ThriveCart vs CartFlows 2024: Which Is The Best Sales Funnel Software?

If you are unsure which of the two e-commerce platforms, CartFlows or ThriveCart, is better for your online business, then here is the answer you have been looking for!

Check out all the information about each service before deciding which one is the best match.

With ThriveCart or CartFlows, you can easily add a shopping cart to your blog or website. This lets visitors quickly buy whatever you’re offering, like courses, guides, recipes, or physical products.

These platforms also help with marketing, so you can promote your stuff and make more sales.

Now, I’ve tried both ThriveCart and CartFlows on my blog.

Keep reading to learn how each one performed, and then you can decide which is better for your online business.😍🚀


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ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform and checkout platform that allows users to sell products and services online.

CartFlows is a WordPress plugin that can be used to build sales funnels and checkout pages. It's designed to help eCommerce businesses increase revenue and conversions.

  • Funnel Builder
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Unlimited Carts
  • Funnel Templates
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • Lifetime Pricing
  • Works well with digital products
  • Accepts multiple payment processors
  • Integrates with websites and landing pages
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Built-in sales funnel templates
  • Cart abandonment feature
  • Quick Import of Templates
  • Customization features
  • Limited payment gateway support
  • Limited templates
  • No A/B split testing
  • Lack of instruction videos
Ease of Use

The user interface is really easy to use and really straight-forward, which means even if you don't know much about this platform, you can set it up within a few minutes by following some instructions.

With CartFlows, the process is almost less simplified and more complex.

Value For Money

With the special offer, you get lifetime access to this platform, and it is totally worth every penny.

CartFlows has flexible and cheaper pricing plans, and the features give good value for money.

Customer Support

Pretty active and amazing support from the customer support team of ThriveCart.

Really nice customer support provides 24/7 awesome support, and the fastest way to get support from developers is by submitting a ticket.

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Thrivecart vs Cartflows

ThriveCart vs CartFlows: Overview

ThriveCart Overview

ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform that enables businesses to increase income and revenue with high-converting cart pages. It makes your task quicker and simpler.

ThriveCart Homepage

It is software that helps you promote and collect payments for your physical and digital products. ThriveCart uses the most popular payment processors on the market, and there are upcoming integrations.

Other websites, too, like Kajabi and Thinkific, let you customize every aspect of your checkout cart page. However, these all lack some other features, like A/B testing.

Testing your cart with ThriveCart is easy, and quite a few tutorials and guides are already available on the Internet. It works perfectly with all e-commerce platforms.

CartFlows Overview

CartFlows is a sales funnel builder for WordPress that allows you to create sales funnels quickly and easily. It offers many appealing features that will help you, with any skill level, create any funnel in no time.

CartFlows Homepage

It’s specifically made for WordPress users who want to create marketing pages without breaking the bank. CartFlows offers numerous features as a sales funnel software for WordPress, making it a compelling alternative to ThriveCart.

If you’re using WordPress and are interested in a cost-effective solution for building marketing pages and sales funnels, CartFlows could be a good fit.

CartFlows vs ThriveCart: Features Comparison

ThriveCart Features:

ThriveCart is an online marketing tool that helps in processing payments, and the working of the tools goes beyond the predefined system. It takes care of all the subscriptions and collects payments for all the products.

ThriveCart features and benefits

1. Funnel Builder

ThriveCart revolves around funnel building, which involves several predefined and ready-made templates. Four different templates are readily available as checkout pages.

These pages can be modified, styled, and customized according to the requirements. The templates include all the features in them and have an impressive layout associated with them. 

The different templates offer the users different options, like:

  • Single-step checkout
  • Double-step checkout
  • Embeddable checkouts
  • Popup checkout

2. Associate management system

Managing affiliates can sometimes be overwhelming, but with ThriveCart, the process becomes relatively easier to use and manage.

As a personal use, the only drawback I could feel on the platform is that only PayPal is used as the payment method for managing affiliates. The affiliate center of ThriveCart is a very powerful management tool for all the business enthusiasts out there.

3. Single-click upsells

Thrivecart analytics

One-click upsells are one of the best ways to increase revenues promptly. The platform allows users to drift away from the traditional method of constantly giving information with redundant upsells.

With a single click-to-sell feature, it saves the information in the background, giving users easy access to different sets of information that need to be provided.

The one-click upsells do bring several discrepancies, but ThriveCart gives consumers the option to choose between the options through different settings. The user can choose between one-click and refund-reducing confirmation steps.

4. A/B Testing

Comparing is the best way to know what works in the market and what does not. Split testing often does not make sense, as it is neither a new feature nor does it make you stand out; almost all marketers use it.

ThriveCart AB Split Testing

But the truth remains: those who compare and know the trends are on par with the market and always win.

ThriveCart has a very robust testing system that allows us to compare the products launched against each other. The products can be from the same dealer or a lot from two different dealers.

The platform compares products based on several parameters, such as design, pricing, maximum orders, and more. It then declares a winner, giving you a clear idea about your requirements.

5. Bump offers

Very few platforms believe in using bump offers on their platform for fear that users might not understand the very gist of bump offers.

ThriveCart is such a platform that has this in its system. 

Bump offers are just like other coupons but with less flexibility; this little flexibility is a strategic plan for the same. The offer is applied to the total at the initial phase, which allows the users to avail of various coupons, discounts, payment plans, attribute affiliates, and more.

6. Mighty integrations


The myriad of integrations left me in awe. Any user can easily integrate all the tools that you might require for marketing. The platform provides complete marketing tools inside its system, so you do not have to seek any third-party integration outside the environment.

Some integrations the system provides in itself are:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • InfusionSoft
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Ontraport
  • Digital Access Pass
  • HubSpot
  • Wishlist Member
  • Kunaki
  • LeadPages
  • ConvertKit
  • Membermouse
  • OptimizePress
  • Teachable
  • Stripe
  • iPhone/ApplePay/GooglePay
  • PayPal
  • ConvertKit
  • Membermouse
  • Zapier integration

Many more are ready to take their place on the list.

CartFlows Features

CartFlows is a system that promises flexibility to all its users. The features are very varied, and they are specially designed for creating funnels for a WordPress website.  Let us take a sneak peek into all the features they provide. 


1. WordPress-compliant

CartFlows is an integration built to cater to the funnel needs of a WordPress website. To use this platform, the user must have a website domain through WordPress.

It allows the building of smooth-selling checkout pages and also integrates a one-click conversion process. It makes the process relatively easier and helps get rid of unwanted distractions. It helps increase the purchase process on the website.

2. Funnel Builder

CartFlows has many predefined templates designed for funnel developers’ ease. These allow the developers to build templates from scratch and customize them according to their requirements, helping them create a smooth funnel without much hassle.

The platform provides developers with six premium templates and four free templates for ready usage.

The free templates do not imply any cost but lack some features as compared to the premium funnels. But yet, they are very useful and provide a good working environment. 

3. Bump Orders

CartFlows is one of the core platforms that provides the user with bump orders. The bump offers to allow users to sell a particular product at a one-time price and offer it.  It can be a bump in pricing or a collective set of orders as well.

The bump offer gives the user the choice to decide upon the one-time rates of the product and how long the particular price stays in the market. 

4. Single Click Upsells


CartFlows offers one-click upsells on its platform. This allows the users to create conversions in an extremely efficient manner without the need to update data again and again iteratively.

To create a one-click upsell, the platform needs to be extensively compatible with the payment platform. For a PayPal gateway, the user needs to create a gateway plugin.

The various gateways through which CartFlows offers their one-click upsell are:

  • BACS
  • COD
  • Ideal via Mollie
  • Mollie
  • PayPal, with or without reference transactions
  • Stripe
  • Square

5. Functions with WooCommerce

The CartFlows platform also provides its service and funnel-building capabilities in collaboration with WooCommerce.  This allows users to create an impressive funnel as they wish for their domains and websites on WooCommerce. 

All of CartFlows’ used payment gateways are compatible with WooCommerce’s payment gateways.

It also takes in the features of WooCommerce and assists with several features and extensions as per the needs of the user. 

6. Various integrations

CartFlows works with WordPress and WooCommerce domains and hosting and, hence, incorporates all the integration and features of both platforms. However, the platform falls short of integrating any outside integration other than the two platforms that it collaborates with.

So, any integration that the user uses and that CartFlows supports is:

  • WordPress feature
  • WooCommerce feature
  • WordPress plugin
  • WooCommerce extension or plugin

7. Cart abandonment

Abandonments are basically lost money from the cart, and the user needs to apply every strategy to recover the money. Almost all online marketing tools have this feature integrated, and it has a 60% to 80% success rate. 

Cartflows analytics and reports

CartFlows also provides cart abandonment features to all its PRO users. This helps in creating integration with the CRM and triggers the email whenever someone provides their email. It is not used for full checkout pages but is used for some important features associated with them.

The CRM automatically shoots whenever the tested rates at the checkout pages of the sales funnel do not convince the user.

ThriveCart vs CartFlows: Ease of Use


ThriveCart is designed to make selling products and services online easy. It has made their entire interface very beginner-friendly.

ThriveCart is drop-dead and easy to use for most features. Working with ThriveCart is easy, even for a beginner. It uses a simple interface with a simple English language for taking action, especially during product creation.

When it comes time to integrate with external systems, there is a bit more to understand.

The steps of creating a new product have become easier with ThriveCart. By the time you finish the setup, you can easily get confidence that the processes are going well and worth it.


With CartFlows, the process is almost less simplified and more complex. It is easy to use, powerful, and a lot less expensive than the competition.

You will have to visit different pages repeatedly to design and set up integrations. CartFlows ranks very well on the user-friendly score.

You do not have to learn the navigation, and there is no learning curve. It works with your page builder of choice, even if that page builder is Gutenberg.

Also, there is an option where you do not have to manage your funnels and checkouts somewhere. You can do everything inside of WordPress.

Verdict: For either online platforms, ThriveCart or CartFlows, some unique features make them intuitive and user-friendly. In terms of ease of use, both platforms have a similar interface, and hence, it isn’t easy to choose a winner as both provide excellent features that are easy to use.

ThriveCart vs CartFlows: Customer Support

When I’m checking out a SaaS product, one of the most important factors for me is the quality of customer support.

I want to be sure that they’ve got my back whenever I need assistance, whether it’s figuring out how to use the software, dealing with technical issues, or unexpected downtime.

It’s crucial to have the right support team in place to tackle any roadblocks that might come up. After all, we all deserve to have the right people supporting us when we need it.


ThriveCart has a great customer support team and offers various options for getting service. The help desk of ThriveCart has a range of articles that will often hold the answer you need and answer your question quickly and without delay.

Thrivecart helpdesk and support

If these articles and blogs do not answer your questions, then you need to fill out the form and provide as many details as you can; the ThriveCart team will help you quickly and effectively.

Thrivecart’s customer support hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. They aim to give a reply within 24 hours, but you will get it as early as possible.


Cartflows offers a wide range of customer services. You will find a query box where you can enter your question for help. They provide YouTube video tutorials to learn how to use Cartflows.

Cartflows support

They have a knowledge base or documentation, articles that cover the common questions, and all the information required for the users. The customer support team is user-friendly and helps you.

You also have another option where you can submit a ticket to get the fastest customer support from the team at Cartflows. The request for support will be resolved within 24 hours or two days, as needed.

Verdict: ThriveCart is the winner. Compared to cart flows, ThriveCart has a great support team that responds as quickly as possible. The help desk holds all the information needed, while with cart flows, it might take a longer time for a response.

ThriveCart vs CartFlows Pricing

Let’s shift our focus to the pricing of these tools. While I haven’t compared them directly yet, we’ll get to that soon. It’s essential to understand the pricing structures of CartFlows and ThriveCart to make an informed decision.


ThriveCart is not priced monthly or yearly. It offers a one-time pricing plan of $495, which is known as the state standard plan.

You must pay once for lifetime access to receive all the required benefits, which is known as the Standard Plan.

ThriveCart pricing plans

Thrivecart also offers a Pro plan at $195, but this plan is currently not much picked. This plan comes with more sophisticated functionality. Most often, users pick the standard plan for lifetime access.


CartFlows offers two pricing options: free and premium plans. The free plan has some limitations. Read our CartFlows Free vs Pro comparison article to see the comparison between the two.

CartFlows Pricing Plans

CartFlows provides several affordable plans to offer you the best WordPress sales funnel plugin.

Here are the three pricing plans:

  • CartFlows Starter [$99/year]
  • CartFlows Plus [$189/year]
  • CartFlows Pro [$299/year]

Each plan offers different features, and the more premium the plan, the more features you’ll have access to. Consider your specific needs and budget when choosing the right plan for your WordPress sales funnel requirements.

ThriveCart vs CartFlows: Pros and Cons

Thrivecart Pros:

  • The setup process is super-easy, and you can literally create a new product in just a few minutes.
  • You can offer coupons, discounts, and trials to your customers at the checkout page.
  • You can set up 2-step checkout forms.
  • Set up and manage your digital sales tax easily.
  • Understand customer purchase history, see detailed stats, and manage everything from a central dashboard.
  • Recommend upsell offers and bump offers.
  • Set up A/B split tests to ascertain offers and cart forms that will convert better.
  • You can integrate your email service provider in 3 simple clicks.
  • Integrates with many email autoresponders 
  • Integrates with many membership sites 
  • Amazing affiliate management system.
  •  World-class customer support and community.

Thrivecart Cons:

  • There are not as many checkout templates available yet.
  • You can keep track of failed payments, and customers can update their credit card information in the customer hub.

Cartflows Pros:

  • Professionally Designed Templates
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Offer Order Bumps & One-Click Upsells
  • Use Your preferred Page Builder
  • Extendable, Unlike Clickfunnels
  • Consistent Monthly Feature Enhancements

Cartflows Cons:

  • Requires a WordPress Website

Verdict: ThriveCart vs CartFlows

You have gone through the entire article, reading and learning whether to use ThriveCart or Cartflows. You can choose between the two according to your requirements.

Both ThriveCart and CartFlows offer robust functionality, allowing you to market a variety of products and services, such as courses, memberships, and ebooks, effectively. CartFlows, however, is specifically designed for WordPress websites.

If you’re already using WordPress, sticking with CartFlows makes sense and eliminates the need for another shopping cart platform.

On the other hand, ThriveCart is versatile and not limited to a specific website host. This flexibility makes it a suitable choice for a broader audience.

ThriveCart’s lifetime membership can be a cost-effective option, especially for those just starting in online selling.

I hope this article helped you a lot in choosing the best sales funnel builder among ThriveCart and Cartflows.


Does ThriveCart or CartFlows have an API?

Both platforms provide the option to generate an API key from your account. These APIs enable you to customize the features of each software to suit your business needs better. They are particularly useful for integrating software that may not have native connections with ThriveCart or CartFlows. It's worth noting, though, that access to APIs is limited to Pro users for both ThriveCart and CartFlows.

Can I cancel my ThriveCart or CartFlows lifetime account?

Canceling your ThriveCart account is a straightforward process, and you can do it at any time. If you opt for the lifetime subscription and decide to stop using it, you can leave your account dormant without actively canceling it. However, if you're seeking a refund, it's essential to cancel the account within 30 days of the initial purchase. Similarly, with CartFlows, you have the flexibility to cancel the annual subscription, and you're eligible for a refund within the first 30 days after the billing date. This ensures a window for users to assess the service and make decisions accordingly.

Do ThriveCart or CartFlows have mobile apps?

ThriveCart and CartFlows currently offer mobile apps. Nevertheless, users can still access their accounts on their phones through mobile browsers. It's worth noting that both platforms allow users to access cart and checkout pages via mobile, simplifying the process of selling products and services even without dedicated mobile apps.

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