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WordPress Theme Frameworks: A Detailed Guide with Pros and Cons

One of the most attractive features of WordPress is its WordPress Themes. These themes are used to make websites attractive and pull the attention of potential consumers to them. There are a number of methods that designers use to create their WordPress themes, one of them being, creating their WordPress code around the HTML template already built by them. This can prove to be more time consuming and also can include a lot more hassle than what one wants to bear. Another method often chosen by designers to create WordPress themes includes taking a rudimentary WordPress Code then using it to design the WordPress theme around it. The method mentioned later is comparatively easier than the once mentioned first and also less time consuming.


Most Efficient Way of Creating WordPress Theme

Though the methods mentioned above are often the most sought after and used processes to create WordPress themes, there is another process that puts itself ahead of the other two in terms of efficiency, recommended by Troika Tech Services. This method expects one to start with a framework also referred to as base or a starter theme. This article puts ample light on most aspects of WordPress theme Frameworks, including the pros and cons of using them. But, before we get onto learning them, it is important that we first learn what these WordPress Theme Frameworks actually are.

What are WordPress Theme Frameworks?

There are more or less two definitions of a WordPress theme framework. It can be considered in either of the two following ways. These include-

  • A Drop-In Code Library:

It can be referred to as a drop-in code library. This is used to cut down on the time consumed in the creation of a final WordPress theme. There are a number of framework that represent themselves as a part of the drop in the code library, and these are- Vafpress, Gantry, Hybrid Core, etc.

  • An Individual Base or Starter Theme:

These are preliminary theme structures that are further worked upon to transfer into a fully fledged WordPress Theme. These themes are also used in the form do Child or Parent themes to other themes. Some of the frameworks that have qualified to be considered as Base or Starter themes are- WP Canvas and Thematic.

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In a lay man’s term, the WordPress Theme Frameworks is basically an individual starter theme which acts as a flexible foundation. The aim of the framework is to help designers and developers come up with efficiently designed WordPress themes in a shorter frame of time and in a more convenient manner. These frameworks are more result driven in comparison to any of the other procedures mentioned above. All you have to do to design a brilliant theme is create some baby themes in the first place and add some custom styling to it. The rest of the functions such as- storing base code or for that matter powering functionality will be handled by the WordPress Theme Framework itself.

WordPress theme frameworks

The Pros and Cons Related to WordPress Theme Frameworks

Like any and every other thing under the sun, the WordPress Theme Frameworks too come with their fair share of pros and cons. Here is a detailed look at them.

The Pros of the WordPress Theme Frameworks

  • A lot of Flexibility – These frameworks, are destined to prove helpful to one and all and hence one of the most noticeable characteristic in them is their flexibility. These frameworks allow you to create anything from a portfolio to a blog, an eCommerce site to a restaurant site, an online magazine to an article directory, etc.
  • An Increase in Functionality- These frameworks are richer in terms of the functionality produced by them in comparison to the themes created by them. These frameworks come with a variety of plugins that help in boosting their functionality.
  • Providing Quality Support – The fact that these frameworks are created and used by leading designers allow you to receive a better quality of support as well. Any kind of query can be solved by the support forums.
  • Bette Quality of Code – The codes of these frameworks are written by leading designers and developers, which in turn are created keeping with the W3C standards. These codes are further reviewed by peers. These practices ensure the quality of process followed to create the WordPress themes.
  • Easy Development – One of the best parts of these frameworks is that some of them are so easy to use that you practically do not require any expert programming knowledge. All you have to do is drag and drop them to create eye getting WordPress themes.
  • Faster Updating – These frameworks makes the upgrading or updating process of the themes much easier and faster.
  • Faster Loading – In comparison to normal themes, when using WordPress Theme Frameworks, loading of pages takes place faster.

There are also a number of other advantages that you can be on the receiving end of when using WordPress theme Frameworks.

The Cons of WordPress Theme Frameworks

There are not many cons to these frameworks, yet still some of the disadvantages that one should be aware of include –

  • High Cost of Usage
  • May require a long time to learn and expert
  • A few Framework Limitations may stop you from achieving the exact results.

Comparing the two aspects of the frameworks it can be said, that using them to create WordPress themes is without a doubt a very promising option for every theme designer and developer.

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