What is SamCart? | How It Works 2024 | Is It Worth Your Money?

Curious to know What is SamCart, How it Work, It is value for money or not?

Great! You are in the place.

Are you quite creative with what you do? Do you have a lot of products you know you can put to better use that is lying around?

Or do you own a membership someone else can use up? 

We have a solution for all your unwanted items. Sell them! And what better way to sell things, than sitting on the couch? This is where you should ask: What is SamCart?

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Bottom Line Upfront: SamCart is one of the best eCommerce shopping carts made for direct to a consumer eCommerce platforms, it is very easy to build beautiful checkout pages with SamCart. SamCart offers many features which you require to make your store more attractive and also find the best products to sell. SamCart is the right choice for you to start.

Well, here is where SamCart comes into the picture! It is a software that provides you with a huge number of features and tools you can surely utilize that has all these reliable tools you may require to get started and is a really good knowledgeable base! 

So, without further ado, let’s jump the details of this brand! 

What is SamCart?

Samcart is software on the internet that allows the user to look at different ways through which profit can be made off a product.

This page has a lot of benefits and various features through which anybody whether from a trade background or not can easily learn the trade of marketing and sale.

What is SamCart- SamCart Overview

 The features available on the page are at complete disdain to the user and can teach on how to use a site funnel and the page funnel and can also teach them how these works. 

Such a system also helps increase the validity and the credibility of a sale and therefore the maximum profit is reaped from such a sale.

The process also helps you get much activity on your checkout page which is another way of getting more activity on your main account in order to increase sales. 

This software also helps provide everything you need for the transactions in your business. It has very good support. 

How does SamCart work?

The main attractive factor of the Samcart software is that it uses various different types of templates to introduce your products in their physical form and further can accept sales on one page. 

How It works

It also offers split testing on each of your checkout designs in a small process to ensure that each person who has visited your page has reaped maximum information from your page and they have sufficient information on your product and they are naturally directed to your main check out page.

 This software can be customized to a very high extent. The colors can be preset. It lets you define your own colors. It allows the user to toggle different fields. It lets the user add custom fields. 

It allows the user to choose their checkout pages button text. It adds guarantee terms, the testimonials, and the terms and conditions. It allows the user to add custom content.

This software is a boon to any business that looks to take shape through the internet and other internet related features. 

Through this software, influencers can flaunt their products and put it out for sale amongst the public and it will be accessible through any different platforms.

Feature -2

Online professors, course creators can also sell their products to their students or even get them an upgrade when it comes to accessing these documents. 

Authors can launch their books and also allow the public to make sales from the checkout page on the software itself. 

This software can also help you make money through various other procedures that are still left undiscovered to most people who access their systems.

Product inventors can also launch their latest creation on the page and therefore permitting the public to get a sneak peek into the future.


One-click upsells

Upsells are the most distinguishing feature about SamCart. Like if you know Samcart or would have heard about it from a friend then you must have heard them praising it for its Upsells.


For those who are alien to the term, Upsell is a marketing strategy where the customers are persuaded to shop for more expensive goods and upgrades, whether they want the product or not. 

It is like, after shopping, you exhausted and see an ice cream stall so you decide to have Ice cream at the supermarket, that $10 ice cream is not a big deal to you but imagine if half of the customers shopping there decided to buy it how much the shopkeeper would earn?

SamCaart uses the same strategy, with a one-click feature. With Samcart your customers will just need to make one click and buy whatever offer they like.

Check out pages

You can’t just stick you a page design that you don’t like?

You deserve the choice. SamCart allows you the choice. It provides you with around 18 templates to choose from. 

Samcart Page Builder

User says not all the templates are fascinating but few of them are a must-try. Most of the SamCart users love the classical theme. 

You have no compulsion to use the templates as they are. If you wish you can customize it to your own style. The customizing feature allows the user to unleash their inner creativity. Trust me! Customizing pages is really interesting and people love it!

All the templates have the in-built testimonial and security features. And in today’s time who doesn’t have a mobile, so SamCart pages are extensively Mobile responsive.

Cross-selling bumps

How many times you have ordered A drink or snack with your meal in a fast food outlet? But deep down you know you did not want to have a drink or that extra snack. This is popularly known as bundling. 

Bundling or cross-selling bump is a tactic to lure the buyer to buy something as an add-on to the original product. These add-ons are usually related to the original product and complementary product marketed to be useful along with the initial one.

One page checkout

It is really annoying to struggle from one page to another for just making a single payment because you can not find the right payment option.

What if I tell you Samcart brings all the payment options under one single umbrella page. It is really important to keep buyers on a single page. Shifting from pages to pages makes the customers lose their interest in buying. Most importantly it saves time and effort.

A/B testing

It is rather an infamous opinion to have your Checkout page tested. SamCart allows you to run the Split test live. Once you have finished creating and customizing your page, you can try the AB split test to know whether the variation is compatible with different devices and systems.

It is important as you don’t want to actually receive complaints of customer-facing bugs while making payment. The checkout pages actually demand a little more security and better functionality otherwise it might cost you your customer’s loyalty.

Subscription Saver

There have to be some benefits to having a subscription. What is the use of taking a subscription when you can even have email notifications? 

Sometimes we make mistake while making payments. Since you are a subscriber you will again come back to the page and make a change to your payment option. 

In simple words, if your payment fails, SamCart on behalf of you will send an email to your customer, so that they can make the payment without having to go and list up their cart once again. Literally, time savior if you ask me!

Affiliate Center

Samcart empowers you with the benefits of Affiliate marketing. So you will have a huge team sitting out somewhere who will promote your website on your behalf. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Samcart Affiliate Centre

An Affiliate team lessens your burden and allows you to better works and gives time to improve on any existing flaws. You can also bring in new ideas and experiment with them.

SamCart: Pricing 

So how much money should you splurge on SamCart, to reap its benefits?

Well, depending on your budget and the number of features you want to use, feel the freedom of choice, as SamCart has not just one, but four monthly or annual pricing options, that I shall discuss below:

Samcart Pricing

  • Launch Pricing Plan – $49/month or $470/year

The most basic pricing plan, SamCart’s Launch Pricing Package is recommended for those entrepreneurs who are launching a product for the very first time. If you are apprehensive about the software or are just taking baby steps into the world of online business, this plan is the way to go. 

This plan only allows a single-user, so if you have a team who needs access to SamCart to do their jobs, carry on reading. 

  • Grow Pricing Plan – $99/month or $950/year

Are you still a little confused about what pricing package and how many features to get? The middle kid of SamCart’s pricing plans, the Grow pricing package, helps entrepreneurs who are confused between getting the basic features, or all of them, find a middle ground.

 In addition to the features of the Launch plan, users get additional features such as:

  • It is a three-user account
  • Customized check-out fields
  • Pre and post-purchase add-ons and upsell
  • Multiple payment choices
  • Subscription reminders
  • Customer management, and more!

This plan is tailor-made for those entrepreneurs with subscription services, or for those looking for more payment features and single-click upsells.

  • Scale Pricing Plan – $199/month or $1910/year

Do you want access to all the goodies that SamCart offers?

Or do you have a big team of warriors that help you run your business? The Scale Pricing Plan is there for you, with its advanced features, to help your scale your business to its full potential

With all the features of the two previous plans included, the Scale package comes with these spectacular bonuses:

  • Addition of up to TEN users
  • Self-cancellation by the customer
  • Access to an affiliate service.
  • Custom Integrations
  • Exclusive access to the SamCart support team and more!

This plan is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, that need an extra boost for their sales!

  • Enterprise Pricing Plan- $399/month or $3830/year

The jewel on the top, a quite expensive one at that, SamCart’s Enterprise Pricing Plan is ideal for booming businesses that require a hands-on approach towards online sales management. Wondering how so? Easy! With the following features:

  • A number of sub-accounts for multiple users
  • An exclusively assigned account manager
  • Launch reviews
  • Set-up support for technical issues, and more!

I’m sure that Samcart’s wide range of pricing plans will cater to every need of yours. Be it the requirements of a small business, or a huge enterprise, SamCart always has an option for you! 


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FAQs On Samcart

👉 Is there a way in which you can cancel your SamCart account?

Unfortunately, performing this particular action isn’t all that easy because you can’t cancel your account using the dashboard. Though, there is something you can do about canceling an account. And that would be using your live chat option to contact their customer support team or send out an email to their official mail ID. Since they have an outstanding customer support system, feel tension free because it won’t be long before you receive a reply!

👉What all things are provided in Samcart support?

Oh, remember that support is only a team of people who are there to help you out with any issues you might be facing. So, keeping that in mind, let us see how the customer support team aids us! • Well, the first thing it would do is help you out with the guidelines in case you are having trouble with working everything out. • Second, it will help you solve any bugs you find in the software. • Third, the questions that pop up in your mind about the working of the platform. • Fourth, since they are here to help you, if you face problems after the installation of the software, they will try to help you out by looking into your server or web page. Although, they do not make any promises here.

👉 Is it possible for you to sign up for a contract when you make a SamCart account?

Nope! You are not required to! It is entirely up to you if you want to continue working with this account, want to create a new one, delete this one, upgrade your packs or degrade your packs. All yours!

Conclusion: What is Samcart? | Is it worth your money or not in 2024?

If you are someone who wishes to sell small items like e-books, a membership site, product, etc, SamCart is the best way to do it. Why? Well, because of the features, the easiness of setting up a shopping cart, interaction is something that doesn’t take a lot of your time. 

Also, You know the importance of good optimizing the checkout products and that is where SamCart comes into the picture. You are provided with everything you need here for the process of transactions if you are dealing with a business. 

When it comes to selling products, it doesn’t matter if it’s digital or physical, SamCart is a great choice! It provides a lot of functions you know you can’t get anywhere else. 

Some of them are the A/B tests and the split tests, helping you upsell your products if they are digital, links with various payment methods, and a lot more! Do not limit your options until here. 

Although the price of the plans here is pretty high, you know it’s worth it. That is because you won’t find the features and tools provided here anywhere else that is really useful when you want to sell to a larger number of people and have an interest in multiplying your average order value. 

Making money is now easy with SamCart! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the support team! Well, it possesses an excellent set of customer support teams who are ready to help you at any given point of the day!  

What Is Samcart


Samcart is software on the internet that allows the user to look at different ways through which profit can be made off a product. When it comes to selling products, it doesn't matter if it’s digital or physical, SamCart is a great choice! It provides a lot of functions you know you can’t get anywhere else. 

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