Tutor LMS Review 2023: Is This LMS Worth The Hype? (Lifetime Access)

Advanced Quiz Creator
User Interface
Customer Support


  • Integrates UI and UX
  • You can create challenging and fun quizzes, interactive lessons
  • User-friendly and web-based environment.
  • Supports online and blended learning
  • Supports face to face learning
  • Easy administration


  • It is new in the field
  • May lack some requirements

Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that simplifies complex course creation which may sometimes require lots of coding by providing user-friendly avenues.

Price:$ 399

Tutor is a feature-rich WordPress LMS plugin that makes it simple to create and sell online courses. This learning management system’s capabilities meet all of the requirements for a full-fledged online course marketplace.

Tutor is arguably the finest free WordPress LMS plugin since it allows you to build difficult and interesting quizzes, interactive courses, and powerful statistics and data. Without writing a single line of code, you can manage, administrate, and monetize your education, online school, and online courses.

Tutor LMS is a free WordPress LMS plugin with high-quality paid addons that you may use to extend the functionality of the main plugin. This lightweight WordPress LMS plugin includes extensions that enable certificates, e-mail alerts, shopping carts, and much more!

In this post, we have shared  Tutor LMS Review 2023  with details into features, pricing, and LMS Provisions. Read here our detailed review of Tutor LMS below.

So why to think more?

Let’s begin to explore the LMS plugin.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that makes the process of creating complex courses easier by giving user-friendly options. It includes extensions and features that make it more functional.

It comes with a drag-and-drop course builder and a 10-question advanced quiz maker. Multi-instructor, reports, assignments, course prerequisites, certifications, email, course preview, and more features are included.

Multiple payment gateways may be used with the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integration. With Tutor LMS, you can keep track of course performance, income, and purchase history.

If you want to establish an eLearning company using WordPress LMS, Tutor LMS is a good option. The plugin is simple to use, has a lot of features, and is pretty robust.

It includes the tools and features you’ll need for the complete course development lifecycle, including course development, administration and management, publication, and monetization.

Checkout Tutor LMS To Know More About The WordPress Plugin

Tutor LMS Review 2023: Is It The Best LMS Plugin For WordPress?

What is TutorLMS?

  • If you have been facing a problem creating your own e-learning platform then Tutor LMS is an amazing WordPress LMS plugin with up-to-date buttons which provide you with the easiest way of handling your own way of sharing information through easy clicks with enhancing your education business.
  • It is a WordPress LMS plugin that simplifies complex course creation which may sometimes require lots of coding by providing user-friendly avenues.
  • It has addons & features that are very helpful to boost functionality.

Tutor LMS Features

Tutor LMS comes with the most amazing features and most importantly the easiest ones.

  • Extensive Course Builder
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Multiple Instructors
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Award Certificates
  • Course Attachments
  • Student Forum
  • Course Preview
  • Advanced Quiz Creator
  • Monetize Courses
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • Modern UI

Tutor LMS Provisions:

Extensive Course Builder


Isn’t it easy when you can add various courses from a single place?

Tutor LMS comes with highly drag and drop course builder where you can start adding courses very easily from a single place. The interface is packed with amazing features where it enables you to deliver courses as per student requirements where it is equally useful and beneficial for both producer and customer.

Unlimited Courses

As already mentioned in the previous information that you can add various courses from a single place. You can add as many courses as you want to add and with the help of this WordPress LMS plugin you will be reaching your target audience in such an easy way without complex activities in your frenetic schedule.

Multiple Instructors

Wow, it’s amazing.

You can include not only one but multiple instructors to a single course if required so that student can select their instructor as per their choice and understanding.

But proper information is important and for this you have to do a little effort by reviewing the instructor profiles before adding them to a course so that you can avoid unnecessary risks and when their profile is verified you can let them share knowledge together.

Course Prerequisites

If you think of an eligibility criterion then nothing to worry about it. In this fantastic tool, you can set the courses that students need to be done with before enrolling a new course.

For that, you must add prerequisites to ensure that you reach your target audience which is getting the right target students for your course for the proper welfare of the students as well as the instructors.

Award Certification


But only these things are not enough if you want a number of students to get registered to your course.  So appreciate students by rewarding them with valuable certificates after completion of any course.

Course Attachments

Every student won’t be able to catch all the things you teach in the first try so there must be a backup of your lessons so that they can refer when they forget something regarding any topic. For this, in Tutor LMS you can upload course-related attachments whether it is in the PDF or document format as per your ease of the process or you can add any other WordPress media supported file.

Student Forum

Sometimes there can be some confusion about anything students want to get from your course. Therefore you must be ready with a student forum where they can easily ask questions to the instructors about any course and most importantly they can also submit their comments which will help you better to improve your weaknesses if found.

Some students hesitate sometimes so proper encouragement is needed which you can do by asking them to ask questions on the forum.

Tutor LMS Course Preview

The world is turning very costly day by day so it makes a lots of difference when we offer something for free.

Maximize conversion rates of your paid courses by initially offering a few lessons for free before their enrolment. Let your course stand in a top position by not just concentrating on earning but increasing the popularity of the course.

Multimedia Contents

Course Duration

Email Notifications

Your lessons must be catchy in order to get more number of followers so include engaging videos, texts, images. It works whether it’s an MP4 file, Vimeo or YouTube video.

Students must be aware of their capabilities so it’s important to define a course duration for them to view before starting. This helps them decide early how much time will be required to finish the course. Boost your user engagement easily by connecting with students and other teachers using Tutor LMS utilizing customizable email templates.

Advanced Quiz Creator

It is important to test knowledge while learning anything otherwise we won’t be able to evaluate the performance. So here is an amazing solution for this. Tutor LMS comes with the exciting feature of creating advanced quizzes.

This is also further subdivided into their individual types where five of these question patterns come completely free–

  1. Image answering

Studies have shown that visuals are comparatively more effective than text formats. In this unique pattern, students choose the correct image as their answer so here you need to incorporate visuals into conventional answers in order to create questions where images will be the answers.

  1. Matching

Students must not be left with doubts regarding the answers. Here quiz takers can visually drag and drop the correct option and match them to the correct option. By this students will be aware of their learning so far.

  1. Ordering

All students are not used to the same kind of teaching technique so you need to design your things according to the user requirements. This question pattern comes with the feature of dragging the right word and place the options in the correct order.

  1. Short Answer

There will be several questions with very brief answers. Student’s efficiency must be tested for this.

Limit the count of the words where the summary given by the students will be in the order of the word limit for that answer.

  1. Open-ended

Writing skills are very helpful to showcase any work. Skills like essay writing and open-ended questions help students to display their unique talent of writing for any specific content. Word limits must not be there so that students are able to explore how much they can.

  1. True or False

One of the most challenging and easiest questions in the field of quizzes is true/false. Through this design of questions, a true or false option is recognized by the students.

  1. Single Choice

Perfection must be displayed through your set of works. The ability to think about the critical things for the student is needed when they have to choose a single option. Questions patterns must be added from where they need to choose one correct answer.

  1. Multiple Choices

There is not always a single answer for every question there can also be multiple choices. These patterns challenge the thinking level of a student by giving them the option to choose multiple answers for a given question.

  1. Fill in the blanks

If you have a limited time period for your quiz then fill in the blanks is the exact solution for this where the blanks given in the questions are needed to be filled with appropriate answers.

Quiz Grading Method


Quiz Timers


Time Expiration Prompts


A grading count must be set in order to help the students count the grades after any quiz attempt. Things can’t be handled without proper time management. So you need to set a timer for the quiz. A custom setting is available to select if quiz attempts are submitted automatically before or after or whether grace time is allowed.

Monetize Courses:-


Money Management Multiple Payment Gateways Shopping Cart
Money can easily be managed with the use of WooCommerce and EDD options with the provision of smooth transactions. The most popular payment gateways WooCommerce and EDD can be used for multiple payments. Make it more interesting by adding a shopping cart for sale to your site of e-learning.
Free Courses One-time Purchase Lifetime Access
You cannot depend on the money every time. Also, offer courses that are free to boost your sale and increase the popularity of your course. For each course, you offer a set of a purchase plan that is simple for which set a one-time purchase process. Lifetime Access can be offered for the enrolled student.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Tutor LMS is Guttenberg compatible so you don’t need to worry about it breaking your website.


Main blocks here are:

1.Students Dashboard

2.Student Registration

3.Instructor Registration Form

These blocks can be planted in any random place in your site.

All WordPress themes are usable which makes it easy for you to avoid any modification. It is a device-friendly WordPress LMS plugin where the topics inside it look awesome across all the devices. Without any complications, your platform can be built with top-notch coding.

Insightful Dashboard

Modify the course by providing a complete overview of enrolled courses.

Frontend Student Dashboard

Students will be able to track their progress from the dashboard easily. Active courses, completed courses, and more things from the panel can be checked out.

Content Security

Add various features including login and all to maintain security throughout the course.

Upload Private Files

Upload files in a private manner where those can only be accessed by the enrolled students.

Password Protection

Create a validation form where user can log in by entering their own password and can reset if they forget it.

Modern UI


Showcase Course Rating

Motivation is a must. Motivate them to join the most popular or the most efficient course of your site for which you need to add course rating to your course preview.

Course Bookmarks

With an easy click on the bookmark icon, they can search for a course that they are willing to add to their wish list.

Price Tag

Display clearly the price tags for your courses to reach your target audience.

Display Course Level

Show the level of the course by indicating whether it is for beginners, intermediate level or expert level.

Pleasing UI & UX

Tutor LMS is the first-ever LMS key that integrates UI and UX broadly on all aspects.

Tutor LMS Pricing

You check for the lifetime access of Tutor LMS on Appsumo.

Why should we use Tutor LMS?


  • As already mentioned it is the first-ever LMS key that integrates UI and UX broadly on all aspects.
  • Supports face to face learning
  • Supports online and blended learning
  • Allows easy administration of a large amount of information in the device, user-friendly and web-based environment.
  • We cannot always imagine a complete, feature-packed tool but yes now we can because of a complete, feature-packed, and robust WordPress LMS Plugin for an easy online creating and selling of your courses.
  • This learning management platform comes with the features where it is able to fulfill all the needs for a full-fledged online course marketplace.
  • Education is actually helpful when you test your knowledge. In Tutor LMS you can create challenging and fun quizzes, interactive lessons, powerful reports and start Tutor potentially the best free WordPress LMS plugin.


  • It is very new in the field so it might be lacking any requirement but it promises to give you the easiest and efficient techniques.

Quick Links : 

FAQs | Tutor LMS Review 2023

🙋‍♀️ Can I use Tutor LMS with my existing theme?

Yes, you can use any theme that has a full-width template with Tutor LMS. We have built-in support for all the popular themes. We also offer free CSS customization for theme-related issues (conditions applied).

🤷‍♂️ Is this WordPress LMS plugin free?

The core features are available for free to download from WordPress.org. The Pro version includes some additional features. It is totally optional to buy the Pro version or pay us for anything.

🙆‍♂️ Where can I find Tutor LMS user guides and documentation?

You can find the documentation at docs.themeum.com/tutor-lms/. There is also a link at the top of this page.

🙎‍♀️ Is Tutor LMS plugin translation ready?

Yes, Tutor LMS is completely translation-ready. It is already available in 20 different languages.

👋 Can I use Tutor LMS after my license expires?

Yes, you can use Tutor LMS for as long as you want. However, for priority support and updates, it’s highly advisable you renew your license.

👏 Where can I get support?

The primary method is email. You can use the contact form on our website or send a direct email to support at themeum dot com. We also offer live chat service. Simply click on the blue Help button at the bottom right corner.

🙋‍♀️ Is it possible to use any plugins with Tutor?

You may use any third-party plugins with Tutor without having to worry about compatibility concerns. You can easily integrate and use the WordPress LMS plugin on your current site without any difficulty.

🙋‍♀️ Is Tutor LMS device friendly WordPress LMS plugin?

Tutor LMS will appear amazing across all devices if you use a responsive theme.

🙋‍♀️ Where can I report a bug?

Please let them know if you find any bugs or difficulties by commenting in the support area of this plugin on the WordPress plugin directory or directly on their help forums: https://www.themeum.com/support/

Conclusion | Tutor LMS Review 2023

So if you are still confused about creating your own e-learning platform then Tutor LMS is best the tool for you. It provides with such extraordinarily amazing features that you have not even imagined of.

Tutor LMS is a complete, feature-packed and robust WordPress LMS plugin to create & sell courses online easily. As a full-fledged online course marketplace, this learning management system’s capabilities meet all of the criteria.

Tutor LMS may be the finest free WordPress LMS plugin since it allows you to build interesting and difficult quizzes, interactive lessons, and powerful reports and statistics. Your education, online school or online courses may be managed and monetized with a single line of code.

Tutor LMS is a fantastic choice if you wish to start an eLearning company using WordPress LMS. The plugin is easy to use, has a large number of functions, and is rather strong in terms of functionality.

There are tools and capabilities for the whole lifespan of course development, including creation, administration and management, publication and monetization.

This tool will help you remove any communication gap between instructor and students by the multi-pledged features. So basically this is an all in one tool for you.

So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Thanks Arron for this detailed review. Around last year while researching different LMS, reviewers like you helped me in choosing Tutor LMS as the LMS of choice. We opted for their premium lifetime plan. Less than a year later, it is a different story. I am writing this so that your readers may benefit from the customer support experience that I went through. Though the company has made an attractive product, their technical support is poor. We had couple of issues. We raised several requests. But none were addressed. Maybe while looking at similar products for review, you may consider post sales support as a factor. Hope this helps!


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