want to develop your dropshipping company in the future.

Does Squarespace use Shopify?

You can combine an existing Shopify shop with your Squarespace site or domain if you have one. This way, you can sell your items across several platforms and drive traffic to your Shopify shop directly from your Squarespace website.

What kind of products are sold on Etsy?

Multiple products like paper, accessories, hand-made items, jewelry, clothing, vintage items, and a lot more can be sold on Etsy.

Is Etsy worth it in 2021?

Yes. To begin, making conclusions based on a small, skewed sample size may not be prudent. And in the second, the two main reasons to use Etsy in 2021 are that it's simple and inexpensive. Indeed, until Etsy begins charging a monthly fee, it's worth listing if only to take advantage of the marketplace's position.

Who makes the most money of Etsy?

Alicia Shaffer is the wealthiest seller on Etsy. Follow her on Instagram at @threebirdnest. On Etsy, Alicia Shaffer is the most successful seller. In November 2011, the mother of three began selling boho-inspired hats and scarves via her internet business, Three Bird Nest.

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Conclusion: Etsy vs Squarespace 2024

Hopefully, now you realize exactly how different Squarespace and Etsy are.

Squarespace is a strong website builder with an e-commerce option. It’s quite straightforward to use when you’re contemplating developing an entire website, and it is far more extensive and powerful than Etsy.

No question, building your shop on Squarespace is the more involved alternative.

Etsy is straightforward and quick to use, plus it has an audience built-in. It’s a terrific method to start your online shop, but as your company expands, it may become quite confining.

I feel whether you should use Squarespace or Etsy for your online shop depends on what stage of company you are in.

Etsy is a terrific way to get your feet wet, generate some sales, and develop a following.

Squarespace is a terrific alternative if you are ready to take your business to the next level and grow your sales beyond what Etsy can provide.

But ideally, I believe you should employ to Squarespace for your sales and enhance your brand exposure!

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