Using Depositphotos as Your Stock Media Source

If you are a Web Developer, Internet Marketer or an experienced blogger, you will not want us to tell more about the significance of using images in your works because the use of ‘suitable’ images is much effective in letting users understand the content and the message you want to convey. Here you can make use of stock-images, vectors and other media content, published by microstock agencies. Depositphotos is a good choice among several microstock agencies available in World Wide Web. This service was launched back in 2009, which become a popular platform for buying and selling stock images, vectors and video clips as well. Depositphotos Website is quite easy to use with a large collection of media.


Depositphotos is a large network of contributors including photographers and designers. According to reports, this platform consists of 15 million multimedia files and the number increases when 250000 contributors will be uploading around 100000 files each week.

Registering on Depositphotos Website and using the services is quite easy and a wide selection is waiting you there. In Depositphotos, there are some important features for attracting a large number of users and contributors to it. Let us tell our opinion about the stock-media sharing platform.

Using the website

Using the Depositphotos Website is quite simple. You can register in the website using your email or Facebook account. Soon, you will be welcomed by the service dashboard along with search bar and categories to choose from.

You can search for suitable images by means of keyword and an option for advanced search is available. In the advanced search, you can search for suitable images using criteria like category, orientation of image, contributor name, main colors, sales reports, relevance etc. It is quite effective is finding the best stock media file for you.

Depositephotos Advanced Search

Once you have found the favorite and suitable image for your purpose, then you can select the required size of image and proceed to check out. The User Interface of Depositphotos seems to be very easy to navigate between photos and other pages.


Different plans are available in Depositphotos to choose from. These plans are made to suite different kind of requirement and budget. There are plans based on monthly usage, daily usage and pay as you buy method. All these subscription plans are very cheap when compared to the alternative microstock agencies in web. Major plans are as follows

  • Daily Usage: When you subscribe for this plan, you will be able to download a specific number of image files from Depositphotos on each day. In this case, it costs $0.21 for each image your purchase. This plan would be suitable for you if you are an Internet Marketer or Web Developer who gets many projects each day.
  • Monthly Usage: In this, you will be allowed to download a specific number of images each month from Depositphotos. This can be useful when you undertake projects on monthly basis.
  • Pay as you go: This plan is suitable for newbies because if you want to purchase only one or two images during a period, this subscription plan would do the job. You can buy credits using your payment method and spend those credits for buying images.

For attracting people to the service, Depositphotos has a free-trial pack valid for 7 days from registration. During this time, users can download 35 images (5 per day) without paying a single penny. If you are impressed with the service, you can go on.

Quality and Selection

Depositphotos only consists of High Quality photographs and vectors, which are uploaded by photographers and designers from around the world.

There is also a wide selection range in Depositphotos. You can use this service also for pattern collection for your web project or blog. Hence, you can choose Depositphotos as your top source for getting stock images and vector files. Quality is always assured.


Standard license is applicable for all photos your purchase from Depositphotos. If you want more privilege on photos, you can get them by purchasing licenses such as Multiseat, unlimited reproduction, item for resale as well. Purchasing these licenses will of course increase the price.


Depositphotos seems to be very cheap provider of stock images, vector files and videos for your business or blogs. It is quite clear that the service has some interesting features as well as different plans to choose from. Altogether, Depositphotos is a better microstock agency in web when compared.

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