Top Features of OLX as an Advertisement Platform

The past decade has received an unprecedented amount of influence from Technological improvements! If you want to be precise, the developments in the world of internet and applied technology are the main heroes.

We could also say that such developments have simplified our life in a great extent, especially when considering the case of a lot of online shopping services, which allow you to get your desired product at your doorstep through some clicks and hits on keyboard. Nowadays, it seems like websites such as OLX is uplifting the experience massively, by implementing each and every human interactions in our society.

Here, in the case of OLX, has exploited the broker community, by creating an even effective virtual variant for it. In addition, the service is also making use of mobile technologies so that the venture could be sustainable in this mobile era.

Here, we would like to tell you some reasons because of why you should select OLX to Post free ads in Ghana, which would be explored by thousands of people.


The Way It Work

As you might know, OLX is a popular web-based platform for simplifying the process of buying or selling used or fresh product in a matter of a few clicks. Just as any other web-based platform, it will not take more than seconds to post an active advertisement in the website and gather responds from the whole webbies of country.

As we said earlier, the service that exploits the broker community, offers their service completely free which means your product advertisement will get equal importance just as others’.

In case, if you are interested in using the website, you can cut off the brokerage charges as well as precious time along with the fact that the website could do the ‘SEARCH’ around a specific location effectively. We hope the less time consuming process is attractive than the usual one, which makes use of brokers and their hidden charges.

Sell your Product in Seconds

Just as we said in the above section, you can post your advertisement in OLX in seconds using either your Mobile device or any other internet-browsing device.

First, you have to log on to the website, create an advertisement, add an attractive description and essential information about you and your product, attach an image if you want buyer to get an idea about the product easily, and just publish the advertisement.

Next time, when one customer, who would like to buy such a product, searches in OLX, your listing would be present according to relevance. Don’t you think the process is easy? Yes, it is!

Different Categories & Filtering make Sense

You can see a list of a few categories when you visit OLX website. The list includes various sections such as mobile phones, home and lifestyle, vehicles, jobs, real estate, electronics and other kind of appliances.

The list obvious makes sense, especially when it comes to a normal webbie. When you click on a specific category, you can find out listings in the category so that you have to type less for finding mobile phones for sale.

OLX is also having a strong and effective filtering system for filtering your results and hence finding the best choice for you! There are several criteria available such as location, price range etc. Obviously, this feature is also reducing the time-consumption of the platform.

Support for Mobile Devices

At the current stage, a PC is not required for buying and selling things through OLX because you can use OLX Free App, which in turn allows you to use the platform via your Smartphone or Tablet PC, running on different platforms including iOS, Android, Symbian etc.

When compared to the case of PC, the ad-posting process would be even simple, especially when considering the easiness of attaching images to your advertisement. You can use the simple user interface for creating an advertisement, attach image to the post, and then publish it in seconds.

In addition, the mentioned Apps allow you to explore the large list of product listings in the website as well as to purchase those products. When we consider opinion from users, the app is awesome and easy to use.

We hope that these reasons are enough for choosing OLX as your platform for buying and selling used or new products. What do you think about the service? Do let us know via your valuable comments.

Jitendra Vaswani

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