Best Cheap Web Hosting Services To Buy in 2024

With the rise of website builders, hosting plans have become much cheaper. Thus, you can get cheap web hosting services online. 

While you could once only create a web page with someone else’s service or by hiring your own designer/maintainer at great expense, now anyone can do it cheaply in minutes.

Nowadays, anyone can create an affordable website. In fact you could design and host your own for the same price as a cup of coffee which is cheaper than hosting it with a professional. The average cost for building and maintaining an online presence is roughly equal to that of a fast food!

If you’re starting out, something tells me this is your first website or maybe just a side-project. Don’t worry because competition in the hosting industry has forced companies to lower their prices.

So even if you aren’t paying much it’s totally possible for you to get quality servers. These are the most affordable web hosting packages!

Here is a list of the best cheap web hosting services. Even if you’re not paying tons, it’s still possible to get quality servers. These companies offer high-quality packages at affordable prices.

List of Top Cheap Web Hosting Services 2024

There are a lot of cheap and affordable hosting companies out there, who offer great features. I’ve only mentioned the prices for shared servers but if you want VPS or dedicated servers, these will still be cheaper than usual. It is worth mentioning that most renewal rates (for any type of server) tend to go up after one year.

Although I’m hoping in a year your business/project takes off and you can afford the increased prices. There are only few companies that do not increase their renewals ridiculously.

I’m also guessing you don’t have much experience with servers. So, while these companies offer free migrations, website builders, live-chat etc., they might be of assistance to you.



According to WordPress, BlueHost is one of the best web hosting companies in general. It powers over 2 million websites as of today and is recommended for building a website on WordPress. They offer everything including free domains/SSL certificates which even other popular hosts charge for!

BlueHost offers 2 plans, the cheapest of which is $3.95/month and allows for hosting 1 website. This includes 25 subdomains and 5 emails at no cost.

The other plan costs $5.95/mo but includes unlimited domains, storage space, etc. So, it may be more worth your while if you’re planning on getting a lot out of BlueHost’s service in general.

BlueHost offers multiple tiers based on what type of user you are looking to attract. From beginner web developers who want to build their business online or tech-savvy users that need an all around reliable site.

They can safely store files via cloud services like Amazon S3 or Dropbox up until power companies dealing with high traffic sites across many different locations.

The “Choice Plus” hosting package includes free domain privacy, automated backups that the basic plan doesn’t have. The pricing for this is only to attract customers and help them test out their service before they decide whether or not it’s worth paying more money as a long-term customer. 

Although prices vary between plans, what separates these two from each other most significantly are renewal costs: Choice Basic goes for $6/month, while Choice Plus rises up to around $13/month.

Payments can be made through PayPal or credit card(s). It also offers VPS and dedicated servers in addition to shared ones if you need even greater capacity than offered by the aforementioned packages.

Live-chat is available for non-registered users who need help with their problems. It can be difficult to get in touch with customer service when there aren’t any monthly plans, but the uptime and load speed are some of the best out there at this price point.



NameCheap is one of the cheapest web hosting services available. It starts at $1.44/month, which can’t get much cheaper than that!

The other two plans are still quite cheap when compared to many others in our list. Especially for how many websites you’ll be able to host on each plan.

NameCheap’s storage space is limited though; 20 GB isn’t great if your website takes up a lot of data every month.

Unlimited data storage, 100 free email accounts and 30-day money back guarantee are the features of “Steller” plan by Steller Hosting. The price is $2.44/month with no setup fee.

Several payment options like monthly billing cycle or prepaid yearly plans are available for both new customers as well current users to renew their hosting service easily.

“Steller Business”, costing USD 4.44/month offers 50 GB SSD Storage, Automatic Backups & Cloud Server along with Free Migrations feature which allows migrating your websites from one server to other without any downtime in between them .

All these services can be purchased on a month wise contract basis at slightly higher rates than basic package only. $4 per month trial offer provides Full Access to all users. Also, the provision of live chat makes it easier for people to trust NameCheap, although, the service may not be too fast.



One of the cheapest web hosting service providers is Hostinger. I once tested it because they were offering 100% free servers! They are impressive today as well and their prices start at $0.99/month for a 48-months plan, which totals out to be less than $50 USD (about 47 Euros). 

The cheapest package has limited resources such as email accounts and bandwidth but provides one domain per server. If you purchase this option then your price goes down even further – only 19 cents each month in total ($17.82 after four years)!

The cheapest plan doesn’t include a free domain. If you need the free domain, it’s included in the second-cheapest plan which is $2.89/month and includes almost everything unlimited including bandwidth, SQL databases, FTP accounts etc.

The other two plans are both higher at USD 3.99/month or 7.45 for an entire year with more features like dedicated IP Address.

The company offers two types of servers: shared and virtual private. Virtual private server is a trendy term, but it’s actually just a beefed up version of the regular shared plan.

Why Choose Hostinger?

They offer no dedicated or higher tier plans so this isn’t going to be cost-effective for businesses that need customization features like custom publishing tools on their domain name, etc.

However if you’re looking for low budget hosting with some flexibility, they are an excellent choice as prices don’t increase much when renewing your package unlike other companies out there.

Free SSL certificates offered on all of them along with our Drag & Drop website builder that makes building your site easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Payments can be made using PayPal Credit Cards even Cryptocurrencies. So choose what works best for you today to get started online now!



iPage is a company which provides both good quality and value for money. It’s not the fastest website hosting, but ranks up there on top of lists with BlueHost.

While it may be slightly more expensive than companies such as A2 Hosting or InMotion Hosting, iPage offers unlimited features in their cheapest plan at only $1.99/month making this extremely cheap web hosting option well worth considering!

For a small price, clients can acquire unlimited hosting complete with free SSL certificates and one-click installer. In addition to this, the company has also included Google ad credits worth $200 when purchasing their plans.

Furthermore, they offer 30 days money back guarantee along with live chat support for non registered users. The only downside is that unlike other companies such as A2 Hosting which provides website migration services in its packages.



If you are on a budget, HostGator may be an option. Despite the speed and uptime being less-impressive than other options it is still acceptable for beginner website requirements.

The Hatchling plan starts at USD $2.75/month with free migration , domain name registration, SSL certificate s, and unlimited bandwidth . One site can host on this package.

While the free plan is a bit restrictive, HostGator offers generous add-ons for all of its paid plans. Unlimited E-mails and subdomains are standard across their packages as well as unlimited FTP accounts and databases on their cheapest package!

Additional features such as dedicated IP addresses or SEO tools come at no extra charge with two more expensive options so you definitely get your money’s worth here.

They do have monthly payment plans if budgeting really tight but not sure how much those cost since they accept only PayPal or credit card payments which might cause problems down the line given that many people prefer other forms of transactions like bank transfers etc.

To add a bit more excitement to your reading, let’s talk about the different server types and refund-periods offered by this company. They offer live chat as well as other server options such as VPS and Dedicated servers.

The refund period for both Shared and VPS is 45 days while it may be longer on dedicated servers depending on when you request the cancellation of service from them.



If you want to get a web host that offers many features, while also being cheap and starting at only $3.99/month on the cheapest plan, HostArmada is definitely for you!

You will receive 7 daily backups (for free), even on their cheaper plans which no other company can beat! They have server locations in seven different countries as well – not something any of these companies offer.

Many hosts give out free SSL certificates but if your budget won’t allow it then don’t worry because they’ll provide them for all your domains with just one click installation. What more could we ask? 

For a risk-free 45 day trial period, you can try out HostArmada’s services. The site builder that they provide is feature rich and comes with their money back guarantee.

They also come highly recommended for their speed/performance which exceeds industry standards!

TMD Hosting


While the cheapest plan at TMD Hosting starts at $2.95/month, it boasts of a unique SSD storage and unlimited e-mail accounts which you don’t see in many other providers on this list.

It also includes an easy to use drag & drop website builder with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate included for free without any limits or restrictions so that your site is safe from hackers and third parties trying to access private information such as credit card numbers, passwords etc.,

The more expensive plans offer additional features, like a 256MB Memcache instance. The $7.95/month plan offers unlimited domains and the refund-policy is great at 60 days!

For e.g., I’ve listed USD $4.95/month as one of the best cheap web hosting services here because it has 128 MB Memory Cache instances, which are pretty cool too!

The $7.95/month plan offers unlimited domains and the refund-policy is great at 60 days! For example, I’ve listed USD 4.95/moth as one of best cheap web hosting services because it has 128 MB Memory Cache instances which are pretty cool too!!



Here’s one more option on this list of best cheap web hosting services. The host has been in the industry since 2010, so it must be good quality. Plans start at $3.29/month and offer unlimited space & bandwidth with 1 domain hosting capabilities each month for that price!

The two other plans are slightly more expensive but they allow 4 domains per plan instead of just 1 like most others here do.”

This being the 8th option on this list of best cheap web hosting services, I do hope you found a suitable host by now. But just in case you’re extremely picky, here’s one more. Hostwinds was founded in 2010 ,so it can’t be without quality ,can it? 

There are many companies who offer free website migrations, free website builder, and a domain. However Hostwind offers these services along with the only company that provides its customers to have their own dedicated IP address.

Their live-chat is available 24×7 which makes it easier for users to get in touch with customer support whenever they need help or assistance related to any queries about the service being provided by them.

Moreover, all of this comes at an affordable price because even though other web hosting companies do not allow discounts on yearly plans, host wind allows you to save money throughout your experience!



Hosting with GreekGeeks is a cost-effective way to get your website up and running. With one of the cheapest hosting plans starting at $2.95/month, it’s hard not to fall in love!

The free SSL certificate and domain name add some extra perks on top of unlimited e-mails, space & bandwidth for 1 site. A great deal if you ask us!

Three server locations are offered, USA, Canada and Europe. Greek Geeks too offers a live-chat feature which is available 24X7 and responsive.

They also migrate websites from existing hosts for free even on the cheapest plan! The refund period is 30 days with payment via PayPal or Credit cards accepted by this company as well.

A monthly option in addition to their other plans offer website hosting at competitive rates while offering additional features like Drag & Drop Site Builder included within each package!

A2 Hosting


Still looking for the best hosting company? I’ve got you covered. A2 Hosting is one of my favorite companies because they offer fantastic customer service, speed and value across their entire range of plans.

The cheapest plan starts at 3 bucks a month with unlimited storage space, 25 e-mail accounts AND free SSL certificates included!

Plus if you already own your website there’s no additional cost to migrate it – even on this low end package! If that wasn’t enough some features like CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network) are also completely FREE as well making them an amazing deal all around!!

Swift and Turbo offer automatic backups, 20x speed boost on the “Turbo” plan, monthly-plan priced at $9.99/month with Anytime money back guarantee without a time limit. The website builder is limited but better than not having any website building option available.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best and cheapest web hosting with good services?

BlueHost is the best and cheapest web hosting service provider with all the basic features to launch your website or a blog.

Which is the cheapest hosting in India?

The cheapest web hosting provider in India is Hostinger offering Rs. 159 per month hosting services with a free domain name.

How much does a basic web host cost?

A basic web hosting service starts from around $2.49 per month and could go up to $3.5 per month. Some web hosting providers offer a free domain and SSL while others don't.


This article summarizes the best cheap web hosting services. These companies are optimized for users with limited budgets because they do not include technicalities that may be difficult to understand or implement. 

You might want to focus more on the features rather than the pricing here. Make sure that you take advantage of the trial period that some of the options offer. This will make you understand which of the plan should you really buy.

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