Jungle Scout Pro Review 2023 | Is It The Best Tool For Amazon Sellers?

Selling on Amazon can be difficult, especially if you are looking for a specific item. Finding profitable products and avoiding bad ones are important for business success. This is the purpose of Jungle Scout Pro.

It took me hours to figure out how to get my products noticed on Amazon when I first started selling there. It was a frustrating experience!

What products should you sell on Amazon FBA if you want to start a business there? Are you unfamiliar with Amazon marketing? How can Jungle Scout Pro speed up Amazon Product Research for you?

Users have gotten to trust Jungle Scout Pro at all points in their marketing strategy because it makes this so easy. 

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Jungle Scout Pro: Features

Research facilities are provided by Jungle Scout so that you can make an educated and assured decision.

Profitability is determined by many things, such as the need for products, the performance of the firm compared to its competitors, and the way well it is positioned within the marketplace.

Information can be accessed quickly and easily with the features here.

Niche Hunter

It helps you discover niches where you can be most profitable.

This method allows you to thoroughly look over a selected slot before you decide whether to spend more time there. Using the following frameworks, it does this –

Product category

Competition –

The Jungle Scout score falls somewhere between 1-10 on Amazon based on the amount of customer feedback given, with 1 being a low competitive rating. Ranking on page 1 is more likely to be achieved with a lower competitive score.

Listing Quality Score (LQS) –

Listings can be optimized as a result of having supported images, descriptions, and keywords in every listing. You should look into how to improve the listing standard if it is three or lower.

Average price –

All the products in the market are priced the same. Your product will be assigned an amount based on this.

Opportunity score –

You can use it to determine if marketing that particular product may be a great opportunity based on the information outlined earlier.

Scores of one indicate poor opportunities whereas ten indicate excellent opportunities. Basically, we’re looking for products with high demand, but with no quality listings and reviews.

With this information, you can instantly get a list of suggestions for niches and keywords. As you explore each niche, you’ll discover products that are popular.

Product Tracker

You can track a specific product’s performance in real time using a product tracker. You’d have access to a history of sales with information like reviews, unit sales, items on the inventory, etc.

 Compare the performance of different sellers on related items by grouping similar items together and tracking their sales. You’ll also do that individually.

As there are seasonal variations in sales of the product, a 60-day tracking period would be much better than merely tracking it every week.

Product Database

Almost every product on Amazon is included here, so we’re talking millions.

What’s awesome about this feature is that you can filter through all those million options to find exactly what you need.

 Is it important to you to find products with reviews rated 3-4 stars and an LQS score above 5? The list is accessible by simply filling out the criteria.

It is also possible to analyze the performance of products within classes and segments.


By using the keyword tab, you may be able to find out which search terms relate to specific merchandise and, consequently, how frequently they appear on Amazon.

 It is vital that you include keywords in your product listings so you can increase the exposure of your products when people search for them.

It generates an inventory of keywords that amazon shoppers are possibly browsing for and helps you rank stock, with difficult keywords faster. It enables you to understand their relevance and choose to allow your product.

Ease of ranking

A score of 1-100 is assigned to a term supporting how easy it’s to rank. Difficult and uncommon words are going to be assigned a lower rating, which suggests they’re going to be easy to rank.

Those with higher scores mean they’re almost impossible to rank.

Relevancy score

Your research is an indicator of how relevant a term is for you. If you already have experience in your niche, this won’t be helpful. You’ll find most people will search for terms you don’t know when they’re looking for associated keywords, synonyms, etc.

How Does one use Jungle Scout?

Identify your best-selling product line. To accomplish this, you’ll funnel product lines of interest that you have a deep understanding of. Marketing and promoting the item will be easier. The next step is to identify statistics that your products should meet.

All the products can be questioned on Jungle Scout. You may obtain a summary of the sales, reviews, and possible price ranges by doing so. Your search will be further refined by specifying criteria that are relevant to your needs. There may be a reason for this –

  • Price range
  • Product weight
  • Minimum monthly sales
  • Country
  • Sales demographics

You will be able to locate your target audience with this refined search. It will also give you the opportunity to explore related topics and products so that you can include them in your line or to expand it.

Also, it helped you gauge the competition and determine how to position your line to stand out and grab customers’ attention.

Jungle Scout Pro: Pricing

Jungle Scout Pro: Pricing

It’s not like other systems. Sales determine whether you get a raise. The online software is divided into the extension and, therefore, the combo package as well.

Jungle Scout:  The charges are like $49 per month,  $39 a month if you opt for a yearly plan

Extension: $39 per month | $19 a month if you opt for a yearly plan

Package: $69 per month | $49 a month if you opt for a yearly plan

Throughout the extension, the payment does not change. Payments vary according to your sale.

JS pays more for a larger sale. The monthly package payment is broken down by how many sales you receive per month.

501 – 2,000: $89 per month | $59 once a year

2,001 – 5,000: $119 per month | $79 once a year

5,0001 – 10,000: $219 per month | $139 once a year

10,001 +: $419 per month | $259 once a year

Jungle Scout Pro Extension

The tool is available in two forms: a web-based software product and a chrome extension.

This software offers features such as niche hunting and merchandise tracking.

As a plugin, this extension will attempt to retrieve information regarding Amazon products.

As an icon of Chrome, it is designed for quick marketing research. It displays data about products, such as statistics, prices, sales and keywords.

Here are a number of features:

  • Price
  • Category
  • Rank
  • Daily as well as monthly sales
  • Seller Category (FBA, FBM, AMZ)
  • Ratings
  • Revenue Statistics

What are the variations between the extension and, therefore, the web software?

Quick research is the purpose of the extension. Using it allows you to quickly view product information while you are browsing Amazon. You save tons of time by doing this.

Possibly, the software is more complicated, stronger, and built for in-depth analysis. With the extension, you will have fast access to product information while with the software, it will be easier to analyze the marketplace.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Pro 2023

The Jungle Scout app has its pros and cons, but it remains the best tool for Amazon sellers requiring research.

While there are other alternative solutions, Jungle Scout is the only one that can track products, estimate sales, and evaluate competitors all in one place.

In terms of performance and analysis, Jungle Scout is unmatched. You can use this tool to preserve a steady income if you are interested in trading on Amazon.

A good way to gain insight into the workings of the Amazon sales system is to use Jungle Scout, if you intend to accumulate a fortune from Amazon.

You must be amazed by what Jungle Scout Pro can offer you after reading this article. Using it will surely enthuse you.

Over 400 thousand entrepreneurs benefit from Jungle Scout’s Amazon assistance. 

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