5 Best Hosting Services To Host Node.Js App In 2021

Are you a developer looking for developer-friendly hosting services to host Node.Js app?

Here’s a list of Top 5 hosting services to host Node.Js app at affordable price.

List of 5 Best Hosting Services to Host Node.Js app



The Cloudways hosting platform offers a variety of tools for many purposes, one being Node.js module management with the NPM package manager.

The tool offers various web applications that rely on JavaScript as their main programming language and because of this it offers additional features not found elsewhere.

This includes Angular JS MVC framework which can be quite useful when constructing your own frontend web application or modifying someone else’s work without needing much more than just some handy code snippets from Stack Overflow!

Cloudways uses tools like Bower and Grunt for various purposes like Node.js module management, its compilation, and running for frontend web applications.

The Angular Js tool uses MVC (Model View Controller) framework specifically designed for web applications. This offers additional features not found elsewhere such as two-way binding and data-binding in the generated HTML.


  1. Cloudways controls all the server configuration, scaling and load balancers itself.
  2. Cloudways uses cPanel, Plesk for its serving panel. It also has free SSL certificate integration with CloudFlare and Google drive integration with cloudways hosting account.
  3. There are unlimited email accounts available with every plan and sub-accounts can be created as child accounts. You can manage them separately from the main website account. You can connect email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook, so you could easily manage emails sent through your site .

A2 Hosting


A2 hosting provides Node.js run time JavaScript environment for frontend web applications and their development, making it possible to develop the app on your own private server without being limited by a particular platform.

For example, we can create a web application in node using cPanel and Command-line interface or use A2’s Setup Node.Js App icon from within the software section of the Control Panel.

Then create a new apps folder inside domain root will let you have either an HTML element package ready for usage with NPM (Node Package Manager) installed automatically too so that developing any type of website is easy!


  • Latest Node.js runtime and npm libraries installed on the server
  • Designer assisted deploying of Node.js applications on OS powered VPS or dedicated servers
  • 1-click Softaculous (one of the best software for script installations) installation for popular scripts like WordPress, Drupal, osCommerce etc
  • Free website transfer from any other hosting provider to A2 hosting account with 3+ months free premium web building tools and templates

Heroku Hosting


Heroku Node.js platform can be used in data-intensive web application developments like data computing and manipulation.

The computing and manipulations of the customer, product sales, metadata updates are very crucial for a business to grow well.

So, we can use Node.js with its specific applications such as Business to business models where the code will be deployed by Dynos.

This leads faster access from database to Web Application providing ease for both developer’s time management as well as user experience.

Developers can access whatever they need within seconds rather than minutes or hours. This depends upon how much databases you have been storing over the years.


  • It uses Git Push to allow developer to deploy the application easily
  • The $7 dollar app can host unlimited number of applications
  • Manage all environment settings like SSL and domain management through GitHub Repository.



HostPapa uses the Node.Js platform for server-side operations like real-time web applications and single page websites. This includes Live Chat, Monitoring, Site audit & Tracking.

The Node hosting reads dynamically using JavaScript while PHP scripts would read in a linear fashion. This means data will be written faster than the traditional hosting methods of PHP scripting.

It can also be used on the client-side through an interface like your mobile application. This could be done by writing simple packages to have direct access to all that you store within your business’s servers.

From email accounts installation and WordPress installations right down to installing Business Analytics add ons or cPanel account management tools. You’ll find everything at their fingertips when utilizing this top notch service provider today.


  • Many payment methods accepted including credit card, bank transfer and PayPal
  • Live chat customer support available 24/7 via HostPapa.com  and the ticket system
  • Price : $4.95 per month (For first time customers only) 12% savings – See Special Offer for Bitcoiners below! Payment method: Credit Card & Bank Transfer. Doesn’t accept payment through bitcoin. This is the best hosting provider I have found in a long time.
  • Their reliability is fantastic. I’ve never had a service interruption with them even when my sites have been receiving 100s of hits an hour (in addition to DDoS attacks).



MilesWeb Hosting is a cloud-based hosting provider that offers Node.Js services for its VPS and wide datacenter coverage. It is easy to set up applications on their Node.js platform with the help of NPM or Yarn packages manager.

MilesWeb’s process managers like Forever, Supervisor/Pm2  has various levels of operation. It depends on your needs in code development changes through deployment manager every time you make any updates to the application.


  • Free SSL Certificates in WHMCS for secure integration
  • World Class Cloud Network  routing via BGP4+ or DDoS mitigation
  • Robust Anti-DDoS Protection network via Anycast + DNS Routing setup
  • Latest Hardware using latest Power and NVMe SSD storage technology.
  • Data Center cooling systems and capacity for high density hosting.
  • Provides the best infrastructure in industry.
  • World class 24/7 Datacentre support by our team of professionals who are constantly monitoring your servers ensuring high performance.
  • Qualified Support Staffs & Dedicated Account Managers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which hosting is best for Node JS?

Cloudways is our top choice for hosting any kind of hosting, whether Node.Js or WordPress.

Where can I host my node js app?

You can host your Node.js applications on some of the best hosting platforms shared in this article. These include Cloudways, A2 hosting, Heroku, HostPapa, and MilesWeb.

Where can I host node JS for free?

You can host your Node.js application absolutely free on Heroko. You can checkout its features and plans in this article or visit its official website.


You can find more such hosting services to host Node.Js but the ones mentioned in this article are good ones. Do you want to recommend any other hosting services that you might have used to host Node.Js application?

I’ll be glad to know if you would like to recommend some.

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