7 Tricks to Be a Successful Blogger

Thinking of blogging all over again? As Araon Wall quoted, “doing well with blogging is not about writing one key post, it is about performing day after day and helping a few people at a time”, let’s consider some tricks while blogging:

Successful Blogger

The First Sentence is the First Impression:

The first sentence of your blog should always bring a smile on your reader’s face while giving them a hint about your story line. Throw tricky yet provocative questions to your readers to keep them motivated to read further to find the answer. Using related quotes can prove to be crowd–pleasing as well.

Be Simple, Yet Effective:

try not to be magniloquent while writing your blog. Using bombastic words may upgrade the quality of your blog but it won’t be user-friendly anymore. Your approach of writing should be crisp, clear, effective yet easily graspable.

Perspective: Try to figure out which section of readers will be attracted to your post in accordance to your topic. Though writing is basically conveying you own perspective but if you want your readers to read and understand, try to write the whole thing in their perspective. Try to cover different angles of your topic.

Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination: Let your readers feel the essence of your story and take them on a wonderful ride through your writing skill. Do anything possible under the sun to understand your reader.

If You Can’t Make it Good, at Least Make it Look Good:

Receptive blog design is a must.

Reminder: Nowadays mobile phones and tablets are the leading sources for surfing the internet. Your theme should be responsive to smaller screens so that your readers do not click away to find a better solution. Always keep your reader comfortable while reading your blog by choosing appropriate design and theme.

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Short Can Be Delightful But Long Can Be Splendiferous: stop compromising with your content length. Start working on problem solving blogs and keep the length of your post long, informative and shareable .Shorten your sentences if possible. Use appropriate words to replace a whole sentence to keep the blog lengthy, yet compact.

The Four Golden I’s:

Important, Inform, Interact and Inspire. Interaction is a process through which you can keep informing your readers about the important features of your blog and inspire them to visit your blog regularly.

Scrutinizing Competition:

Doing research before you start writing is the key of success. Anything which you want to write about is already there written by someone else. So analyzing their way of writing and how your post can be different from them is necessary. Your post should be unique yet enlightening. Try to use keywords associated with it.

Power of visual content: Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. Use images to convey your messages in your post. It helps to keep your readers interested and to get out of the monotony as well.

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Passionate Conclusion:

The conclusion is the key to motivate your reader to keep visiting your blogs. Use punch lines and proverbs to conclude. Summarizing the whole post is done by most of the bloggers, so be unique and try something new.

Points to Remember:

  • Don’t forget to live your life: enjoying our life is the best way to stay creative.
  • Use different fonts: At times to add voice effect to your post, try writing in different fonts.
  • Write in block capital letters which may provokes the reader to read that particular word or phrase LOUD.
  • Don’t publish anything and everything.
  • Emphasize on personal branding.

Happy blogging!

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