Top 3 Online Journalism Courses 2024

A journalist’s job is to report the news in all its varied forms while adhering to the highest standards of veracity.

As part of our research, we’ve identified the top 3 online journalism courses for 2024.

Some of these courses offer certificates or diplomas, while others may qualify for continuing education requirements, and many of them include useful extras like downloadable supplementary materials.

They are some of the most influential journalists of our time: Dan Rather, Bob Woodward, Norah O’Donnell, and other prominent journalists. Let’s get started now, please.

Top 3 Online Journalism Courses

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Top 3 Online Journalism Courses 2024

1. Master Class Bob Woodward (Master Class)

Master Class Bob Woodward

How much better can it be than a lesson in investigative journalism delivered by Bob Woodward? You will get intimate information about journalism in this online course suited for all skill levels.

The kind of instructive gift a father or grandmother could adore is one that gives them a peek into the investigative journalism process from behind the scenes.

taught by legendary investigative journalist Bob Woodward, one-half of the team Woodward and Bernstein who made the world aware of the Watergate scandal. He is the author of multiple best-selling books and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

You will learn about guiding principles of journalism, how to locate a story, in-depth reporting, finding sources, developing the interview, and writing the piece in 24 separate on-demand video sessions totaling around 4 12 hours.

You will receive a workbook for the course, offline lessons, a subscription to the Master Class newsletter, and access to an online community of Master Class students as part of the bonus features included in this online course.

A-list training in business, the arts, design, wellness, and technology is available through MasterClass, a great resource for continuing education.

Premium membership to MasterClass is required, but there is a 30-day, no-questions-asked return guarantee. The company offers more than 100 online courses. Additionally, they frequently run a Buy One, Gift One sale, so it’s worthwhile to see if that offer is still in effect.

2. Meet The Press: Beginner’s Guide To Freelance Journalism (SkillShare)

Meet The Press

As a freelance journalist, you have a variety of alternatives at your disposal, including creating your own articles from scratch and seeing them through to completion.

You will learn how to conduct research and ask probing questions like a real journalist in this introductory course.

Brittany Knight of Meet the Press, a best-selling author with years of media experience and the creator of the online magazine, is the instructor for your class.

You will learn about journalism versus blogging, nine journalism principles, five types of journalism, research, the interview method, and a class assignment as you watch the 1 34 hours of on-demand video. Additionally, you’ll get access to downloads and a discussion board for the class.

This course, as well as many others, are given by reputable experts in the domains of business, science, education, and other fields, and are available online through SkillShare. For one month, try Skillshare for free!

3. Break Into Journalism: pitch & publish to high authority publications (SkillShare)

Break Into Journalism

Instruction at the intermediate level that teaches how to pitch a story to prestigious newspapers and even opens doors for future opportunities in other news media This course has already benefited more than a thousand students.

Damien Walter, a journalist for The Guardian, BBC, and Wired, is the lecturer for this online course. Teaching mediocre authors how to become great writers is Damien’s forte.

You will be taught course modules on high authority publications, the business of a story, finding an angle, narrative forms, making a pitch, and negotiating payment as you learn the three pillars of journalism. Along with the 1 1/2 hours of on-demand video, there are additional materials, group projects, and class discussions.

This online course may be found on the SkillShare learning platform along with others that cover topics including business, management, art, and science.

These courses offer a variety of useful extras, including downloadable files and access on a variety of devices, plus a 30-day free trial.

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