Wix Logo Maker Review

It does not matter whether you’re an internet company or not; you should have an attractive brand logo. In most cases, products/services start with a low-key logo and become popular. Then, there comes a point that they cannot change the logo anymore. So, if you are planning to start [any kind of] venture, you should have an impressive logo to start with.

Wix Logo Maker

Unlike most people think, you don’t need a hundred-dollar professional to create a logo for your company! Not at least when you have services like Wix Logo Maker. Wix Logo Maker is an online service that lets you create stunning logos — even when you don’t have all the artistic talents. We used this service recently and were impressed. So, here is our brief review of Wix Logo Maker for you.

What is Wix Logo Maker?


As we said, Wix Logo Maker is an easy-to-use online logo maker. It debunks the idea that you need a graphic designing professional to create a logo. Using this intuitive service, you will be able to create attractive logos for your brand, product or any organization whatsoever. To make everything awesome, Wix Logo Maker is using Artificial Intelligence to make the right logo for you.


Now that you have the basic idea, let’s check out the different aspects of Wix Logo Maker. To start, we will see how to create a logo using this platform.

How to Create a Logo Using Wix Logo Maker?

Wix Logo Maker follows a procedure where you have the most convenient and customization options.

In the first part, Wix Logo Maker asks you a bunch of questions regarding the company. You have to provide the name and tagline of your brand.

Questions One

Then, you can also select the characteristics of the company. Wix Logo Maker will be taking all these answers into consideration for making the right logo.

Questions Three
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Last but not the least, Wix Logo Maker wants you to tell the logos you like and ones you don’t like. Wix would also ask you where you want to use the logos.

Questions Four

Once you are done answering all these questions, Wix Logo Maker will take a few seconds and show you the list of appropriate logos. You can select one of these logos and go ahead for customization.

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As we said, you can customize the logos you make with Wix Logo Maker extensively.

For instance, Wix Logo Maker lets you select the right icons from a huge-enough collection and change color patterns of the logo. The best part is that it shows how your logo looks at different occasions like websites, merchandise, mobile devices etc.


You can also make changes to the text parts like name and tagline. When Wix Logo Maker says that it allows 100% customization, it means so. The point is, if the AI-made logo isn’t impressive, you can make it attractive by yourself.

Customizing Two

Even in the case of customization, this logo maker doesn’t require artistic talent. You can pick the right icons, fonts etc. from the list and get things done.

Using Your Logos

Wix Logo Maker lets you use the created logos in almost every instance.


You know what? Wix Logo Maker lets you download high-quality vector files version of your logos. It means that you can have the best print quality, regardless of the use-case scenario. (You can print it on small mugs or billboards without losing any quality).


Wix Logo Maker does not offer a completely free plan There is an option to download the free sample — which is of low image quality. However, if you want to get high-quality version of your logo, you need to choose any of the plans below.


First, you can pay for the single logo, which costs 779.50INR. This is the best option if you are designing the logo for your own company. Although you get high-resolution logo files, this plan doesn’t offer vector files or other features.

In the subscription plans, costing you 1440INR and 960INR per month, you have access to unlimited logos as well as website-based features. For instance, you’d have access to a free domain and social media brand kit. Last but not least, in the higher version, Wix offers VIP support as well. These plans are for professionals who wish to invest in a full online branding package for their business. If you have multiple products/services to offer, you should try them as well.

Integrating with Wix

In case you didn’t notice, Wix lets you integrate the logo creation with your Wix-powered website. This lets you create a seamless branding experience without any trouble. As far as the integration is concerned, Wix Logo Maker is one of the best you can get.

The Bottom Line

You may be able to find many logo makers on the Internet. But, there aren’t many like Wix Logo Maker. This isn’t a free logo maker for sure, but it’s something worth paying for. For instance, you have a wonderful set of features including 100% customization. Also, thanks to AI, finding the best logo for your products has never been easier.

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