Why You Should Consider Switching to Graphy In 2023?- #10 Reasons

If you are an online course creator, you already know that many learning management systems are there where you can host your online course. 

But, isn’t the tendency of human beings to keep searching for the best yet cheapest options available in the market? 

Don’t we try to do that?

We do, right?

So, if you are looking for a robust learning management system at reasonable prices, your search ends here!

Yes, you heard it right. 

In this blog, we will cover in detail why you should consider switching to Graphy if you are using any other platform or why you should choose Graphy if you are a newbie.

Why You Should Consider Switching to Graphy? 2023

What is Graphy?

Why You Should Consider Switching to Graphy?- graphy homepage

Graphy is a product launched by India’s largest learning platform i.e., Unacademy.  With that being said, you can trust the authenticity of the platform. 

It is a saas-based platform that allows you to create interactive courses & also helps you in building a beautiful no-code website as well as a mobile application.

The best thing about Graphy is that they won’t market themselves through your website or mobile application. This means that everything that you build on the platform belongs to you only.

Graphy provides some of the excellent features that even the international market leaders don’t & this is what makes it unique & incomparable. In one of the testimonials, their client has mentioned that in case of difficulties either we get a solution or an update. 

Hence, if you are looking for an all-in-one platform where you can create, market, and sell your online course, Graphy is the solution for you!

Why You Should Consider Switching to Graphy?

1- White-labeled Website & Mobile Application 

white labeled websites and mobile apps

Once you choose Graphy, you are all set to build your online education empire. As one of the best features of Graphy is that they provide you with your very own white-labeled website as well as the mobile application.

White-labeled means that no one would be able to trace that your website or mobile application is being powered by Graphy. 

Aren’t you amazed? 

Aren’t you thinking it is too good to be true at such an affordable price?

Well, don’t think like that because that is how Graphy is. It helps you in creating custom courses, building no-code websites & your very own mobile application to monetize your knowledge. 

Graphy provides pre-designed templates to its clients but in case you want to design it yourself, you can do that as well.

2- Course Creation & Delivery 

After the pandemic, online classes became the new normal. Many educators & institutes started conducting online classes but merely conducting online classes wasn’t sufficient as they weren’t well structured & organized. The learners who were used to attending physical classes were not ready for this sudden 360 transformation.

This reason itself was big enough for the schools & institutes to switch towards a well-equipped LMS (Learning Management System) like Graphy.

Graphy outperforms when it comes to content creation & delivery. It allows you to create content & convert it into digital products. You can create highly engaging & interactive online courses by including various multimedia features like audio, video, slideshows, & gif. 

You can also use the gamification feature. It will keep the competitive spirit alive in your learners. The Gamification feature means that your learner won’t be able to move on to the next chapter unless they have completed the existing one. 

  • Live Assessments:

Conducting frequent tests is extremely important to check the progress of your learners. Graphy allows you to conduct live tests within your course platform with multiple functionalities.

Apart from the live tests, you can also include quizzes after every chapter which will help you in tracking the progress of your learners.

  • Course Completion Certificates:

Rewarding your learners with certificates when they perform well helps in encouraging them to study more. It also helps in developing a competitive spirit in them.

Graphy allows its creators to provide course completion certificates to their learners. They have a pre-designed template but, you can design it the way you want. 

  • Organized Course Structure:

For imparting uninterrupted education, it is important to have an organized course structure. Graphy allows you to add multiple sub-topics into your chapters.

Hence, your online course would be delivered in the most systematic & organized way.  

3- Live Classes 

live online classes

When you are running an online institute or school, uploading pre-recorded lectures is not sufficient. Having regular interaction with your learners is something that you can not skip.

Graphy understands this well!

Hence, you can conduct live classes by using Graphy’s in-build live or you could also integrate Zoom within your course platform. 

This means your learners can attend live classes within the course platform itself without getting confused between multiple links that you would be sending them if this feature would have not been there.

Once you schedule a live class, you can easily notify your learners through web push & mobile push. Another advantage is that you can record the class & can use it as a video lecture by saving it in your asset library. 

4- Payment Gateways 

integrated payments gateways

One of the drawbacks of leading LMS platforms that we have seen/observed is that they do not support multiple payment gateways. They only support Paypal or Stripe.

This clearly is a red flag if you are an Indian course creator or educator because if you are an Indian creator, most of your learners would be from India only. You won’t be able to bear the per-transaction cost that PayPal would be charging from you if you use such platforms.

Whereas, Graphy was built keeping in mind all the needs & requirements of Indian creators. It supports all the major Indian as well as International payment gateways. This means no matter where your learners are from, you can easily sell your online course to them. 

Payment gateways supported by Graphy are:

  • Instamojo
  • Razorpay 
  • Paytm 
  • CCAvenue
  • Stripe 
  • Paypal

5- Third-Party Integration

Graphy allows you to integrate third-party applications within the course platform. You can not only integrate payment gateways & zoom but, you can also integrate multiple third-party applications like Zapier, Pabbly Connect, MailChimp & many others. 

Therefore, Graphy ensures a smooth flow of work within your online institute by seamlessly integrating the above-mentioned third-party applications.

6- Community & Engagement 

community engagement

One of the best ways to engage with your learners is to build a community for them where they can ask questions, share their doubts, & engage with their peers. If building a community is what you desire, Graphy is one of the best platforms that you should consider. 

Being a Grapher, you would be able to launch your public forum where all the learners enrolled in your online institute would be able to communicate with you & with each other as well.

You can also build a private forum for all of your paid learners where they can share their doubts & progress. 

Create exclusive content & share it in these communities to keep your learners engaged. This will also help in nurturing your unpaid learners.

Hence, if you do so, chances are that they will also get converted into paid learners. 

7- Conversion & Tracking 

With Graphy, you can easily track your facts & records. As you can easily keep a track of sales through the platform’s user-friendly ‘Reports” dashboard. Not only you can keep a record of sales, but you can also track the commission earned by each of your affiliates. 

You can also build a well-optimized landing page & use it to drive traffic to your website by using it in your ads. Since Graphy allows you to integrate the conversion pixels within your course platform, you can easily track the conversions.

Hence, if you are running ads on platforms like Google or Facebook, you can easily track the metrics. 

8- Marketing Features 

markenting features

Your online course won’t sell in isolation!

You have to come in front & speak about all the benefits that your learners will get if they purchase it. Since you are selling online courses, the marketing will also be done online, right?

Graphy understands this & because of that, they provide some excellent marketing features that you can use to promote your online courses. 

Features of Graphy Platform

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the easiest & affordable ways to market your online course. By using email marketing, you can easily build conversation & nurture your leads. It is a very personal form of interaction & because of that, the chances of conversion are very high. 

Hence, you can integrate third-party email marketing tools ie, MailChimp within Graphy’s online course platform to leverage this feature.

Affiliate Program 

The best form of marketing is word-of-mouth marketing!

When most of the leading platforms don’t allow affiliate marketing features, Graphy allows you to convert your learners into your affiliates & sell your course like a wildfire.

According to Nielsen, 92% of people said that they trust the recommendations from their close friends & family members. So, if your learners have something positive to talk about in your course, chances are that they can help you in driving a good amount of revenue. Hence, you can use this feature to increase your brand awareness & generate sales

Graphy allows you to run an affiliate program within your course platform. Ask your learners to become your affiliate & in return offer them a fixed amount of commission on every sale that they drive.


One of the best advantages of writing blogs is that it helps you in improving your search engine ranking. Apart from that, it would also help in building expertise around your niche.

You can do this yourself as well but, for that, you will have to create your own WordPress blog, integrate it with your own course website & bear the cost of your website as well as blog. 

Whereas, if you choose Graphy to host your online courses, you will have a separate blog section where you can publish articles around your niche. All the technical aspects of your course website will be taken care of by their team.

Hence, I would recommend you to choose a platform like Graphy because in that case, you can easily focus on what you should be focusing on i.e., Content Creation & Teaching. 

Design Highly Converting Sales Page 

A highly converting sales page can change your entire marketing strategy. According to the studies, sales pages play an important role in influencing the buyer’s purchasing decision.

If your sales page is good enough, you will be able to secure a good number of sales for your online course. 

With Graphy’s easy-to-use drag & drop page builder, you can easily build a highly appealing sales page. They have pre-designed templates but if you don’t like them then you can change them the way you want.

9- Customer Support

graphy customer support 

The feature for which most of Graphy’s clients recommend it is its Customer Support. Graphy provides the best-in-class support to its clients. 

From onboarding clients to let them know about all the nitty-gritty of the platform, a dedicated account manager would be there to help them out, no matter which plans you are on. In case, if you get stuck somewhere, your account manager would be just a call away. 

You can contact Graphy’s support team via:

  • Email, 
  • Call, or
  • Live Chat Support

Most of the leading course hosting platforms do not provide call & live chat support. You can contact them only via email & because of that, their clients suffer but, Graphy does not want their clients to suffer so they launched the feature of live chat support.

The support staff is incredibly responsive. If you are reaching out to them via live support, you would be hearing back from them in a few minutes. 

Hence, be assured that if you come across any kind of difficulties whether it is a technical issue or something as easy as uploading a video lecture, the Graphy team would always be there to help you out.

10- Multi-Layer Security 

multi-layer security

Hosting your online courses on Graphy means you are hosting it on your very website. Since your content is everything that you have, you would never want someone to misuse it, right?

Imagine getting paid by one user when a group of 5 friends is consuming your content or assuming someone is downloading your video content & selling it to others.

Aren’t you scared by merely imagining such scenarios?

This indeed is scary!

Therefore, in order to keep your content safe Graphy adds multiple layers of security so that no one can even try to misuse your content. They understand that it takes a lot of effort, time, & energy to build an online course & because of that they pay utmost attention when it comes to content security.

Some of the security features that Graphy provides are:

  • Device Login Limit 
  • Limited Number of Screenshots 
  • Dynamic Watermarking 
  • Download Restrictions

With such security features, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your online course content is completely secured. 

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Conclusion Why You Should Consider Switching to Graphy? 2023

If you are dedicated to building your online education empire, Graphy is the best platform for you to host your online courses.

With Graphy’s super effective marketing & sales tools, multiple payment gateways & pricing options, & an excellent, user-friendly learning management system, it would be easier for you to run your online institute.

The best part about Graphy is that it ensures 100% content security which many other learning management systems don’t.  

Hence, you should definitely get your hands on it if you already are an aspiring course creator.  

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