3 Essential Work from Home Tips

There is no better experience than working from home and earning money. The Bloggers and Freelancers are from the list of few lucky people, who get a chance to work from home and make money by doing what they love. While working from home, we get better work environment at the home than in the office. We get Space, a place where no one is watching us working and most importantly, the Time. We get these three things while working from home and it is like the blessings while doing work in peace. But, do you know the essential things to consider while working from home? No?

Work from Home

If you don’t know the essential things to keep in mind before working from home, then you should not worry. In this post, I am sharing some important task from home tips for bloggers, webmasters, and all other professionals, so your work from home experience gets better and better over time.

Essential Work from Home Tips

1. Choose a Dedicated Space to Work

Just like you had a Cubicle in Office, you should choose the Designated space in the Home to start working comfortably. Many times, freelancers go to the Coffee shops, where they get free Wi-Fi to start working, but the environment in the Coffee shops is not much productive. So, it is always better to work from home with comfort.

In your house, you should choose the best place which has the better Wi-Fi signal, peace and enough light in the room. You can choose Drawing Room or work from your Bedroom. In your workplace, you should have access to all the necessary things needed for the work. The things like Pen, Paper, Pad, Books and other accessories should be in the access range of the hand. This gives you the independence to work without needing to get up from the chair for accessing anything.

The Home Office with a desk view floating desk gives you a better feel than the caged working environment of the office, where you had the pressure of the boss to complete the work and others. But, having a dedicated workplace or home office gives you a good feeling of working from the comfort zone and you can work in peace.

2. Create a Work Schedule

Successful people follow the strict work schedule, and that’s why they are successful. When working from home, you get independence to do more work than you can do in office. You’ve access to all the resources, You have flexible work timings and most important, you have peaceful work environment. With all these things in the home office, you can leverage your power and work in the beast mode to achieve your job targets quickly. But, without proper work schedule, the “Beast Mode” is not much useful.

For getting most productive work hours, you should plan your job schedule according to important projects. Making the Effective work schedule helps you to use all the time to do some productive stuffs. And to do that, you’ve to know the stuff you do all the day. Make a list of the stuff you’ve to complete all the day, add them to the list, distribute the proper time to each thing, take breaks and stick to the schedule. Whoa! At the end of the day, you’re done with the work as per the schedule and ready to spend some valuable time with your family members.

Remember, creating a work schedule is the easy task if you know what you’re going to do on a particular day, but sticking to the plan is the difficult task. It needs lots of self-discipline to stick to the plan and avoid distractions. But, with practice, you can do it.

3. Take Proper Rest

Taking proper rest between the works makes us feel fresh, and we can work with full speed after it. You can take power-naps between works or just hang out outside your house to get the fresh air; the choice is yours. Everyone has his definition of taking rest, so follow the point according to your definition.

Our body can work relentlessly for hours without getting tired, but we have to take care of it ourselves. So, you must have to take proper rest to recharge your body and start working again with a fresh mind. As I am a blogger, I always work from home, and I follow the method of 30-10. In this approach, if I work 30 minutes straight sitting on the chair, I take rest of 10 minutes and then resume my job again.

Bonus Tip

Save your Work

Working from Home involves the use of your computer or the laptop. But, these electronic gadgets can ruin your job anytime. If you believe in the bad luck, then the laptop or the computer may get corrupted, and you can lose all your important data immediately. This is just the Worst Case Scenario, but you’ve to prepare for that too. You should timely backup the work and keep the backup in the safe place. You can save the backup in the Pen Drive or any other removable storage media, keep it in friend’s computer or even save it on cloud storage service. It’ll keep your valuable data in case of any disk corruption.


Working from home has some great advantages, as there is no experience like working in the pajamas. But, if not managed properly, then you’re just wasting your time sitting in your comfort zone. I am a Blogger, and I work from home. I follow the essentials as mentioned earlier to make my job easier and my day productive. When I followed these tips the first time, I experienced enthusiasm and the increase in productivity, which is the great thing for me, as I am a lazy guy.

Work from Home system has its advantages and disadvantages. But, if you follow these tips and work smartly, then there is nothing impossible to achieve while working from your comfort zone. I hope you’ll perform these essential work from home tips, which are tested by me and some of my blogger friends. If you have any doubt, write to us in comments below.

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