Seven Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Almost every business is going online nowadays! Let that be a consulting firm or a furniture factory, there is always a digital side for it. In other words, web presence has become a kind of necessity for almost every brand out there. It’s so because people now don’t really depend upon billboards or pamphlets to know about products/services. Instead, everything should be available in a single Google search. In such a situation, it’s necessary to project an image of your brand, culture and products to the world. And, a business blog is perhaps the easiest way to do that.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you are still confused whether you should start a blog for your business, it should end here. In this article, we’ll tell you seven reasons why your business needs a blog.

#1 — It Is Easy to Create One

Well, yes, it’s pretty much easy to create a blog for your business. First of all, even when you don’t want to spend on a business blog, don’t worry. There are many free services that allow you to create a blog and maintain it. Talking of its ease of use, these services are quite user-friendly.

For instance, we can easily create a blog with, which offers a drag-and-drop editor for blog building. You don’t need to know about HTML, CSS or any type of code to get going with Wix. It’s just that you should know about the industry you’re in and the theme you should select. If you are done with the selection, Wix lets you customize the design and content.

You can add subscription boxes, use the space for advertising or some other ways to promote your brand. Wix understands that you might have some doubts about starting a blog. That’s why they’ve created an awesome guide about awesome guide about how to start a blog in Wix Academy.

#2 — It Reflects Your Brand Culture

A business blog is never limited to product descriptions or product launches. There can be subtle elements from your company, such as experiences from employees, some funny stories you came across or a larger cause. Publishing the variety of content in your blog is a good thing in the end. At the least, they will help you to bring your brand culture into the limelight. When readers are in your business blog, they would know about what your company is about. As in terms of brand identity and web presence as well, a business blog makes sense.

#3 — it’s a Good Source of Conversions

Business Blogs can be a good source of sales and conversions when you have a digital product / service to offer. Just think that you are a software developer who creates different utility products. Then, product descriptions aren’t just enough to make people buy your products. Here, a business blog can help you well. It’s so, because you can write on a variety of stuff. For instance, you can do point-to-point comparison of products, top-10 lists etc. And, this method should work very fine. On another scenario, when you have an eCommerce website, a business blog can be a superb way of sales, we bet.

#4 — it’s a Way to Reach Customers

Obviously, your business may have different ways to reach your customers, but business blogs are an awesome way, from many perspectives. Instead of a one-way conversation, you are actually talking to your customers. And, in turn, they can tell you what they want to tell — using the comments feature and all. This way, you will be able to receive suggestions, feedback and even complaints from your customers. When you cannot afford a dedicated method for customer support, a business blog can help you with that. To ensure the element of customer feedback and that of interaction, you can use some subscription boxes or an impressive commenting options.

#5 — it’s the New Way of Marketing

You know, this is the era of content marketing. A business blog is your brand’s first step into content marketing. Will not that be awesome if you can attract more customers by spending a few hours on writing weekly blogs? Well, that is what researches say too. According to several surveys, brands that have business blog seem to attract big number of customers when compared to the others. And, when done well, content marketing is the most effective way for persuading your customers. You can tell about your products, services, philosophy, practical needs and whatnot. And in the end, you can convert all these into meaningful sales or customers. Doesn’t that sound nice?

#6 — A Business Blog is Good for SEO

You may be spending thousands of bucks for enhancing Search Engine Visibility of your brand and website! A simple yet effective way to enhance SEO of your brand is to start a business blog. You also have to make sure that you’ll be publishing worth-reading and relevant content in the blog. At the same time, it should not just be limited to products or services you offer.

Given that you are blogging about your sphere in industry, chances are high that you will have a better search engine visibility and traffic. To make this effective, however, you need to be a bit more focused about your content marketing campaign. Even then, basic optimization is required to get high rankings. If you are using a blog-building platform like Wix, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s so because Wix has an in-built option to optimize your blog for Search Engines. So, it means that you can focus on writing, without much tensions about the SEO aspect.

#7 — Blogging is Fun, Inspiring and Productive

Last but not least, having a business blog can bring you these advantages as well. Suppose you’re the one who is into business blogging. Then, chances are, you will find the task to be quite relieving. Because, you will be using your own writing style to get the blogs delivered to your customers. And, unlike the old times, blogging does not require much time either. It’s so because you don’t have to worry about codes or formatting anymore. If you have a service like Wix, you also have a truly intuitive blog editor. There, you get to have a WYSIWYG Editor, which shows the changes as they do happen. In short, blogging is fun, nowadays, given that you use an effective blog builder.

Summing Up

So, here are some reasons why your business needs a blog? Don’t you think a blog would be beneficial for the brand identity? Let us know what you think.

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