3 Extremely Good Typography Examples in Web Design

Good Typography means good looking blog, and that means a lot of returning visitors. These are some sites which present the content beautifully. How can you make your visitor a reader? By making them read your interesting content ? How ?

Professionals and writers mostly use Georgia font on their blogs, which gives a good perspective to the reader because the font is damn cool. If you have a look a Ramsay’s Blog, BlogTyrant, he uses Georgia. So do Derek over at Social Triggers, Chris Pearson on Pearsonified and DIY Themes.

So, one thing for sure, if you want to make your visitors read your content, try using fonts like Georgia, or Serif fonts. These fonts looks well to readers, and gives them comfort and better readability. There are lot of blogs online, which uses fonts like Verdana, Sans-serif which not only decreases the comfort of reading content, but also responsible in making your blog’s design a crap.

So, you should be knowing how to be professional in presenting your content, and how to comfort your readers so as to make them return and read your blog again. Here are some of cleanly designed blogs, which makes well use of typography, and color combination, as well as design. You should have a look over these.

The Next Web


TNW is a Social Media and Tech site. The site uses Benton Sans font which looks pretty good with the color scheme, which is light orange and white backgrounds. The font is used sitewide on TNW, and looks gorgeous in headings, but it looks somewhat blurry in the content, with size of around 15px to 20px.



Abduzeedo is a leading site in Design niche. The font that Abduzeedo uses is Source Sans Pro, which is available over at Google Webfonts as well as Adobe Edge Fonts. Abduzeedo uses various font variants of Source Sans Pro, which is a good thing. And the site uses Black and White color combination, which looks professional and good.



DIYThemes is a landing site for Thesis WordPress Theme by Chris Pearson. There is nothing fancy in the site, the blog is pretty simple and clean. DIYThemes uses the combination of Georgia and Arial Bold, with light color scheme all over.

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