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Why Prefer Twitter Bootstrap Over Other Frameworks

Viewers expect something beyond view-able from websites as they are using it rather than viewing. Hence, as a webmaster, it is your duty to make your site stylish by means of CSS. However, in case if you are busy, you might not get enough time for defining all your HTML elements in the corresponding file for every web project you undertake. In such situations, CSS Frameworks are much useful in order to save time for defining CSS. Bootstrap is a good choice when you have to select one framework from the list. If you like the user interface of popular social network Twitter, you will love the framework too! Bootstrap comes from Twitter family and commonly known as Twitter Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Intro

The front-end design framework makes use of LESS – language for building dynamic stylesheets – as well as Node JS for compiling. Of course, as you can guess the framework comes with responsive property so that users can get the same performance regardless their devices’ screen size. Apart from features like grids, typography etc, Bootstrap has one customizer as well. You can use this web-based tool to customize style definitions. This service is brought to you as an initiative of GitHub community but Twitter has kept the simplicity in the whole framework. If you are still confused about the beauty of Bootstrap when it is live, you can check out featured examples from the official website. According to my friend, who does IT support in Calgary, there are some special features in Twitter Bootstrap, which in turn force you to prefer the framework by neglecting hundreds of other ones.

Quick Setup

Bootstrap requires no time to start working in your website. You will have to upload three files to your server including a couple of .css files and the Bootstrap.js file. Once you have connected these files with proper reference link, Bootstrap will start its magical effect on boosting your site. Once you have downloaded the .zip file from website, you can see four CSS files, two images and two JS files with original and basic versions. You have to add all these files to your server in appropriate location.

Faster Delivery and Support for CDN

As you know, using Content Delivery Networks will surely boost your site/blog’s loading time. Developers have understood this feature and that is why they are offering an option to host Bootstrap in a faster CDN. For instance, if you think your server is not much powerful, you can host these files in BootstrapCDN and add following lines of codes for integrating bootstrap with your site.

Bootstrap CDN

You can do the same external hosting technique in the case of JQuery as well. For example, you can approach Google’s servers for keeping the file and link your page to it.

Customize the Most

Bootstrap consists of a deep customization for those who want to go beyond preset samples. They have integrated a web based customization tool from where you can your own version of Bootstrap after making suitable changes. There are various categories of customization.

  • Components: In some cases, you will not have to use whole framework in the website. For instance, when you just want bootstrap’s effect on navigation menu, you can select the navbar component only and use that files for styling. This helps you to keep the code neat as well as less weighing.
  • JQuery Plugins: Bootstrap comes with many JQuery plugins such as dropdown, collapse etc. You can select plugins you want in effect.
  • Make It Yours: This is the most unique customization feature in Bootstrap. In this section, you can alter fonts, link colours, background colours, navbar size, font size, number of grids etc.

Once you have done all your customization, you can download the .zip file by hitting the button. Via this method, you can get a unique and suitable copy of framework.

Bootstrap Customize


There is no doubt that use of JQuery makes your site visually intuitive through its effects. Developers have utilized the maximum juice of JQuery for contributing into Bootstrap. Unlike some other frameworks, Bootstrap comes with in-built features as drop down, collapse etc. This feature helps your site look good as well as not to use external sources.

LESS and Node

LESS and Node are main constituents of Bootstrap’s success as they are used as coding language and for compiling purpose respectively. According to Bootstrap’s official blog post, compiling of Bootstrap is six times fast when LESS is used. LESS also bears easiness in editing and has availability to all users.


If you are a successful webmaster, you know the importance of good icons in your site. Thanks to developers because they have included a set of sharp icons in the framework. Name of the feature is Glyphicons, which hosts an image file in your server and uses the image for displaying various icons. There are around 160 icons from premium category. Inserting these icons is also a simple job, as you just have to insert single-line code. This in turn means less messing up!

Bootstrap Icons

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Great Support

Because of its various features, Twitter Bootstrap is becoming much popular nowadays. Just like all other successful projects, this framework is also getting noticeable theme-support, which helps you in setting up websites quickly than usual. You can do a Google search and we are sure that you will get hundreds or results. We should also mention that support is expanding day by day.


If reasons mentioned above are not enough to satisfy your creative mind, you can check out giants’ website using Bootstrap framework. Still do you think Bootstrap is not good? Do let us know why?

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