Difference Between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

It has been observed that taking business online involves huge risk, because it could either become a great success or waste of all money and efforts. The results are heavily dependent on utilization of effective tools that one uses in web hosting.

Choosing a right kind of web host is one of an important factor in making sure that website will be able to deliver the desired performance and attracts large traffic. One has many available options for hosting the content on his website; it includes various hosting’s like dedicated, cloud, VPS and shared hosting. We will discuss the details of each and after reading it one can clearly decide which type of hosting is ideal for him.

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Shared Hosting

For simplicity, we can say that sharing hosting is like living is an apartment where one shares a common space with the neighbors. One hasn’t got the option of customizing things according to his needs but still shares equally the maintenance cost with a neighbor. It is most commonly used hosting method, and the customers are those who choose low-cost or trial packages. Following is some of the categories for which shared hosting is considered ideal.

  • If one is initially expecting low rate of visitors, for instance, let’s say 400 or 500.
  • If company is currently having limited number of workers or employees and has narrow resources.
  • One is planning to host only a single website and couple of blogs.

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Advantages of Shared Hosting

Now we will discuss the advantages of sharing hosting.

  1. It is perfect option for people who has small websites and limited number of blogs because it is really easy to maintain.
  2. Economically, it is best available hosting approach.
  3. One also doesn’t need to have special skills for handling his website, as there is no need for technical maintenance of server.
  4. All kind of software installation is supported.
  5. One can also demand for an extra space for storage.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

  1. One has limited resources.
  2. There are great chances that one’s website performance will definitely be affected by other sites hosted on the shared server.
  3. The backup and scalability problems are common seen in it.
  4. One also has to face security issues with a common server.
  5. The customer support is limited, and one has to configure firewall settings for some particular applications.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is just like living in independent place or simplex where one can customize everything according to his own tastes and needs. However, one still needs to maintain his specific area. The companies and corporations that deal with heavy applications and need secured data often use VPS. If you are getting huge traffic then you should go for VPS hosting.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  1. It gives one freedom of doing whatever he wants because of unlimited bandwidth and huge space.
  2. One can conveniently upgrade or downgrade his subscription anytime.
  3. It gives one option of running his own batch files, which allow him to create multiple services inside the same server using the shell access.
  4. The customer service is available 24/7 so one will never have any difficulty in maintenance.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  1. One needs to dedicate a system administrator that will take care of the server.
  2. If one is looking for economic hosting, then this is not an option for him as it is really costly.
  3. One must have a good knowledge of virtualization, as it is necessary for running some applications.

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