9 Best White Label Website Builders 2024: What Are The Best Website Builders For Your Business?

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Introduction to White Label Website Builders

As more consumers place their orders online, the necessity for small and medium-sized enterprises to have an online shop continues to expand.

Creating and operating a fully functional eCommerce platform takes time, effort, and a big financial commitment.

However, there is a cost-effective option known as white-labeling that enables you to enjoy all of the advantages of a successful online store without the hassles associated with maintenance and upkeep.

This is when a brand de-brands a product/service and enables the purchaser to rebrand and resell it as they see appropriate. For instance, Walmart sells a large number of items under the Great Value brand label.

Utilizing a white-label website builder enables you to boost income and expand your company without having to worry about technical details.

White-label eCommerce solutions provide customers with a higher level of service while maintaining a large profit margin. The online marketplace is seeing an increase in demand for this method owing to its capacity to help you expand your organization.

Additionally, this customized solution will save your business significant time and money. Continue reading to discover more about our recommended website builders.

What Is The White-Label Business Model?

One of the fundamental ideas of white-label is that you do not need to be concerned with technological specifics to resell items and services on your website as a retailer. The setup is simple, inexpensive, and lucrative.

It is a business-to-business approach in which manufacturers and resellers collaborate. The vendor firm creates a product specifically for your business based on your specifications.

You then incorporate it into your branding. With the assistance of an effective website builder, you can include your company’s logo, URLs, emails, name, and components into the site, as well as alter certain sections of the site to conform to your brand’s concept.

After you’ve customized everything to your liking, you’ll be ready to manage your online store on your terms. This business model is particularly well-suited to a fast-rising market, where demand for one-stop shopping is increasing.

You get total control of your internet business when you partner with a white-label provider Additionally, you independently resell your items to a larger portion of the audience.

How Does White-Labeling Work In Ecommerce?

Due to the development of website builders, many eCommerce businesses are reevaluating their offerings and becoming more receptive to third-party collaborations.

With the assistance of a white-label product, eCommerce enterprises may develop solutions in the lowest amount of time and with the least amount of resources.

The top white-label website builders are capable of processing all types of commercial transactions for both B2B and B2C organizations. In the online business model, a producer creates a generic product for several sellers.

For example, a manufacturer may sell shoes to a variety of stores. Each merchant may then rebrand it and resell it to customers under their name.

Essentially, the vendor resells the things as-is. This is an efficient technique to get into the internet sales sector. As a retailer, you are not responsible for the products; all you need to do is establish a distinctive brand identity and connect with the appropriate consumers.

Numerous retailers concur that this business model has made it simple and economical for retailers to expand their brand portfolios without making significant expenditures.

Additionally, the wholesale nature of white-labeled items enables merchants to access a broader audience via expanded distribution through different vendors.

Top 9 Best White Label Website Builders 2024

I can understand your eagerness to few best White Label Website Builders. So without any delay, let’s get started.

1. Squarespace:

To have access to Squarespace’s white label website development capability, you must join “Circle.” Squarespace site builders get access to a variety of tools, community assistance, instructional components, and incentives via the Circle environment.

With Circle, you can create websites for clients in a completely customized environment that includes all of the Squarespace features you know and love.

Squarespace - White Label Website Builders

As is the case with many major platforms today, there are several tools to help you start, including a comprehensive information center, streamlined customer care assistance, and an extensive training program.

Additionally, you may increase your lead generation potential by using the Squarespace marketplace. The community is one of the nicest benefits of the Squarespace service, as it allows you to interact with other experts and share ideas.

At the moment, Circle membership is free for freelancers and agencies. You must, however, be qualified to participate. There is no additional price to begin utilizing the service, but you will be charged for the Squarespace sites and functionalities that you use on behalf of clients, so keep that in mind. 

2. Strikingly:

Strikingly is one of the most well-known white label website construction tools on the market today. The firm has been operating for a long period, with millions of experts and creatives praising the company’s outstanding characteristics.

Strikingly’s mission is to give the easiest website editing experience possible, and there are several ways to get involved.

Strikingly’s white label solution is a reseller and agency program that assists freelancers and businesses in developing online storefronts and landing sites.


The program provides a cost-effective bulk pricing solution for businesses looking to develop a large number of locations. Additionally, you have access to the whole editing suite and reseller tools.

Because the reseller dashboard is co-branded, you may add your flavor, albeit you cannot completely remove the Strikingly design. You’ll need to demonstrate to your consumers that you’re partnered with Strikingly, which may be a challenge for certain firms.

As you would guess, the cost of Strikingly is determined by the number of websites you want to develop. To join the scheme, resellers must commit to purchasing a minimum of 20 sites, and those sites are purchased at a discounted rate.

Fortunately, a slew of capabilities is included, including the ability to create eCommerce sites.

3. HubSpot CMS Hub:

HubSpot CMS Hub is a robust website builder that enables you to use HubSpot’s industry-leading CRM to enhance your website visitors’ experiences while remaining loyal to your brand.

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that was created to assist you in growing your company, and this website builder accomplishes that goal by enabling you to improve your marketing, sales, customer support, and operations.

HubSpot CMS Hub - White Label Website Builders

Each interaction that a visitor has with your website is instantly recorded in the free CRM. This is essential data that you can include in your marketing initiatives to increase sales and give speedier customer service.

It’s ideal for marketers since it needs little to no technical expertise and the user interface is designed to aid with site and content optimization.

However, for more complex requirements, it provides excellent resources and customizability for developers, and security is completely managed by HubSpot, so you don’t have to worry about keeping plugins up to date or watching for attacks continually.

HubSpot CMS Hub has a 14-day free trial that enables you to thoroughly evaluate all of the capabilities. Plans begin at $25 per month and include the CRM, as well as all of HubSpot’s free marketing, sales, customer support, and operations capabilities.

4. Wix:

Wix is one of the most well-known website creation tools available today, with an emphasis on ease of use, convenience, and personalization.

While the all-in-one website builder does not provide a white label option, you may become an affiliate to make money from the revenue produced by a Wix site or a Wix “partner” to add your branding to the mix.

The Wix partner program guarantees that you earn points for each customer website you design. Additionally, you get a slew of special advantages designed to assist you in growing your business.

Wix - White Label Website Builders

With Wix, you can design a seamless experience that includes client feedback, bespoke branding, and a fully customizable client-paying system.

Wix partners have access to a robust backend environment for website development, but they also gain access to a slew of additional services, such as priority support, a dedicated account manager, and bespoke solutions.

The price structure for the Wix partner program is a bit more opaque than the charges associated with just establishing a Wix website. You’ll need to contact the team and advise them of your intentions. They’ll then provide you with a customized quotation.

5. Ecwid:

They provide one of the most robust white-label cloud-based SaaS platforms available for agencies to integrate with their graphic design, marketing, and software development services.

Ecwid is also well-known for its simplicity of use and rapid deployment, for which it has received accolades. This means that your customers will feel confident operating their shops, and you will be able to provide quick turnaround times for bespoke store development and launch.

Ecwid also offers reasonable pricing in combination with reseller discounts, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Ecwid partners may also simply alter the platform of the website builder to match your logo, payment schedule, and price plan. Another appealing element of Ecwid’s white-label website builder is its cloud-based architecture.

 Ecwid - White Label Website Builders

This implies that their eCommerce infrastructure is powered by Amazon, which eliminates the need for software upgrades, hidden hosting costs, and shop performance. Ecwid shops may also be simply linked with any website builder or bespoke website.

Additionally, there is a white-label WordPress plugin that resellers may access. Ecwid supports over 50 payment providers, and neither you nor your clients will ever be charged additional costs for taking payments.

Their white-label service is unique in that it enables users to co-brand as a third-party application or resale as a single brand. Additionally, you get access to reseller insights, which allow you to effortlessly construct and manage the shops of all merchants through a unique and personalized dashboard.

To further simplify the process, Ecwid’s white-label website builder offers comprehensive partner assistance, including marketing and sales toolkits, training documentation, and priority support for top-tier members.

Ecwid’s white-label program is available in two flavors. The first is the Silver membership package, which costs $299 per year and includes a partner dashboard for managing stores, two demo accounts, frequent support, Ecwid co-branding, white-labeling, and a 30% discount on subscription plans.

The second membership option is the Gold membership plan, which costs $899 per year and includes a 45 percent discount on subscription plans, a white-label WordPress plugin, three demo accounts, sophisticated control panel setup, priority support, shop cloning, and a custom domain for $799 per year.

6. IM Creator:

Another excellent option for businesses producing unique websites, IM Creator has everything you need to create do-it-yourself websites.

There are several CSS and code options, extensive customer assistance, and numerous locations to include your logo or brand components. You may get started with a little initial cost and create an unlimited number of websites.

If you want more features for your site builder, such as cPanel access and APIs, you may purchase the “host it yourself” plan. This method is ideal for white labeling, and it does not need a high level of technical expertise – however, more alternatives are available.

IM Creator

IM Creator enables you to customize your white label experience to meet your specific requirements. The drag and drop editor is quite simple to use, and you also receive a variety of fantastic templates to get you started. There is also an app development component included.

This white label solution from IM Creator includes a free trial period during which you may evaluate the features; afterward, a subscription membership begins at $8 per month. For roughly $350 per year, you can have access to unrestricted licensing and white labeling.

7. Simvoly:

Simvoly is a website builder that offers an easy-to-use interface and a dependable experience.

Everything from eCommerce websites to sales funnels can be designed in one spot. The white label builder enables you to expand on the fundamentals by including SEO and design features.

If you want to put up a shop with all of Amazon’s capabilities yet preserve a brand image, Simvoly may be the right alternative for you.

Simvoly - White Label Website Builders

This drag-and-drop builder is ideal for providing you with complete control over your web design and allowing you to go deep into the finer details of website production, making it ideal for agencies.

Sales funnels are incorporated into your website design experience, and you don’t need much HTML or API expertise to get started. The majority of technology required to begin selling online is also included without the requirement for plugins.

Simvoly is relatively economical for agencies, and you can get started with a free trial. Once you’ve evaluated the technology and are prepared to spend, premium packages begin at roughly $12 per month and go up to $199 per month.

8. Duda:

Finally, we arrive in Duda, an outstanding platform for creating an online business or a personal website.

For team and agency users, there is a white label program that includes several amazing white-label capabilities, ranging from a complete version of the shop builder to site preview screens for previewing your white label products.

Because the URLs for these tools are given in the creator’s name, you may be confident that you’ll be able to preserve a positive brand image.Duda

You may also take advantage of wholesale rates to ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth and support when developing websites for customers all over the globe.

Duda has a lot to offer, from unique domain name possibilities to a sophisticated client login page where you may communicate with your guests. You may also configure simple editing components for your customers, allowing them to modify portions of their site on their own.

As is the case with the majority of the white label website builders featured here, Duda provides a free trial to allow you to familiarize yourself with the capabilities before you commit.

Following that, you may buy capability for individual sites or team support for $14, $22, or $44 each month. There is an opportunity for bigger businesses to establish a bespoke plan.

9. Weebly:

Weebly is an excellent website builder with strong branding possibilities for small businesses and independent website builders. Weebly’s designer system is geared at smaller businesses.

The platform includes a backend dashboard that you can completely customize to fit your company, and there are no upfront costs to get started.

With the Weebly Designer Platform, you can use the whole Weebly back-end editor and get completely free templates and hosting. You only pay when your site becomes popular, and you’ll typically spend between $8 to $25 each month on the published site.

Weebly - White Label Website Builders

Weebly assists designers in charging larger prices to their customers, allowing you to earn a healthy profit.

Additionally, the sophisticated website builder includes a WebPro plan, which is a subscription service that includes unlimited hosting, free SSL certificates, and the ability to develop completely branded websites.

As discussed before, using the Weebly Designer platform is completely free if you’re just using the basic capabilities. Once the website is online, you just pay for the cost of hosting it. If you want more functionality, you may purchase the $30 per month WebPro option.

How Do I Create a White Label Website?

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a white-label website :

Step – 1

Select the finest white label website builder for your needs. The first and most straightforward step is to choose a white label website builder. Any of the platforms listed above will function.

Step – 2

Purchase a domain name. Following that, ensure that you purchase a domain name. Choose a domain name that most accurately describes your business, such as its name. Ascertain that the website builder does not append his or her name to the end of your domain name (example.wordpress.com). You may have to pay for a plan to get rid of this.

Step – 3

Include brand-related material. After you’ve completed the setup of your website, you may begin adding content. The purpose of this stage is to infuse the website with as much personality as possible that matches your brand. Ascertain that the website incorporates your company’s colors, slogans, taglines, images, and logos.

Why Sell a Website Builder SaaS?

Your customers need a fresh website. They need a new website to begin selling and promoting their firm to new prospective clients.

Of course, the ultimate objective of your agency is to construct their website for them or in collaboration with them, to establish trust, and to upsell them on your marketing services, consultancy, or other services that help them achieve a high return on investment.

The unfortunate reality, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 situation, is that small company owners just lack the funds necessary to invest in a new website in this manner.

Rather than that, they have time on their hands and a desire to learn something new that will benefit them in the future.

Additionally, the days of the “massive website revamp” are passed. Savvy company owners understand that website development is never fully complete, and that investing five figures for a new website is often a waste of time and money.

They want to start small and work their way up! This is the PERFECT opportunity to provide your white-labeled website builder software (SaaS), which enables them to design their website (or have you assist them), while you continue to profit and establish trust with your customer.

This is much superior to the WordPress method (which customers despise, trust me), and rather than outsourcing the job to a less expensive service, you can EMPOWER your client to take things into their own hands…

However, the greatest aspect (in my view) is that this significantly boosts your agency’s trust factor and causes customers to adhere to you like glue. If you provide the technology that powers their website and marketing efforts, they can never really abandon you as a customer.

And who do they turn to for assistance? You simultaneously become their technology supplier, trusted adviser, and outsourced marketing team.

 FAQs On White Label Website Builders

Who can become a white-label partner?

If you're looking to establish an eCommerce firm on a shoestring budget, this form of cooperation is ideal for you.

Should I white-label my eCommerce products?

Yes, since it enables you to increase income by engaging with a larger number of clients via a network of white-label resellers.

What is the difference between white-label and private label products?

White-labeling is a process in which the producer manufactures the product and makes it available to anybody for rebranding and resale. Private labeling entails commissioning a manufacturer to create a product that will be only marketed by you.

What does a white-label mean in business?

White-label items are made by a third party but are branded and sold by shops.

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Conclusion: White Label Website Builders 2024

In case you are looking forward to a quick and easy method to start your business in an eCommerce marketplace, white label is one of the best and most well-tested methods you can trust on.

For running an online store in the long run, you must choose the ideal website builder as per your needs. Double-check every requirement and budget as well to leverage the most for the mentioned services.

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