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Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder 2023 For Your WordPress Website

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

You may wonder if there is more you can do with Beaver Builder than just create pages – but there is. With the third-party plugin Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder , taking a client’s site to the next level is as easy as 1-2-3.

The goal of this article is to introduce you to Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, commonly referred to as UABB. Furthermore, we discuss why you may want to consider it. Our four simple steps will help you get started. I’m ready to get started!

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An Introduction to Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

A Beaver Builder extension from a third-party called Ultimate Add-Ons for Beaver Builder. With it, you can build beautiful and functional pages:

Over 65 unique custom modules are included in this software to help you increase the functionality of your site. Additionally, you can use hundreds of page and row templates to get your designs started. Whenever you need training or support, you’ll have it available.

There is a $55 annual fee for unlimited sites with this plugin. Additional themes and plugins are included when you purchase a bundle.

It’s a powerful way to extend Beaver Builder’s functionality. You can use it to create beautiful and functional web pages that fit your clients’ needs.

Why Invest in Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder?

Third-party products are powerful because they provide more options without the need for learning a new system. This addon enhances the existing features. Beaver Builder doesn’t require much learning if you’re already comfortable using it. 

You can have all of these features without sacrificing site speed with Ultimate Addons. The feature can be activated only if you need it. Consequently, this reduces the server load and keeps your site running smoothly.

Your work on any website is subject to this policy. Using one license, you can install the software on as many sites as you wish. When you have many clients with diverse needs, this plugin is a great investment.

Think about the problem of customizing your WooCommerce store completely. A range of products and various functions can be added with ease using Ultimate Addons. Marketing Button can be considered if another client wants to generate more leads. With the included design modules, you can create striking styles for most sites.

Check out the live demo sites of the developer if you want to learn more about this plugin before diving in. A hands-on approach can help you learn more about the potential of this tool.

How to Get Started With Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder (In 4 Easy Steps)

You can create a new page with this tool in no time by following these four simple steps.

Step 1: Choose and Install Your Product

Purchase the plan you prefer. Pricing for the Ultimate Addons plan starts at $55. Modules and templates are available with this tier.

Added premium themeing and increased support is included in the $169 Mini Agency Bundle. In addition to the previous features, the $249 Agency Bundle offers future plugins and professional tools as well.

Following the purchase of your preferred plan, you can download the plugin and make a note of the license key. Navigate to the Plugins menu on the WordPress dashboard, then click on Add New > Upload Plugin:

To install your downloaded zip file, click Choose File, then Select File, then Install. Navigate to Settings > UABB > License and then activate the plugin. To activate your license, enter your license key and click Activate License. You will receive critical updates as a result.

Step 2: Add a Template to Your Page

The process of building a page can now commence. Our example involves creating a template for a page. There are multiple ways to get started. You can start from a template and then customize it to suit your needs.

Template Cloud is an option when using Ultimate Addons. An extensive database of template options can be downloaded from this resource. It can be accessed by clicking on Settings > UABB > Template Cloud:

In the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, there is a Template Cloud option.

More than 100 templates are offered by this plugin. Search for one that meets your needs and take your time. The more you can find templates that are close to your idea, the more time you can save while developing it.

Click on the Preview button after hovering over a template to see it. Choose an appropriate template, then click Install. A few seconds should be enough to complete that process.

Continue by selecting the desired page. Access the Content panel by opening it with Beaver Builder and clicking the Plus icon to the upper right-hand corner. You can find the Template tab there.

Template Cloud can be selected from the dropdown list. Your cloud-saved templates will appear here:

Once you have selected your template, click on it. Append a new layout or replace the existing one.

Step 3: Start Adding Modules

Install the plugin and start adding modules. There are a lot of options for you to choose from. Check out one of them: Fancy Text.

To access the Modules panel, click the Content tab. Within the Group dropdown menu, open the UABB Modules settings:

Module choices are available with UABB.

Adding a module is as simple as dragging and dropping. In this interface, you can customize the module-specific settings in a panel located to the right of the screen. Depending on what you choose, there are different options:

Fancy Text module menu options.

In Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, you will find a lot of modules to explore. Explore the modules and their settings by spending some time with them.

At the bottom of the page, click Done after you’re done adding modules. Your draft can then be saved, published, or discarded.

Step 4: Complete Your Site With More Features

Create and customize a page using the three previous steps. We will now explain how you can further tailor your editing experience by tweaking a few settings.

Here are some instructions for disabling modules. The growing number of choices can be both powerful and complicating at the same time. You can pass up features that you won’t utilize in order to simplify the process.

Simple and reversible, this process requires only a few steps. In Settings > UABB > Modules, you can disable modules. It opens an overview of all the modules currently enabled:

User can disable the following modules to speed up their site.

You can disable one by unchecking it. All the modules can be edited if you select the All checkbox.

There are several options for customizing the branding of Ultimate Addons. Visit Settings > UABB > Branding to find this section:

An example of how Beaver Builder’s Ultimate Addons can add personalized branding.

The branding can be tailored to your agency or specific to yourself through this menu. You can add your agency’s resources to the Client Support URL field.

As well as these settings, there are plenty more to consider. As an example, if you’re not interested in Template Cloud, uncheck the checkbox. A specialized knowledge base can also be made available to your clients.

Branding can help you and your clients provide a custom experience, so it’s a good idea to become familiar with the options here. As needed, you can refer to the documentation provided by the developers if you have questions.

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You can leverage Beaver Builder’s power to the fullest extent by adding Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder to your toolbox.

This article will introduce you to four easy steps to start using this powerful plugin:

  • Install the plugin after choosing a payment plan.
  • You can select your starting point in the Template Cloud.
  • By dragging in individual modules, you can add more functionality.
  • You can customize the page-creation experience by adjusting the general settings.
  • The feature you like most about Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder is? Leave a comment below if you have any questions!
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