13 Best WordPress Plugins to Make Money Online 2024

Did you ever wonder how far your blog can go? What if we told you that your WordPress blog is capable of generating money? Using the best WordPress plugins to make money online is a clever decision.

So, let me show you which WordPress plugins can be installed on your website to make money online.

While there are companies just waiting to take your money for things like adding a contact form. But what about those who don’t want to spend up front?


If you’re not totally sure and are still looking for ways to turn visitors into customers, then this list might be perfect for you.

There’s something here from A-Z with even affiliate marketing included so everyone should find at least one plugin worth giving a try.

AdPushup- Ad Revenue Optimization


AdPushup is a company that specializes in helping online advertisers and publishers increase their revenue. They are one of the fastest growing companies with an average growth rate of 66%. Advertisers using them have seen increases as high as 280%.

The process to get started takes less than 24 hours, which saves you time from working on other things such as A/B testing yourself or trying different placements until it works best for your business model.

Simply install the plugin- i.e., “AdPushup WordPress Plugin” where they can easily see how much money they’re making every day by installing this easy tool into their website within minutes!


  • AdPushup is the future of mobile ad placement. With their proprietary machine learning algorithm, AdPushup provides advertisers a way to generate higher CTRs by recommending those placements that are more likely to be clicked on.
  • It also generates leads for your business in less time than you would have otherwise spent optimizing individual campaigns.
  • With so many different options available with today’s technology, it can be difficult to optimize each campaign individually. However, this is no problem at all when using our revolutionary new tool.
  • After installing AdPushup onto your device or app, we will aggregate data from across multiple sources: including but not limited to user behavior patterns as well as website analytics tools like Google Analytics.
  • This allows the users to determine which specific ads should appear where (and how often options in the market for mobile ad networks, it is difficult to stand out from all of the other apps and businesses.
  • Unfortunately if you are a startup company, it can be very difficult and costly to go out there and get your name known. AdPushup has developed their technology so that anyone with an app will have the opportunity to reach more potential leads for their business through their network of mobile ad partners as well as local media outlets.

Publishers looking to generate more revenue from online advertising, consider AdPushup. Their website approval policy is 10,000 page views a day or $300 in monthly ad revenues.

Advertisers on the site have access to various types of ads for their campaigns including text and banner ads as well as video advertisements that are quite popular with readers.

Advanced Ads- Best Ad Placement WordPress Plugin


Advanced Ads is a great plugin for placing ads on your website. It has been rated as the best WordPress ad placement plugin by thousands of satisfied customers and it can offer you numerous features to choose from.

Though some are only available with the pro bundle! I suggest downloading this free version so that you can see how easy Advanced Ads makes setting up an Ad Placement tab. But, if you want access to all its useful features then download this Pro Bundle instead.

The free version of advanced ads lets you create an unlimited number of ad placements, group your ads to make rotation cycles easier and more fluid with the scheduler.

You can also set expiration dates for individual or all ads at once! If so desired, integrated AdSense banners are available too as well as those from other networks and affiliates who want a piece of this cake.

Shortcodes allow you to place these in any section within the content when need be on sidebars with ease using shortcode placement options that include top/bottom placements among others which is perfect if paragraph arrangements don’t suit your fancy.

The free version of Advanced Ads lets users generate countless advertisements through its easy-to-use interface. This tool also offers various features, so let’s a take a look at these.


  • shortcodes for placement in areas of your choice,
  • easy banner management (including ad expiration dates),
  • feature tag removal selection,
  • thumbnail image generation, and a lot more.

The Pro version which is priced at $59 grants users access to an even wider array of features some of which include: 

  • Import / Export Tool,
  • Automatic Thumbnail Creation,
  • Email Support,
  • Integration with Google Analytics among others.

To get access to the Pro Version you’ll have to get in touch with its developer directly so do that by visiting Advanced Ads official website here .

AmpedSense- Split Test Your Ad Placements


AmpedSense is a WordPress plugin that allows you to inject and split test various AdSense configurations into your WordPress blog until you find the best ad placement for any page.

You can download AmpedSense from our official repository or directly install it on an existing site through FTP uploads, sub-directory installs, or straight up indexing in PHP files.

How does AmpedSense work?

Our plugin injects what are called ‘Ad Sense Bots’ on a specific page of your blog. These bots have the sole job of continuously collecting information that will be used to train our machine learning algorithm, so that it may intelligently split test ads for you.

The more data you collect, the better suited our algorithm becomes for selecting good ad placements. You can find more detailed instructions in their Quickstart Guide, as well as some much appreciated tips and tricks from many of our previous beta testers.

We carefully designed this plugin so that no one ever needs to manually input any code or configurations, it’s all done automatically!

  • If you host workshops, events, or courses with multiple guests that span multiple dates, Baluu can handle the complexities with features like on-demand class bookings, multi-person payments, and private payment links.

Viglink-Link Monetization WordPress Plugin


Your hard work is paying off, so you deserve to be rewarded. Viglink can help make that happen by making it possible for your site’s visitors who are in a shopping frame of mind with links and products from over 30,000 cooperating merchants.

With the addition of our plugin using their existing links on all pages will automatically convert them into monetized ones when people click through!

You’ve put time and creativity into building your brand as well as cultivating loyal followers who share your perspectives, trust recommendations made by you because they think like you do.

Find inspiration within what makes up part of what fuels them—you know? As someone browsing around looking at things they may want to buy or invest/save money in (depending on the person) they’re naturally drawn to your curated selections.

Viglink is a nifty plugin that lets you make money while blogging. Blogs which center around online shopping, promote services or review niches can all benefit from the addition of Viglink’s monetization features to their site. With many bloggers who have installed it, claim an increase in revenue as well!

Taboola- Native Ad WordPress Plugin


Taboola is a content discovery engine that connects advertisers to publishers through recommendations and sponsored articles.

The plugin helps drive higher engagement with these items, enabling brands to surface their content more easily. It also enables readers to find new things they may like in the pool of content available on popular websites.

It provides users access to an enhanced experience by recommending editorial or sponsored articles across many sites around the world.

They help monetize website contents as well as increase user engagement, because people are seeing ads for products they might be interested in even if it wasn’t what was originally being searched for!

This company can even facilitate brand awareness, so companies aren’t having trouble getting exposure online anymore. Everything from movies you’ve never heard about, but now want to see after you’ve seen it advertised tons of times.

Taboola has earned the trust and love of major publishers like BuzzFeed, Mashable, Daily Mail, Business Insider, Reuters, & The Huffington Post. They also have a very up to date API which is essential when you’re doing things in real time.

So what does Taboola do?

They are a content recommendation platform for publishers! It works like this:

  • Readers go through pages of content on a publisher site that has partnered with Taboola(like the one you’re reading right now) .
  • In turn, they collect demographic data about users such as their age, gender, location etc.
  • Then using some very advanced machine learning algorithms(which most likely took years to develop) Taboola picks out ads based on the interest of the user tailored specifically for them.
  • This allows publishers to show their customers ads they will actually click on and make money off-the process is called ad monetization.

Adngin (Acquired by Outbrain)- Ad Optimization Plugin


You can make your WordPress site the talk of the town with Adngin! The industry leading solution built to maximize ad revenue through continuous optimization.

The plugin will A/B test any ads you’re running on intermittent pages and improve revenues. It provides easy-to-use dashboard that provides drag-and-drop capabilities without coding.

Installation is simple as well. This plugin was created by customer feedback for a seamless user experience.

Adngin, an industry leader in maximizing ad revenue through continual layout optimization. It uses unique algorithms to continually A/B test Google Ads so you get more money per page load than ever before.

It’s designed specifically for WordPress sites with quick install instructions   included in every package.

Adngin is great for people who are looking to manage their ads. There’s a free plan available, but the commercial plans have more features and perks!

Adngin has two types of pricing options: one for publishers with less than 10,000 page views per day and another that offers far greater functionality to those seeking an enterprise-level solution.

Infolinks- In Text Ad Network


Infolinks is a hugely popular advertising network among bloggers as it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require much time or effort. Once the installation process has been completed, you’ll start generating revenue from your blog instantly without having to do anything else!

A number of bloggers have turned towards Infolinks as means for earning money through search engine traffic. They find themselves in an easier position than other ad-based networks with nothing too difficult involved.

In order for this service to work, all that needs doing is installing (upon which ads will automatically be shown on their blogs).

During the past 2 years Infolinks has been monitoring traffic to over 600 000 websites. This resulted in direct payments made to its publishers exceeding $30 million.

A blog owner will be able to make money by displaying ads on his/her website, but there are much greater opportunities available when using Infolinks.

New ad formats will be developed and enabled for use in future. These new ad formats have powerful tools which will help improve the overall user experience of any website. It also increases income for bloggers from search engines.

Skimlinks- Monetize Outgoing Links


Skimlinks is the latest in affiliate marketing technology and allows you to make money from your blog without any effort. It has been working for years with blogs of all types, which allowed them to generate a patent-pending algorithm that converts existing product links into an affiliate link on-the-fly when placed within posts.

The plugin makes it easy for bloggers or writers who want to promote products they like by simply linking directly back through this service. So, readers can use these links (to buy things) instead of having advertisers pay us based on clicks or impressions! It’s great for both readers and writers.

The plugin is incredibly easy to use. Install it, copy a link you’d like to convert, paste the link into your post or page, then get paid!

It takes just seconds to create an affiliate link with the Skimlinks Affiliate Program. Just install the plugin (it literally takes two clicks!) and start linking products in your posts and pages.

Even if you don’t have existing links yet, their algorithm will recognize which products are relevant based on content on your blog or website.

Using machine learning it ensures each product they generate as an affiliate link is unique across all users using our tool. So, there’s no need to worry about duplicate links.

RevenueHits- Pop-Under WordPress Plugin


RevenueHits is a cutting-edge, innovative advertising network that helps bloggers and publishers monetize their blog. Its target audience adjusts to the nature of traffic on blogs which makes it in high demand among marketers who can’t always depend solely on more traditional marketing methods like television commercials or billboards.

The performance base was designed with an eye for long term sustainability because this kind of software doesn’t typically have areas where companies can make up revenue losses if there are times when not as many people click ads.

It also serves billions of impressions per day, has 99% uptime so you never lose out without warning from your customers due to downtime issues and it can be embedded on any WordPress site that has a custom domain name.

RevenueHits is the world’s first and most advanced service for website owners. It analyzes millions of online ads, looking at their performance over time to find profitable offers that will improve your revenue.

The technology scans websites’ inventory and displays a selection of effective text advertisements based on what you are offering. Also how much these advertisers are willing to pay in order not just to make profits, but also increase customer loyalty. Thereby, making it easier than ever before to do business with them!

Thirsty Affiliates- Affiliate WordPress Plugin


ThirstyAffiliates is the perfect tool for site owners who want to monetize their WordPress website with affiliate marketing. It lets you administer your links, insert them into posts and comments easily, gives a central location in WordPress that allows management of all affiliates links.

Thirsty Affiliates also creates pretty URLs from ugly ones (link redirection or cloaking). Now, you can enjoy double protection against theft on your links.


  • Create affiliate programs or link network in WordPress easily and quickly.
  • Unlimited number of affiliate programs supported (and you can add even more if needed).
  • Link cloaking with pretty URL generation and redirection for each link location.
  • Easily manageable list of affiliates with statistics, earnings, payments tracking and options management per affiliate.
  • Payment functionality by PayPal including recurring payments and accepting tiered payment structures for different levels in the program.
  • Auto-payment threshold option to make sure you get paid, regardless of the sales volume.
  • This is a great feature! You set it up once, then you never need to check again. ThirstyAffiliates will automatically pay out all affiliates when you reach the threshold.
  • No up-front costs for the affiliates (except if you want to pay your affiliates via PayPal – more on that later).
  • Ability to time limit offers and make them available only for certain period of time by setting a start/end date per offer.
  • Tiered commissions structure so affiliates can earn different amounts based on their volume. It ranges from 0% up to $10, 10% from $10-$50, 25% from $51-$100 etc.



AdsOptimal is a company that specializes in creating, deploying and optimizing ads for mobile sites. They offer an innovative ad unit designed specifically to work on various smart devices which means you can load them faster than ever before.


  • Choose from 4 different ad experiences, such as banner, interstitial, top-inline, and more.
  • Control how frequent user can see the ad. You can make sure you don’t bug user too many times, all of which can be used to drive your traffic to any website!
  • The new banner ad type allows you to display beautiful HTML5 ads on iOS and Android. Inline units have become a great alternative for publishers who wish to monetize their content without disrupting the user experience. AdsOptimal offers this option through their topinline ad unit that will definitely convert more clicks than you could imagine.
  • Fully customizable. Use colors, fonts, and images to make your ads stand out and look professional! Our team of designers will help you come up with a truly original ad that will amaze your users.
  • Test which creatives convert better by using A/B testing for every single campaign that we create. We believe in the power of data to drive profitable solutions for brands and publishers alike, therefore we offer topnotch

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can you make money with WordPress plugins?

You can make money by installing WordPress plugins on your site. These plugins work automatically and generate revenue based on your site traffic.

How can I make money online with WordPress?

If you want to make money online with a WordPress, you should install must-have WordPress plugins like ThirstyAffiliates, Infolinks, etc.

Can I monetize my WordPress website?

By monetizing your WordPress website with either display ads, text links, push notifications, you can make money online.


So, is making money now easy with the best WordPress plugins?

Do share your thoughts about these lucrative WordPress plugins to make money online.

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