How To Cancel Paypal Payment 2024: Can you reverse a PayPal payment?

PayPal makes it simple to transmit money online, but it may be overly simple at times. If you input the incorrect email address and click submit before realising it, the money is immediately deducted from your PayPal account. The good news is that you may sometimes cancel a PayPal payment and get your money back if you notice it early enough.


If you input the wrong amount or something went wrong with the agreement between you and the other party, PayPal makes it quite simple to cancel payments. The procedure is simple and quick, but you must know exactly what actions to perform.

You can cancel the payment if it still needs to be accepted. You must act fast before the money is accepted by the receiver. You will not be able to cancel the payment once the funds have been sent (AKA the payment has been accepted). Don’t give up; even if you can’t cancel the payment, there are still solutions.

The payment can only be cancelled if:

  • Your payment was made to an email address that does not have a PayPal account.
  • The email address you used to send your payment was not validated.

Fortunately, this addresses one of the most common reasons for wanting to cancel a PayPal payment: providing the incorrect email address. If the email address does not exist, the money will be held in limbo, and even if you do not cancel it, it will be refunded to your account after 30 days. If the email address does exist, you must cancel it as soon as possible before it is claimed.

How To Cancel PayPal Payments?

Some PayPal payments may be cancelled if you made a mistake or didn’t intend to make them, while others cannot.

If a payment is in your PayPal account’s ‘Pending Payments’ area, you may be able to halt the transaction. It all hinges on whether the payment is designated as ‘Unclaimed,’ which indicates that your receiver has not yet taken the money.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel a payment that has been listed as ‘Completed.’ You may still be able to obtain a refund from the receiver in this scenario. You can contact the receiver to explain the circumstances, which may persuade them to agree to your refund request.

However, if they refuse to offer a refund and you believe you are entitled to one, you can file a dispute with PayPal.

We’ll walk you through all the actions you need to follow if you have a pending payment or have subscribed to a certain service and want to cancel it on PayPal.

How Do I Cancel a PayPal Unclaimed or Pending Payment?

Your PayPal payment may be waiting because your PayPal account has been inactive for an extended period of time, there was an unusual change in the selling price, or the money you got was uncommon for your selling pattern.

In rare situations, PayPal may mark your payment as pending because the item you sold caused customer discontent, or your PayPal history as an off-eBay seller is relatively brief.

PayPal does this to guarantee that both you and the receiver are safe and secure during the transaction. Furthermore, they want to ensure that you have adequate money in your account in case of chargebacks or disputes.

The money is still yours, but it is temporarily unavailable for use until the receiver certifies that everything is in order in accordance with your agreement.

PayPal will release your funds within 21 days if there are no problems with the transaction.

  1. Navigate to your dashboard,
  2. click Activity, and then locate the payment you wish to reverse.


  1. Choose or touch Cancel to cancel the payment you want to cancel.


If the payment is marked as “Unclaimed,” it will appear in your account’s Pending section. To cancel an unclaimed payment, click Cancel under the payment, then click Cancel Payment.

NOTE: If you paid with money from your bank account rather than money in your PayPal account, the money will be restored to your PayPal account.

In a few days, you may effortlessly transfer the funds from your PayPal account back into your bank account.

The moment of truth has arrived: if the money has not yet been claimed or processed, there will be a little Cancel link. Click it, then on the following page, click Cancel Payment, and your money will be restored to your account. If there is no cancel option, it signifies that the money has been claimed and you must try something different (see the next section).

How to Cancel a PayPal Recurring Payment

PayPal makes it simple to set up recurring payments, such as subscriptions. However, when your subscription expires, you may need to cancel both the PayPal purchase and the subscription with the business.

There are two ways to accomplish this, the first of which is quite similar to the approach described above. The only difference is that on the Activity page, you must filter for Automatic Payments. The third method for cancelling a recurring payment via PayPal is entirely different.

You must still log in to the website, but it is the only thing the two have in common.

Once logged in, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the username button. Then go to Account Settings, Money, Banks & Cards, and lastly Set Automatic Payments.

PayPal is frequently used to cover regular payments and invoices, but what if you need to cancel one?

The good news is that it’s really simple; simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to PayPal’s website and sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Payments.’
  3. Under ‘Pre-approved payments,’ you should find a section labelled ‘Manage pre-approved payments.’
  4. Find the recurring payment you wish to cancel,
  5. click the ‘Cancel’ option, and then confirm your decision.
  6. You can cancel any future automatic payments to the person or business at any moment up to the day before the next scheduled payment.

What Happens When You Dispute a PayPal Payment?

Don’t give up if you can’t cancel a payment that has already been made. There is one more chance to receive the money back, but it is dependent on your grounds for cancelling the payment.

You can contact the recipient to obtain a money refund4. You have 180 days after sending the money to do this.

When you contact the receiver, ask them to utilise PayPal’s ‘Issue a Refund’ tool rather than the ‘Send Money’ feature. They’ll find this option under their PayPal account’s ‘Activity’ area, where they may select the payment and click the ‘Issue a Refund’ button.

You should anticipate a refund in your PayPal account fairly immediately, but it may take up to 30 days if the money is being reimbursed to your credit card.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Cancel My Payment?

If you paid the wrong person or sent the wrong amount using PayPal, cancelling the payment might help you get your money back.

Although it is not possible to cancel a completed payment on PayPal, you do have a few options for attempting to recover your funds.

Don’t get too worked up if you can’t cancel your PayPal payment! There are still a number of options available to you in order to obtain your money back.

If the money was paid to someone else you know, you may simply ask them to reimburse it to you.

If you pay money to a firm, you can seek a refund from them directly.

Most shops will be slow to provide a refund. You can still get in touch with PayPal’s Resolution Center.

The customer support staff will investigate your unique issue and attempt to assist you in obtaining your money back.

The PayPal staff is well-known for being affordable and dependable, which is why many consumers prefer to make online purchases with PayPal.

That’s all there is to do when it comes to cancelling a PayPal payment. If you have any queries regarding how to cancel a PayPal payment, the websites below may be of assistance.

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