Prodoge Review 2023: Cryptocurrency Wallet for Business | Is it Worth the Hype?

People now have an alternative to the traditional banking system in the form of cryptocurrency. What’s intriguing about this new currency is that it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities for business people. As you may be aware, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity at the moment, and everyone is attempting to participate.

However, as the number of people who use cryptocurrencies expands, a trustworthy crypto wallet becomes scarce. A crypto wallet allows you to manage all of your currencies from a single spot. It effectively functions as your bank.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the features that make the Prodoge wallet ideal for businesses so you can determine if it’s appropriate for you! A wallet designed exclusively for company owners who have struggled to find a solution to accept payments from clients in their cryptocurrency rather than in fiat currencies such as Canadian or US dollars.

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What is Prodoge?

Prodoge is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that has been developed to allow users to buy, sell and transact several recognized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DigiByte, Ethereum, and the US dollar. It’s a cryptocurrency wallet that isn’t kept on your computer.

The software makes it simple to send and receive money with anyone. It essentially empowers you to become a bank on your own, allowing you to provide your company with the resources it needs to succeed. Prodoge makes sending and receiving crypto payments, as well as credit and debit payments, a breeze.

This can be done with anyone, and there are no restrictions. The best part is that Prodoge makes it simple by allowing you to accomplish everything from a single app. You don’t need to install several apps on your phone any longer.

Without the usual effort or frustration, you can make professional invoices in seconds. You may take bitcoin and card payments for your services using our global invoicing. Also, when you upgrade to Prodoge Premium, you may add your brand’s logo to your invoices, which will help you advertise your business.

Prodoge handles the duties of numerous apps, saving you the time and effort of switching between them to submit payment. People interested in starting their own Prodoge wallets could download the software from the Apple Store and begin creating their own crypto wallets.

What can I do with Prodoge?

Prodoge allows teams to design and link checkout widgets to company websites in order to accept cryptocurrency payments without incurring any sort of merchant or transaction costs. Individuals can use the service to keep track of website sales and produce data to aid in business choices. Users can also identify payees by using the search feature to look for profiles of businesses that provide money transfer services or enable peer-to-peer transactions.

Prodoge allows you to send and receive money with anyone. It allows you to become a bank on your own, providing your business with the resources it requires to thrive. Prodoge makes it incredibly simple to:

  • Send and receive payments using Crypto 
  • Credit & Debit Payments

There are no restrictions on who you can do this with. The best aspect is that Prodoge simplifies things by allowing you to do everything from one app. You no longer need to install a plethora of apps on your phone. Prodoge automates the actions of a variety of programs, saving you time and effort when transferring funds. Those interested in constructing their own Prodoge wallets can download the software from the Apple Store and get started right away.

What solutions does Prodoge offer?

Prodoge is a dependable cryptocurrency wallet created to offer you two kinds of solutions:

  • Personal Solutions
  • Business Solutions

Personal Solutions

If you have been on the lookout for a reliable wallet for managing cryptocurrencies that is secure, easy to handle, and tailored to suffice your specific needs, then Prodoge is perhaps the most balanced solution for you. The app has been developed with an aim to simplify all kinds of online monetary transactions by consolidating all the key features into one hood. The app gives you access to all the important features right at your fingertips, making crypto as well as online transactions quick and convenient using the app. 

  • Send & Receive Money to anyone anywhere.

You may encounter several instances when foreign money transactions are prohibited/restricted. Luckily, this is where Prodoge comes to the rescue. You will be able to send money to anyone easily no matter where they are. The entire process with Prodoge is super smooth and quick, which ensures an overall seamless experience for users. Payments can be made quickly and conveniently using cryptocurrency or credit/debit cards.

  • Send & Accept Crypto Payments

Prodoge allows you to easily make as well as receive payments in cryptocurrencies. This will come in real handy for you because these days numerous places accept payments via cryptocurrency, so you can use Prodoge to make purchases stuff quickly. You can also send recognized cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and others, to anyone. You only need to enter the information asked for and then scan the QR code in order to finish the transaction. On the other side, you can easily build payment links and much more to take bitcoin payments.

  • Sending & Receiving Card Payments

In case you are using a credit card or debit card, Stripe, and PayPal make submitting and receiving payments a lot easier for you. You can simply send money to a person having a PayPal email address seamlessly without any hassles. Similarly, you can also easily send money to people having a Stripe account. You can also accept all debit and credit card payments using your own PayPal and Stripe accounts. Therefore, Prodoge makes sending and receiving the money to people from a variety of sources a lot easier.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet

Perhaps the most amazing point about Prodoge is that the app functions as your personal bank. With Prodoge, you can effortlessly conduct international transactions and more in just a few taps. The app is one of the very few that supports all of the different major cryptocurrencies, and ensures that you have complete control of everything that’s in your wallet.

  • Buy, sell & exchange Cryptocurrencies

Prodoge currently supports more than 100 countries, thus allowing you to execute seamless purchasing and trading, as well as a hassle-free exchange of cryptocurrencies on the go. Prodoge is also one of the easiest solutions to purchase Bitcoin. The app also supports other conventional modes of payments like bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and Apple Pay.

  • Transaction Notifications

One of the finest features of Prodoge is that it makes accounting an extremely easy task. You’ll receive full transaction notifications detailing the payments you’ve made and received from others. Furthermore, you can also export the information in the form of a CSV file. All in all, Prodoge has been designed to ensure that buying and selling cryptocurrencies and money transactions are secure and dependable throughout.

Business Solutions

Prodoge’s solutions aren’t just for personal use; they’re also for business. The following points are the significant highlights:

  • Invoicing

Sometimes there are numerous systems that make money transactions pretty difficult. This is where Prodoge comes in handy as it completely transforms this paradigm by making being paid a breeze. The app sets no limits to the number of invoices you can create and send. Thus, you can easily start paying both cryptocurrencies as well as monetary transactions using credit/debit cards through this app. Invoicing also is very straightforward and obvious to create.

Prodoge’s support allows you to simply design professional-looking invoices and send them to people. Clients can also pay their invoices using the app. You will also get access to all the previous transactions you have made through detailed transaction history, making it easy to keep track of your bills. You can quickly personalize your invoices by simply upgrading to the Prodoge premium plan. Thereon you can use your company’s logo on the invoices as a great way to promote your brand. This can be a very beneficial aspect for your company.

Point of Sale (POS)

You can collect payments from anyone all across the world using Prodoge. You can easily get paid in cryptocurrency as well as credit and debit cards using your PayPal and Stripe accounts. You can also use Prodoge to quickly develop Point of Sale checkouts. Prodoge lets you receive payments instantly without any hassle. The app also gives you access to Point of Sale transaction history, which comes in handy when need to check previous transactions.

Payment Links

Prodoge makes sure that you quickly get paid using Prodoge’s Payment Links. These are simply payment URLs that can be shared with people via SMS, email, or even social media handles. The payment links can be used to accept all kinds of supported payments including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and debit cards. Prodoge aims at simplifying the process of sending and receiving money by allowing anyone to easily create a payment link that can be easily shared. Users can also easily create personal payment links.

The best part about the Prodoge payment links is that they can be easily shared via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or SMS texts. You can also access and export the Payment link transaction histories from the app.


Prodoge also provides another cool feature called the Global Marketplace where you can advertise products and services to sell. The marketplace can help you grow your business and receive payments from anyone across the globe. You can also effortlessly set up an online store on the Prodoge Marketplace, after which you can add product images, product descriptions, as well as delivery information easily. Needless to say, you also have the added advantage of getting paid through cryptocurrency or credit and debit cards.

The marketplace also has a customer chat option that lets you easily communicate with merchants and customers all over the world. This allows you to expand your business network as you will get to connect with potential clients, customers, and companies from within the app itself. You can also use the search function to find specific products, services, as well as consumers.


The Prodoge app will allow you to easily collect all payments through your own website. All you need to do is add the Prodoge payment widgets to your blogs and web pages, thus, making it a very useful functionality allowing you to raise funds through your website traffic. You also have the option of getting paid in the currency of your choice. 

The Prodoge Global Marketplace

You can easily list your items and services in the marketplace for free with Prodoge. Grow your business without interruption and accept payments from consumers in more than 200 countries. By putting your items and services on the Prodoge marketplace, you may grow your business. Add a picture of each product, as well as descriptions and delivery information. Potential customers in 200+ countries will be able to see your offerings in seconds.

Accepting numerous types of currency can help you expand your customer base. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DigiByte, Ethereum, USD Coin, and credit and debit card payments from anyone with PayPal or Stripe are all supported by Prodoge.

With the Prodoge Client Chat tool, you can close more businesses. Communicate with buyers and sellers from all over the world. Our chat feature makes it simple to connect with other business owners and expand your customer base. The Prodoge Search function can also be used to locate individual consumers, products, services, or business owners. Spend less time searching the internet and more time at Prodoge, where you can find buyers and dealers from all around the world.


Because it gives you complete control over your private keys, the Prodoge wallet is one of the best wallets on the market (meaning no third-party involvement). Prodoge makes it simple for non-technical individuals to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies without having to know anything about them.

  1. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

In more than 100 countries, Prodoge allows you to buy, sell, and exchange different recognized and popular Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DigiByte, Ethereum, and USD Coin. In supported countries, you can buy crypto with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or bank transfers. You can make a payment to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Instantly send global payments with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DigiByte, Ethereum, and USD Coin.

  1. Mobile Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Create Point of Sale checkouts quickly and easily, and take bitcoin and card payments from over 200 countries. You can let customers pay with cryptocurrencies or credit cards right away. You’ll also have access to detailed transaction data with Prodoge. Keep track of all of your sales in one place. Then export your transaction data to a CSV file or use Zapier to connect to your favourite accounting software and 1,000+ other apps (including Quickbooks, Xero, Salesforce CRM).

  1. Send Unlimited Invoices

Prodoge makes it simple to get paid and makes everything simple. Without the usual effort or frustration, you can make professional invoices in seconds. You can accept crypto and card payments for your services using their global invoicing. Send an infinite number of invoices and begin receiving payments quickly in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Ethereum, USD Coin, or Credit & Debit Cards.

  1. Pay online or within the app

Clients may pay your invoice for your products and services via the Prodoge app with only a few fast clicks, or they can pay online when they receive your invoice in their email. 

  1. Share Payment Links for faster payments

With Payment Links, you can start getting paid right away. It’s as simple as sending your clients your unique Prodoge Pay Link via social networking applications, text, or email. Payments can be made in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DigiByte, Ethereum, USD Coin, or Debit and Credit Cards.

  • Item Pay Links

Create easily shared payment links and accept crypto or card payments for your goods and services from any location.

  • Personal Pay Links

Send your Payment Links to anyone, and you’ll be paid wherever. Over SMS, chat, social media, and more, get paid in bitcoin and credit payments.

  • Share Pay Links

Get rewarded by sharing your payment links on social media (including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and text message).


Prodoge is the first cryptocurrency wallet to offer such a complete collection of features. Prodoge makes it simple to send and receive money from any location on the planet. It takes most cryptocurrencies as well as debit/credit card payments using PayPal and Stripe.

Prodoge’s setup process is quite simple. Their market is huge, and it provides businesses with a fantastic potential to grow. Overall, if you want to manage all of your crypto needs, Prodoge is the best place to start.

What distinguishes Prodoge from other crypto wallets is that most/all crypto wallets offer “trading” apps that are wonderful for speculating but sometimes fall short when it comes to true “real world use cases.”

The goal of Prodoge was not to build yet another “trading” app. Prodoge offers “buy, sell, and exchange,” but the real value is in being able to use it as a “day to day” wallet in “real-world use cases.” These are peer-to-peer payments, as well as any merchant tools (invoices, point of sale, payment links, marketplace).

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