Best Traffic Generation Tips In 2024

In this article we have featured Best Traffic Generation Tips In 2021, If you’ve got traffic coming to your site, you’re 99% there. The other 1% is what you do with that traffic, but if you have to traffic – you can figure out the rest. After getting the traffic you just need to convert it into subscribers and customers . . . but that’s the easy part. The important thing is getting the traffic and sustaining it.

Let’s talk about how to generate traffic…

Why Should You Try to Increase Traffic Without Search Engine Optimization?

Best Traffic Generation Tips

You can get a lot of traffic just by doing SEO, but not all traffic is created equal. You should prioritize high-quality traffic (which includes users who are more likely to convert).

Furthermore, if you aren’t an SEO specialist, you may want to concentrate on alternative methods for increasing website traffic.

This isn’t to say that you should completely disregard SEO. To avoid being punished by Google and to ensure that the site is indexed, all websites, regardless of their niche, must adhere to the best SEO techniques.

The tactics we’ll go over below can be a great complement to a current SEO strategy.

These are the best and fastest ways to get free visitors coming to your site:

  • Web 2.0 Methods
  • Article Websites
  • Video Sites

And here’s how to use each method…

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the name given to websites that get their content from their users. The exciting thing about Web 2.0 sites is that you get to add your own content and it becomes part of these sites.

The other interesting thing about these sites is that all the search engines (including Google) treat them as “authority sites”. This means the content on them gets “indexed” faster and with more weight.


By placing links to your websites in this content you’ve created, you get traffic from the site and search engine ranking for the keywords you choose. The direct traffic from the Web 2.0 sites themselves is only part of the benefit. How to generate web 2.0 traffic is something we’ve only scratched the surface on. I don’t want to be exhaustive – I want to give you an overview of all the methods…

Articles Sites

The next thing we want to talk about is article marketing. Article sites are in essence web 2.0 websites. Article directories are sites where users (including you) can upload articles they have written.

And because they are also considered authority sites by the search engines you get all the benefits of another web 2.0 sites just by putting your articles on them. But you also get the extra benefit of other users taking your article and putting it on their site.

And along with your article, they have to include your author information and a link back to you – so you get more free traffic and SEO benefits. If you want to generate traffic from articles follows these steps:

  • Figure out what keywords you want to go after
  • Tailor the content of your article for the keywords
  • Be sure to link to your site on the keywords you’ve chosen. Do this inside the article itself and in your author’s bio.



Our discussion would not be complete without talking about video. Just like article directories, video-sharing sites also rely on user-generated content. So, just like article marketing, video marketing enables you to add content to authority sites. The extra top-secret benefit of video marketing is that it’s much easier to rank for competitive keywords than in any other medium.

Here are just a few video marketing tips:

  • Set up your YouTube account
  • Turn off all the modules in your account profile
  • Use the tags in your profile to enter the keywords you want to rank for
  • Include a link to the main site in your profile
  • Upload at least 1 video
  • Include your keywords in the title, description, and tags
  • Putting it all together.
  • If you take action on the items listed here you’ll have free traffic in no time.

Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing” if you’ve been reading about digital marketing for a time. Simply put, it’s a means to promote your company organically through high-quality content.

Blog entries, podcast episodes, infographics, YouTube videos, downloadable PDFs, and other forms of content marketing are common.

Toggl, a time-tracking software firm, for example, regularly publishes instructive blog entries and research data on productivity, work-life balance, and career. This attracts users who are interested in time management, productivity, and workplace wellness.

They finally discover Toggl’s time tracking app, among other productivity tools, when they read Toggl’s blog. Toggl was able to enhance their website traffic and ROI by converting some of these users.

Blog posts aren’t the only kind of content marketing. If you interact better with others through audio, consider starting a podcast or hosting a webinar.

Paid Ads

Content marketing is important, but it may be costly, especially if you employ renowned authors to write unique, well-researched articles for you. Most of these projects also take weeks or months to provide results, which isn’t feasible for many businesses. Why not try sponsored ads if you want faster results with a budget you can manage? Today, seven out of ten Americans utilize social media.

More than two-thirds of the population is represented. Consider the possibilities! Paid ads may produce hundreds, if not thousands, of clicks to your website in a matter of seconds.

Plus, with new advertising and social media platforms arriving and evolving on a regular basis, getting your ads in front of the right people has never been easier.

For example, Facebook provides extensive consumer personas and different targeting options, allowing you to reach your target clients without spending a lot of money on mass advertising.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies

Meeting your consumers where they want to hang out is one of the finest strategies to enhance your website traffic. Today, practically everyone uses social media, as we described previously. Increasing your social media marketing efforts can help you reach new people, build brand awareness, and drive more traffic to your website.

How can you use social media to drive visitors to your website? You can’t just barge into “conversations” on social media and ask people to buy anything from you or visit your website.

Consider how you’d introduce your brand in person when meeting someone for the first time. Would you approach them with a sales pitch right away? How about describing your product/service without first introducing yourself?

Users go to their favorite social media platforms to be entertained, not to be sold to. To ensure that your efforts are well-received, you must first provide value to your potential “following” and establish strong relationships with them.

This can be accomplished by providing educational pieces such as How-Tos or by uploading amusing images of your employees, such as this one from Casper.

Optimize Your Free Google Business Profile

Did you know that a fully optimised Google business listing receives 7x the number of hits as one that is incomplete? Remember that your listing contains a link to your website, so this is an excellent approach to increase traffic to your site.

Keep in mind that Google’s results pages are becoming increasingly intelligent. If your listing contains all of the information a potential consumer requires to make a decision, they may choose to contact/visit your business directly rather of visiting your website – which is even better!

Here are some of Google My Business’s additional features and perks that make it one of the most effective sources of high-quality website traffic.

Your Google listing is as follows:

  • Is both free and simple to start up.
  • Increases your presence on a platform where users are looking to make a purchase.
  • Increases the amount of qualified traffic to your website and store.
  • Allows you to appear in searches that are relevant to your company and area.
  • Allows customers to leave reviews, which helps to increase your visibility.

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Conclusion: Traffic Generation Tips

I’ve only listed techniques in this post that are either free or require minimal resources. Of course, if you have the funds and are willing to invest, you can always purchase bought traffic from sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and others.

We’ll spend at least $100-$200 on Facebook Ads for every blog post we publish to promote it. We’ll gladly double down and add more budget where it makes sense.

This method makes excellent sense to us at $0.30 per click. It might not be the case for you. So go ahead and try a few of the aforementioned “free” traffic techniques, and when your budget allows, add paid promotion to the mix.

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