Top 3 Online 3D Printing Courses, Classes & Certifications 2023

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for the top 3 online 3D printing courses in 2023.

You may learn how to print 3D models, whether they are ones you create yourself or ones you get from the internet, by taking one of the many online 3D printing classes we have included below.

Many of these courses will also cover the CAD stage, which you can use to create and test out your very own designs. Let’s get going!

Top 3 Online 3D Printing Courses

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Top 3 Online 3D Printing Courses 2023

1. Introduction to 3D Printing: An Easy Start to Your First 3D Design (Skillshare)

Introduction to 3D Printing

My top recommendation for beginners is a fantastic course on Skillshare that introduces you to the fascinating world of 3D printing! You won’t have any trouble following along with this introductory-level course led by 3D printing and design specialist, Lauren Slowik, even if you’ve never used 3D printing software like 3D Slash/ThinkerCAD before.

This course covers a variety of topics, including an introduction to 3D printing, paper sketching, importing paper images into programs, importing designs into 3D programs, personalizing your 3D objects, and getting ready for 3D printing.

This course is one of the best because you model your own 3D design for a handheld product as part of the class assignment. That means that by the end of the course, you will have created a stunning design of your own that is ready to be printed!

This online course is hosted on Skillshare and comes with a 1-month free trial, all video lectures, group projects, and student conversations. Overall, if you want a full introduction to 3D printing, this is one of the best online courses available.


  • Popular! 12,109 students
  • Beginner level – a great introductory course
  • Low time commitment: 8 lessons, 1h5m
  • 1-month free trial
  • On-demand video lessons

2. 3D Printing: Solving Problems Through Product Design (Skillshare)

3D Printing

My next recommendation is a top-notch Skillshare course that demonstrates how to plan, prototype, and then produce your design. Therefore, this session is essential for everyone who wants to print their own designs and master the technique involved.

Lauren Slowik, a professor of Design+Technology at Parsons the New School for Design, will once more be your teacher. She tackles the subject with optimism and the conviction that “try and error” are the key components of design.

Choosing what to design, sketching your ideas, creating your 3D model in 123D design, preparing your 3D print, choosing the material for your print, and refining your prototype are some of the subjects covered in this brief 1-hour lecture.

Once more, because this lesson is housed on Skillshare, new users have access to it as well as the 29,000+ other courses that are offered there!


  • Beginner friendly
  • Low time commitment: 11 lessons, 58m
  • Popular course: 1,607 students
  • 1-month free trial
  • Industry-leading designer

3. Learning 3D Printing (LinkedIn Learning)

Learning 3D Printing

The third item on my list is a fantastic beginning course that will walk you through the 3D printing procedure and teach you about the many kinds of printers that are readily available. So don’t miss this if you’re looking for a more practical 3D printing lesson!

Among the numerous topics covered in this online course are how to model a design using solids, meshes, or 3D scanning, how to introduce file repositories, how to design for real, how to fix a 3D design, and how to utilize Netfabb Studio, and how to export files.

The current host of this online 3D printing course is LinkedIn Learning, which offers all course materials and videos, downloadable tools, mobile viewing options, and a certificate of completion.

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