Top Reasons for a Newbie to Prefer Shared Hosting

Newbie bloggers come to the field accompanied by many misconceptions! One of such misconceptions, belonging to web hosting section, is the tendency to choose VPSs and dedicated servers by avoiding shared hosting in the starting period itself. They do spend a lot of money for purchasing such services, especially if they are from popular providers and hence avoid the basic, popular shared hosting service like HostPapa web host. However, the fact is quite different from what you expect it to be so! Despite the fact that shared hosting services have some issues, such as the sharing of IP address, limited use of CPU resources, etc, shared hosting is the best choice for a newbie blogger.

Shared Hosting

Hence, there is no necessity to start your blogging career by owning a VPS. If you are still incredulous about this fact, we will tell you some reasons, why, for a newbie blogger or internet marketer, shared hosting is preferable to VPS or dedicated server. We hope these reasons are strong enough to lead most bloggers from VPS towards shared hosting.

Budget Friendly

Even though you might be having a passion towards blogging, in most cases, the primary intention of blogging is earn money without spending much! [We should underline the word ‘much’ because you cannot earn without investing]. In that sense, selection of shared hosting makes enough sense, as most of shared hosting plans could suite the small budget of yours. Nevertheless, you can gather more than enough resources such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, along with some QuickInstall scripts etc. Also, if you are using HostGator as the provider, you have an option to make use of some Bluehost promo codes, and hence to avail notable amount off the order. Thus, unless you want to spend a lot of money superfluously, you should choose shared web hosting for your upcoming blog or website.

Easy to Manage

Unlike you guess, managing a VPS or dedicated server is a quite tedious task, especially if you have no experience in doing so! Because, you have to do several things, which mostly requires deep technical knowledge. However, on the other hand, when it comes to the case of shared hosting, you need just a few clicks in order to set up your website, and the efforts would be even less if the service provider includes some CMS installation scripts, and site-builders in the web-hosting bundle. Simply speaking, shared hosting can be managed through the graphical interface whereas the on the contrary, VPS and dedicated servers requires skill in command prompt based management.

Technical Support

Even though the process of managing your server in the shared hosting control panel – mostly cPanel – is easy, most providers of shared hosting offer superb technical support so that you can fix every issue you would confront, when managing the server. For instance, in the case of HostGator, they offer technical support through live chat, and you can use that service as well as useful tutorials in order to fix your issues. Obviously, unless you have expert skills in management of web servers, this would be a strong reason to the preference towards shared hosting.

Considering all these, it is clear that you do not need to purchase a VPS or dedicated server, unless you expect such a big traffic and resource requirement at the start itself. What do you think about these reasons? Do not forget to leave your comments!

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