10 Best Ad Networks For Publishers 2023: (High Paying)

Publishers play a crucial role in creating and disseminating content online. To maximize their revenue, it’s important to collaborate with ad networks that balance profitability with a seamless user experience.

With so many ad networks out there, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. This article goes into detail about ad networks and offers a complete guide to the “Best Ad Networks for Publishers.”

If you’re an experienced professional seeking new ways to earn money or a beginner looking for the right platform to start making money, our review of top ad networks will provide you with crucial information to make informed decisions for your online publishing journey.

How do Ad Networks Help Publishers?

1. Monetization:

Ad networks are really helpful for website owners to make money. They connect website owners with many advertisers, so they can show ads on their websites.

When these ads are shown, website owners earn money based on how many times the ad is clicked, how many times it’s seen (impressions), or if it leads to a sale (conversion).

2. Access to Advertisers:

Ad networks act as a bridge between website owners (publishers) and advertisers. Instead of website owners having to find and negotiate with advertisers individually, the ad network takes care of that process.

The network connects publishers with a wide range of advertisers, ensuring that the ads on the website are a good fit for the audience. This way, publishers can focus on creating content while the ad network handles business.

3. Ad Inventory Management:

Ad networks provide publishers with tools and platforms that help them manage the ads on their websites in a smart way. Publishers can decide where the ads will appear, when they should be shown, and even make changes to improve how well the ads work.

This control is vital because it lets publishers find the right balance between making money from ads and ensuring a good experience for their website visitors. It’s all about ensuring the ads fit well with the content and not disrupting the user’s experience.

4. Targeting and Relevance:

Ad networks use sophisticated targeting technologies to ensure that the ads shown on a publisher’s website match the interests and preferences of those who visit that website.

By doing this, the ads become more relevant and interesting to the visitors. When people see ads that are related to what they’re already interested in, they’re more likely to pay attention and engage with those ads. This not only benefits the advertisers by reaching the right audience, but it also enhances the overall experience for the website visitors. It’s a win-win situation that leads to more effective advertising and happier users.

5. Optimized Ad Delivery:

Ad networks use algorithms and data analysis to make sure ads are shown in the best possible way. This means they figure out when it’s the right time to show ads, which type of ad format works best, and how often ads should appear so that users don’t get tired of seeing them.

By using this data-driven approach, ad networks aim to make the ad experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible for users. This helps prevent users from feeling annoyed by too many ads or irrelevant content. It also benefits advertisers because their ads are more likely to be seen and engage users effectively.

6. Diverse Ad Formats:

Ad networks provide a range of different ad formats that publishers can choose from. These formats include display ads (traditional banner-like ads), native ads (ads that blend in with the content), video ads, and many others.
The diversity in ad formats is important because it lets publishers select the format that suits their website’s content and their audience the best.

For instance, if a website is heavy on visual content, video ads might work well. If the goal is a seamless integration with the content, native ads could be a good fit. Having these options allows publishers to enhance engagement and achieve better outcomes for both advertisers and website visitors.

7. Performance Metrics:

Ad networks offer publishers comprehensive performance data and analytics about how the ads on their website are performing. Publishers can keep track of important metrics like how often the ads are shown (impressions), how many times users click on the ads (clicks), the rate at which users click on the ads after seeing them (click-through rate), and even if those clicks lead to desired actions like purchases or sign-ups (conversion rate).

Having access to this data is extremely valuable for publishers. It allows them to understand what’s working well and what needs improvement. With this information, publishers can adjust their strategies, optimize their ad placements, and make decisions that improve their overall monetization efforts and user experience.

8. Revenue Maximization:

Ad networks play a crucial role in helping publishers make the most money from their ads. One powerful strategy they use is called header bidding. Header bidding allows multiple advertisers to compete for ad space in real time before the page loads. This competition among advertisers drives up the prices they’re willing to pay for ad placements.

As a result, publishers benefit by getting higher prices for their ad spaces. This means they can earn more money from the same amount of traffic. Header bidding is a smart way to increase competition and boost revenue potential for publishers, ultimately helping them maximize their ad earnings.

9. Technical Support:

Ad networks often provide technical support to publishers. This support is really helpful because it ensures that the ads are shown correctly on the publisher’s website. If any technical problems or glitches occur, the ad network’s support team is there to help and fix things quickly.

Having this assistance is important because it ensures a smooth experience for both publishers and their website visitors. It also means that publishers don’t have to deal with technical issues alone – they can rely on the ad network’s expertise to resolve any challenges and keep their ad monetization running smoothly.

10 Best Ad Networks For Publishers in 2023

I have compiled a list of the best ad networks to help publishers choose the one that suits them:

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is well-known for its special ads that appear within the text of a website. If your website has a lot of content, you can make money by using Infolinks.

Big companies like eBay, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft put their ads on Infolinks, and they pay on time.

Verizon Media Overview

Infolinks provides different types of ads, like ones that appear on top of the content, on the sides, or inside frames. You can decide which ads you want to show on your website.

You need to earn at least $50 before they send you the money. They send money using PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer, and echeck.

Why Do I Recommend Using Infolinks?

  • Seamless Text Ads: Blendable ads perfect for content-centric websites.
  • Trusted Advertisers: Major brands like eBay, Facebook, Amazon advertise, enhancing credibility.
  • Versatile Ad Formats: Choose banners, overlays, in-screen, and in-frame ads to match style.
  • Customized Display: Select ads aligned with content to engage your audience.
  • Timely Payments: Reliable earnings paid promptly, starting at $50 threshold.
  • Convenient Payouts: Flexible options: PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfers, echecks.
  • Top Choice: Monetize content effortlessly with Infolinks’ reliable platform.

2. Amazon Publisher Services

Amazon Publisher Services, also known as A9 Amazon Associates, offers publishers a comprehensive suite of tools hosted in the cloud and provides many valuable features.

In this suite, publishers can easily access advanced ad monetization techniques like header bidding, which is a way to optimize how ads are shown.

Amazon Publisher Services Overview

There’s also a transparent marketplace for advertising, as well as modern shopping insights and analytics services.

This platform is a game-changer for publishers. It not only helps them reshape their strategies for earning money but also provides a deeper understanding of their audience.

This knowledge leads to better decisions and more personalized content, which ultimately improves the overall experience for users who visit the publisher’s website.

Why Do I Recommend Using Amazon Publisher Services?

  • Elevates earnings: Amazon Publisher Services boosts publisher revenue effectively.
  • Comprehensive insights: Empowers publishers with user knowledge and analytics.
  • Seamless integration: Connects websites to Amazon’s vast ad inventories.
  • Amplified competition: Increases ad buyer rivalry for substantial revenue growth.
  • Crystal-clear transparency: Transparent fee structures and auction-level reporting benefits.
  • Holistic advantage: Enhances revenue, user experience, and advertiser collaboration.

3. Criteo

Criteo’s Direct Bidder is a major solution that allows publishers to increase their advertising revenue across various platforms, including websites and mobile devices.

Through Direct Bidder, publishers are seamlessly connected to a large network of high-quality advertisers, which helps them make more money from their ads and sets the stage for long-term growth.

Criteo Overview

One of Criteo’s strengths is its unmatched access to over 20,000 well-known retail brands around the world.

This network covers a wide range of industries, allowing publishers to find potential partners that match their content and audience.

Why Do I Recommend Using Criteo?

  • Amplify Revenue: Criteo’s Direct Bidder maximizes ad earnings efficiently.
  • Elite Clientele: Access 20,000+ global retail big brand advertisers.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Diverse ad units cater to varied audiences seamlessly.
  • Revenue Resilience: Inclusion of ad-blocked impressions for continuous income.
  • Seamless Integration: Direct Bidder enhances web and mobile ad revenue.
  • Trustworthy Choice: Criteo empowers publishers with premium ad demand.

4. OpenX

OpenX is a big name in the advertising industry known for its remarkable capabilities.

The company operates a cutting-edge global programmatic marketplace, which provides publishers with a way to connect to high-quality advertisers.

OpenX is an excellent choice for publishers who want to work with top advertisers and achieve premium status.

OpenX Overview

In the area of header bidding, OpenX is well-regarded, especially their OpenX bidder, which is a leading solution. This innovation gives publishers a competitive advantage and helps them generate the best possible revenue.

Additionally, OpenX is a standout in the mobile field. They have a highly optimized mobile ad exchange that sees an astonishing number of over 300 billion bids each month. This makes OpenX a strong choice for publishers looking to maximize their revenue from both desktop and mobile advertising.

Why Do I Recommend Using OpenX?

  • Elite Status: OpenX is a blue-chip choice for premium publishers.
  • Leading Edge: OpenX excels in global programmatic markets.
  • Prime Access: Gain top-tier advertisers for optimal revenue streams.
  • Header Excellence: OpenX’s bidder leads in advanced header bidding.
  • Mobile Dominance: Over 300 billion monthly bids in mobile ad exchange.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Video, programmatic direct, and more empower publishers.

5. PubMatic

PubMatic helps publishers with their needs. They really care about being open and doing a great job.

One big thing they do is make private markets work better. They help publishers select, watch over, and give their best ad space to advertisers. They use smart technology to make sure this happens fast.

PubMatic- Best Ad Networks For Publishers

This helps publishers make more money and makes advertising more exciting. They make sure publishers can connect with lots of different advertisers on different screens.

This way of working helps publishers make more money and makes advertising more interesting.

Why Do I Recommend Using PubMatic?

  • Transparent Partner: PubMatic prioritizes quality and clear processes for publishers.
  • Private Marketplace Expertise: Simplifies inventory management and premium ad delivery.
  • Competitive Edge: Advanced RTB tech links publishers to diverse demand partners.
  • Quality Assurance: Ad quality tools enhance user experience and content integrity.
  • Revenue Boost: PubMatic’s approach maximizes competition and yields potential.
  • Publisher’s Ally: Choose PubMatic for seamless, lucrative, and quality-driven solutions.

6. Index Exchange

Index Exchange helps publishers connect with famous brands and really good advertisers.

They’re well-known for being one of the top platforms that helps publishers make money from ads all around the world.

Index Exchange Overview

What makes them special is that they’re really careful about who they work with. They only let the best ad spaces be available, which is exactly what publishers want.

Their platform is a mix of really cool technology, clear honesty, strong dependability, and great results. All of this together helps publishers make as much money as possible.

Why Do I Recommend Using Index Exchange?

  • Premium Partnerships: Index Exchange connects publishers to top-tier brands.
  • Global Monetization Leader: Among the best platforms for revenue generation.
  • Vetted Excellence: Stringent processes ensure top-quality ad inventory for publishers.
  • Tech-Driven Performance: Unrivaled transparency, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Rigorous ad screening elevates ad quality for audiences.
  • Optimal Choice: Index Exchange delivers revenue, quality, and brand connections.

7. Xandr

Xandr used to be called AppNexus, and they’re really good at AdTech, which is all about online advertising.

They have lots of solutions that help publishers, advertisers, and the programmatic industry.

They have something called the Xandr publisher suite, which is like a big toolbox for online ads.

Xandr- Best Ad Networks For Publishers

It has things like a Supply-Side Platform (SSP), which is a tool that helps manage ads, and fancy analytics to understand how ads are doing. It’s all about making ads work better.

Xandr also has a special place where publishers can put their ads, and there are over 10 million ads shown there every day!

This helps publishers make money from their content and get the most out of each ad they show.

Why Do I Recommend Using Xandr?

  • Premier AdTech: Xandr offers diverse solutions for publishers and advertisers.
  • Comprehensive Suite: Xandr publisher platform includes SSP, AdServer, and analytics.
  • Optimal Monetization: Access to a top ad exchange with abundant inventories.
  • Versatile Potential: Xandr’s tools can establish custom publisher networks.
  • Advanced Users: Recommended for tech-savvy publishers in programmatic advertising.
  • Profound Impact: Xandr empowers advanced publishers for premium results.

8. TripleLift

TripleLift focuses on making ads that look like they belong and fit well in the places they’re shown. They’re really good at making ads that blend in with the content and don’t bother people.

They’re experts at helping publishers add special kinds of ads into their websites. These ads are like a natural part of the website, and they make sure they look good and match the website’s style.

TripleLift- Best Ad Networks For Publishers

TripleLift uses their own special technology to make sure the ads look just right on each website. This makes the ads fit in nicely and makes the whole website experience better for users.

Why Do I Recommend Using TripleLift?

  • Native Ads: TripleLift excels in native ads, branded content, and videos.
  • Seamless Integration: Inclusion of native direct deals in the existing stack.
  • Respectful Engagement: In-feed native ads prioritize user experience.
  • Versatile Formats: TripleLift offers diverse ad styles for tailored engagement.
  • Top Choice: TripleLift enhances ads authentically, enriching user interaction.

9. AdMaven

AdMaven is a modern ad network made for publishers who want to make more money. They have lots of fancy tools that help publishers earn more.

They care a lot about showing ads to the right people, so the ads are useful and interesting.


They use tools like push notifications, pop-unders (ads that appear behind the main content), content lockers (ads that show before you can access content), and interstitials (ads that show between different parts of a website). Publishers can choose which tools they want to use to make money.

AdMaven’s platform is known for having good payment rates and showing lots of ads every day to people around the world. This helps publishers make the most money possible from the ads they show on their websites.

Why Do I Recommend Using AdMaven?

  • Comprehensive Monetization: AdMaven offers advanced tools for publishers’ revenue growth.
  • Audience Precision: High-quality inventory reaches relevant audiences, boosting campaign effectiveness.
  • Versatile Options: Publishers choose from the push, pop-unders, interstitials, and more.
  • Enhanced Earnings: Competitive CPM rates and global impressions optimize revenue.
  • Strategic Targeting: Advanced options tailor ads to specific demographics for impact.
  • Easy Entry: AdMaven’s user-friendly interface requires no minimum traffic, ensuring accessibility.

10. ShareThrough

Sharethrough is a special platform that helps people show ads in many places like websites and apps.

They use smart technology to do this and make ads look better. Sharethrough is making a good system for ads that helps writers, creators, and app makers earn money.

Google Ad Manager Overview

One special thing they made is a way to put ads on websites and apps that’s very good. This made a company called MonetizeMore very happy because it worked really well in the past years.

They think it will keep helping them in 2023, too. Sharethrough also pays a lot of money for showing ads, which helps websites and apps make more money.

Why Do I Recommend Using ShareThrough?

  • Enhanced Ad Quality: Boosts content earnings improves ad experiences for creators.
  • Advanced Tech Platform: Efficient, smart tech for effective ad campaigns across platforms.
  • Sustainable Ecosystem Support: Empowers writers, app makers with a sustainable ad network.
  • Trusted Performance: MonetizeMore’s top choice, excels in header bidding results.
  • High Revenue Potential: Generous CPM rates drive publisher growth and success.
  • Strong Partnership Outlook: Secures digital ad collaborations for 2023 and beyond.
  • Optimal Ad Solution: Positive revenue impact, an exceptional choice for ads and earnings.

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Conclusion: Best Ad Networks For Publishers 2023

As you move through the complicated world of online ads, remember that every ad network has something special to offer. It’s really important to think about who uses your website, what you write about, and what you want to achieve before you choose an ad network.

By using what you’ve learned about these different ad networks, you’ll be able to make smart choices about which ones to work with. These choices can help you make more money, get more people interested in your content, and make your online publishing really successful.

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