Thinkific Vs Teachable 2023: Which Platform Is Best For Online Courses?

Are you a teacher looking for an online teaching platform or a student thinking about using one? If so, your next question might be What is Thinkific and teachable and which is best for me? So we are here to provide you with an in-depth comparison of Thinkific vs Teachable.

Teachers can use these platforms to create courses and enroll students. They also provide video lectures, lesson plans, discussion boards, quizzes, and other features!

This blog post will compare these two programs and assist you in determining which is best for you. In the end, your needs as a user define which platform is best for your situation and curriculum goals. Ready? Let’s go on this adventure together!

You can learn more about Teachable by reading our in-depth Teachable Review.


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Thinkific is an online all-in-one course-building platform built for people to unleash their skills by creating, marketing, selling, and delivering engaging courses.

Teachable is a very user-friendly online course creation platform. You do not have to worry about aspects of design, hosting, integrations, or marketing & sales.

  • Free templates
  • Hosting benefits SEO
  • Plugins
  • Email marketing
  • Automatically sets up sales pages
  • Multiple support instructors for students
  • Trackers
  • 1click upsells feature
  • Easy creation of attractive looking courses online
  • Well handled dashboard, with all elements in place
  • Marketing and email integration
  • Free sign up option, without the need for a credit card
  • Students have full control
  • Very easy to use and navigate for beginners
  • Click-up sells
  • Free sign up option without the need to enter payment detail
  • No provision of live workshops or live office hours
  • No access to courses created previously by educators
  • No provision for Email integrations
  • Drip emails are tricky to set
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Imagine if just by creating online courses on your fields of expertise you could start generating revenue alongside your business venture, your job, or your side hustle. 

You could be a coach, author, entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, mid-sized business, etc. All you need is the passion to educate students and people willing to learn by providing engaging and insightful content.

Both Thinkific and Teachable have widely used online course-building and launching platforms. Be it PDFs, videos, or textual content, you have a plethora of templates and content space options on both platforms.

Right from building landing pages, custom designing your site, site administration, launch and sales, payment tracings, or integrations with third-party tools, they both have it covered for you. So let’s dive into a deep analysis of Thinkific and Teachable on various parameters. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Thinkific is an all-in-one online course creation platform designed to help people unleash their skills by creating, marketing, selling, and delivering engaging courses.

Teachable, on the other hand, is a very user-friendly platform for creating online courses. You do not need to be concerned about design, hosting, integrations, or marketing and sales.

Thinkific and Teachable are both content-rich online course creation and delivery platforms.

Get started with Thinkific now.

I will be answering all these questions in this entire blog. Give them a read:

  • What are Thinkific and Teachable?
  • What is the comparative analysis between Thinkific and Teachable?
  • What is the cost for both?
  • What are the various features offered by both?
  • What are the pros and cons of Teachable and Thinkific?
  • Which languages do they support?
  • Teachable and Thinkific integrate with which other platforms?
  • Which platform is better?

Thinkific vs Teachable: Overview

Thinkific: Overview

Thinkific is an all-in-one online course-creation platform designed to help people unleash their skills by creating, marketing, selling, and delivering engaging courses.

All of this is on your very own customized and personalized website. Thinkific was founded when co-founder and CEO Greg Smith decided to make his LSAT course available to the public with the help of his brother and a few friends.

His primary goal with Thinkific was to make it globally accessible to a large audience and to assist them in generating revenue through their online courses.

Thinkific vs teachable

His online course took off quickly, and he began earning far more money than he did from his corporate law practice.

This was when people with similar interests and the desire to launch their courses approached Greg. They were astounded by the traffic and revenue Greg’s online course generated.

They wanted to sell personalized courses under their brand name and website to drive business and personal growth.

That is when Greg and his co-founders decided to create this one-stop online course creation platform for users worldwide.

Thinkific’s level of control over its content, data, custom templates, website design, and business was highly beneficial.

Teachable: Overview

Teachable is a very user-friendly platform for creating online courses. You do not need to be concerned about design, hosting, integrations, or marketing and sales.

Over 68,000 instructors have launched courses on Teachable and earned $338 million in revenue by selling their studies.’

Teachable is a Learning Management System (LMS) for bloggers, creators, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, online educators, and anyone who wants to create meaningful courses for a large audience.


Mr. Ankur Nagpal founded Teachable, what was previously known as Fedora. 

Teachable provides its instructors with everything they need: personal development, personal branding, creating a membership site for communicating with your students or reaching out to 7 million students via the platform.

Top educators, bloggers, creators such as Pat Flynn (Smart Passive), and many other well-known names in advertising and marketing recommend Teachable.

Working Overview – Thinkific 

Thinkific is a comprehensive Learning Management System that provides services such as course creation, marketing, and selling.

The following features are available on Thinkific’s main page to help you get started with your online course creation process:

  • Grow your Personal brand by building a good audience
  • Immediate selling options
  • Curate attractive and engaging content
  • A platform that grows with you
  • Custom-designed course templates 
  • Business Scaling

The following is a general overview of Thinkific’s operation:

Before you begin, create a free Thinkific account and add all the requested information. Then proceed

Step 1: Choose a name for your company. 

Step 2: Name your first course.

Step 3: Determine your course’s starting or launching point.

Step 4: Confirm that this is the course name you want to use before moving on to the design aspects.

Step 5: Successfully create your School.

Everything that follows entirely depends on the course type you intend to build. Thinkific has made every step excessively user-friendly, and the tasks are manageable.

Working Overview- Teachable

It serves as a one-stop shop for learning management solutions. Teachable allows you to experiment and create visually appealing online courses.

Teachable is your solution if you’ve been looking for a place where you can create visually appealing courses without any technical knowledge.

It has a straightforward layout and user interface, allowing beginners to operate efficiently and scale their businesses to the next level. It is also well-structured for more advanced users.

Teachable’s general working overview process is fundamental and straightforward for almost anyone. The procedure is as follows:

  • Resonating with your brand, create a School
  • Start building a course within the school
  • Start creating modules within your course
  • Start uploading lesson materials or lecture notes for each class
  • Your course is ready to be published
  • Start selling your course via the Teachable selling page

When you sign up for Teachable, you will be asked to create a school that corresponds to your website or brand. You can easily connect the school you create to your website using sub-domain names, such as course titles in your domain

Your school’s logo, theme, and overall look and feel are customizable. You can easily customize it to match your website.

Students can join your school before purchasing your course, or you can give them access to the entire course at once.

It entirely depends on your personal preferences and teaching style. Many educators combine several courses into a single school. This increases the trainer’s and student’s feasibility.

Thinkific Integrates With

  1. Zapier
  2. Word Press
  3. Sumo
  4. Stripe 
  5. Segment
  6. Stunning
  7. Paypal
  8. SamCart
  9. MailChimp
  10. MiniOrange
  11.  Keap
  12. Intercom
  13. Google Analytics
  14. Facebook pixel
  15. ConvertKit
  16. EarlyParrot
  17. AWeber
  18. Constant Contact
  19. Brillium
  20. Active Campaign
  21. Accredible

Teachable Integrates With

  1. Google Analytics
  2. SumoMe
  3. Zapier
  4. MailChimp
  5. Segment
  6. ConvertKit
  7. Several webhooks 
  8. Few other Third-Party Tools 
  9. Instamojo
  10. ActiveCampaign
  11. FreshBooks

Comparative Analysis Between Thinkific Vs Teachable

Audience Catered

Thinkific: If you are comfortable with technology and are okay with a learning curve while creating your course, Thinkific is for you. 

Consultants, experts, trainers, speakers, authors, trainers, professional associations, and authorities are all represented.

Teachable: It is best suited for people who are slightly more creative and less tech-savvy. Marketers, bloggers, content creators, and small businesses are the best candidates for using teachable.

Pricing Options

Thinkific Pricing


You can choose from four plans: 

  • Thinkific free ($0/month), 
  • Basic Thinkific ($36/month), 
  • Thinkific Pro (Most Popular) ($74/month), and 
  • Premier Thinkific ($149/month).

They also provide access to the free plan without requiring credit card information. Thinkific offers the Growth Package and Thinkific Plus with additional features and plans for individuals or businesses seeking increased growth and revenue.

Teachable Pricing


It gives you three options. 

  • The basic plan is 39 dollars per month with a 5% transaction fee, 
  • The pro plan is 99 dollars per month with no transaction fee, 
  • A business plan is 119 dollars per month with no transaction fee.

These are the annual plan costs; the monthly plan costs are slightly higher for all three when paid monthly.

Basic: $39 per month (annual) and $59 per month (per month).

You can offer courses and live coaching with this package, and you have access to

  • A members-only community
  • Instant payouts
  • You can register two admins
  • Email support
  • Course creator training 
  • You can use your own custom domain 
  • You can create coupon codes for customers to use
  • You can drip-feed course content
  • You get access to integrated email marketing
  • Access to third-party integrations

Pro: $119 per month (monthly) and $99 per month (annual)

Transaction costs are eliminated under this plan. You get everything stated in the Basic plan along with the below-mentioned features:

  • Priority product support
  • You can grade quizzes
  • Advanced reports
  • An unbranded website
  • You can issue course completion certificates
  • Course compliance
  • An integrated affiliate marketing platform
  • You can register five admins

Business: $159 per month (monthly) and $119 per month (annual)

This adds up everything pro plan and

  • Manual student imports
  • You can register 5 admins
  • Bulk student enrollments 
  • You can set custom user roles
  • Advanced theme customization through developer access
  • You can host group coaching calls

Ease of Use 


Many customers believe Thinkific is simple to use, user-friendly and provides a seamless experience. Tech-savvy people can have full advantage of its features. 

Everyone loves it, and its team is always coming up with new and exciting features to help customers with their needs.


Teachable has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its users. You can easily create landing and sales pages, and the speed is unparalleled in the industry.

However, many users believe this platform needs to catch up in terms of usability. And the navigation could be smoother on the phone than on the desktop.

Customer Support


Thinkific user feedback indicates that they provide excellent 24/7 support and clarify all customer needs via emails and live chat if necessary.

They can, however, improve significantly to handle more queries in a given time frame.

Thinkific- Customer Support


The teachable support team is available most of the time, they provide 24/7 customer service, and their customers are delighted with their team. However, there is no option for live chat support, and customers must instead send emails. They can improve their customer service.

Teachable- Customer Support

Features & Functionality


Thinkific offers free templates, email marketing, plugins, hosting benefits, SEO, importing content, launching customized websites, and integrations with various third-party platforms.

Thinkific has some features that you can explore. However, its competitors may offer these features at a lower cost.


Teachable is a fantastic platform for beginners. It offers to host, creates sales pages automatically, and uses AI to design.

It has multiple support instructors for students, trackers, and insights to provide users with a personalized experience. It also has a one-click upsell feature that allows you to sell your products and courses quickly.

Supported Training and Platforms

Thinkific and Teachable are available on Web-based, Cloud-based, and SaaS platforms and are compatible with phones and desktops.

In regards to training, Thinkific offers webinars, Live Online sessions, and documentation to assist newcomers and first-timers. Teachable do not fall into this category.

Languages Supported:


Thinkific supports multiple user languages and offers the best user experience. It is accessible to people from all over the world because it is available in almost every language.

Some of the languages that are supported are listed below:

  • Afrikaans
  • Azerbaijani
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Georgian
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Icelandic
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Mandarin (Simplified)
  • Mandarin (Traditional) and many more.

However, they do not support any right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.


Teachable and Thinkific both offer nearly the same number of languages. You need to find out which one provides more user languages.

Both have excelled at providing a wide range of languages. Teachable can still expand its language offerings.

Pros and Cons: Thinkific vs Teachable

Thinkific: Pros

  • Easy creation of attractive online courses
  • Well-handled dashboard, with all elements in place
  • Marketing and email integration
  • Free sign-up option without the need for a credit card
  • Create an endless number of courses for your school and import existing content
  • You can embed course sale widgets easily
  • Stripe & Paypal options are available.
  • Customized courses to match your brand requirements
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop course creation formats
  • Membership sites and SEO
  • 100% free hosting
  • Option to add multiple instructors
  • Drip schedule content 
  • Private and Public content options 

Thinkific: Cons

  • No provision for live workshops or live office hours
  • No access to courses created previously by educators
  • Paid plans are costly when taken up monthly
  • Lack of proper clarity when it comes to checklists for steps to be followed for course creation
  • Lack of gamification within Thinkific

Teachable: Pros

  • Students have full control
  • Beginner friendly navigation
  • Click-up sells
  • Free sign-up option without the card details
  • A plethora of sales page templates to boost sales for your course
  • Great customer support team 
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Regular features update
  • Affordable pricing
  • Connect your domain easily
  • Track sales via various sales and analytical tools
  • Schedule and host live meetings with students easily
  • Great feedback and sign-up support
  • No tax risks

Teachable: Cons

  • Very few integration options as compared to competitors
  • No provision for Email integrations 
  • Drip emails are tricky to set
  • Not very easy to navigate through various steps to get to a place
  • Transaction fees are charged even for the free plan
  • Fewer plug-in and third-party tool integrations
  • The automated process could be more efficient.

Thinkific vs Teachable User Review


Thnkific customer reviews and testimonials- best teachable alternatives


Teachable review 2
Teachable review 1

FAQs On Thinkific vs Teachable

Do Thinkific or Teachable have any discounts and coupons?

Both Thinkific and Teachable offer free plans on their platforms; however, Teachable charges a transaction fee. In general, both platforms give their users the freedom to provide promotional or discount coupons as long as they want to. They also support affiliate programs via commission, i.e. percentage basis.

Are there any other alternatives to Thikific or Teachable?

There are many well-known tools in the market for online course creation and management tools. Few of them are: -> Moodle -> Schoology learning -> Paycom -> Kajabi -> Udemy -> Coursera -> Talent LMS

Are Thinkific and Teachable secured and safe to use?

Both tools mentioned above are very safe to use and have high-security levels for their customers. Teachable provides a 2048-bit SSL certificate that ensures Your student’s login information is secure. They maintain the utmost security levels along with 24/7 online monitoring. Thinkific also offers similar high security and data protection features. They do not take and store the backup data. Hence both of them are very secure and safe to use.

Thinkific vs. Teachable – Which platform is better?

Both are excellent platforms, but when we compare and after a lot of research, Teachable is far better than Thinkific.

Does Teachable offer a free plan?

Yes, they do, but it only provides access for 14 days. You can design your course and set up everything for free, but you’ll need to switch to a premium subscription to begin selling your courses.

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Conclusion: Thinkific vs Teachable 2023

Thinkific and Teachable are popular platforms and tools for coaches, bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Although most of the features provided by both are nearly identical, they operate in slightly different ways. Both tools consider customer needs and market trends. On the surface, the services provided are the same.

They provide features such as a landing page builder, shopping cart, payment gateway, templates, website hosting, and excellent customer service; however, further investigation can draw distinctions.

Regarding the pricing and high security, Teachable won in a breeze; on the other hand, if you are looking for a more feature-rich, robust, and intuitive platform, then Thinkific is your cup of tea. Both offer a free plan, with no need to enter credit card details.

None of Thinkific’s plans, even free, take any transaction fee, while Teachable’s free plan takes an 8% transaction fee plus $1 of each course sale. 

Ultimately it is all about understanding what suits your brand and course requirements and choosing the best online course creation tool in the market.

Make an informed decision after reading multiple reviews, researching all alternatives available and pricing, and weighing all the pros and cons.

Aishwar Babber

Aishwar Babber is a passionate blogger and a digital marketer. He loves to talk and blog about the latest tech and gadgets, which motivates him to run GizmoBase. He is currently practicing his digital marketing, SEO, and SMO expertise as a full-time marketer on various projects. He is an active investor in AffiliateBay.

52 thoughts on “Thinkific Vs Teachable 2023: Which Platform Is Best For Online Courses?”

  1. Thinkific provides with simple making of appealing looking courses on the automatically takes all around care of dashboard, with all components set up
    It helps with advertising and email joining
    Let loose sign choice, without the requirement for a credit card

  2. The Teachable gives an extraordinary method to discover what your clients think about your item, administration, or brand. They are easy to set up, and can be sent a few times per month. You’ll get moment criticism from your clients, and it will help you make enhancements to your item or administration.

  3. Workable is suggested by top instructors, bloggers, and keepers like Pat Flynn and numerous other eminent names in the promoting and advertising field

    Teachable is a LMS for example a Learning Management System for bloggers, makers, specialists, instructors, business people, online teachers, and everybody with the energy in them to make significant courses to help a huge crowd.

  4. Teachable is an easy to understand online course creation stage. You don’t need to stress over parts of configuration, facilitating, incorporations,
    or showcasing and deals.
    In the event that you have been looking for where you can make attractive and engaging courses, with no specialized information thusly, Teachable is your answer

  5. Using Teachable is simple awesome, I’ve had a great time!
    The cost is truly sensible, it’s an incredible stage to assemble astounding video courses!
    The stage looks very expert, it’s not difficult to make proficient and top notch video courses for online customers.

  6. I’ve faced issues of stored payment. I’ve had returning understudy attempt to buy a second or third course yet stall out on the look at page.

    Since they were utilizing put away installment data, the framework didn’t perceive the finished fields.

  7. Teachable is s complete LMS platform which consists of a lot of features and custom designs that you can use, you can actually build the whole website using teachable with the e-learning part integrated into it.

    What I like the most about this product is the ease of adding new chapters, creating quizzes, and editing content.
    Great thing out there!

  8. like many things about Teachable, and I have faced any issues with it!
    They have a very nice and user friendly interface. They also offer a video heatmap feature for videos uploaded and hosted using Teachable. It tells you how much of the video was watched, rewatched, or skipped.
    In all, it’s works perfectly and efficiently.

  9. Thinkific is a user-friendly online course creation platform. Within the system, you can customise courses with multimedia elements, live streaming videos and everything else your heart desires – without worrying about technical implementation of complex architectural details. Custom branding for courses are available on demand as well as via our integration partners.

  10. Thinkific is an intuitve, user-friendly platform which allows business to take control over their course vision. They’re the only system that offers a first and exclusive app store for courses, as well as excellent customer support. Not only do they offer features such as custom domains and branded sites, but by simplifying a wide range of powerful customizable options you can create multimedia courses with intuitive drag and drop tools. Thinkific is a complete solution for all your online course needs!

  11. I would recommend Thinkific to any entrepreneur looking for a way to provide their employees or customers with affordable, accessible education. The course creation process is simple without compromising on the platform’s flexibility and superior support.

  12. I loved being able to control every aspect of my courses from branding to editing videos – it relieved a lot of stress having all this information in one place! It was easy and user-friendly enough that even my 8 year old can create a course, which she loves doing for me when I need help teaching her good hygiene habits!

  13. I used Thinkific recently to built a course in a few hours for my business, and with their intuitive design tools, I was able to create something that looks professional.
    And forget the old days of worrying about video lag with your live streaming event–with Thinkific you can do it all from one spot! Plus after spending some time on the support chat line, I learned how they have a system of quality assurance so they always have knowledgeable help at your fingertips. Overall if you want to create online courses or trainings without hiring an expensive consultant every step of the way, then this might be just what you need.

  14. Thinkific is a fantastic course-creation platform that lets you spawn customizable, multimedia courses with drag and drop tools. With an extensive library of resources and a robust supporting app store, Thinkific has anything you need to start teaching your next online class. You can even have custom branding on your site if that makes it easier for you! I love the friendly customer service here too- they’re always eager to help me out when I need something!

  15. Teachable is a very user-friendly tool. It’s the only spot you need for creating beautiful LMS courses. With all of the design, hosting, integration, and marketing work already done by Teachable, it takes the headache out of being an LMS creator.

  16. Teachable is a very user-friendly online course creation platform. You do not have to worry about aspects of design, hosting, integrations or marketing & sales because Teachable does it for you! I’ve been using Teachable with so many great features in it and they give me more power in terms of creating amazing online courses that will engage my audience into learning more from me.
    Now when I’m looking for an LMS company that can support trackable analytics too then without any hesitation I turn only towards Teachable!

  17. I have been searching a while for a good online course creation tool and Teachable is just that. I also looked into others but this platform really stood out with its user-friendly approach, robust features, and themes to be creative with! As an artist it was important for me to create my own courses on the best techniques on how to achieve perfection at different grades. Now I don’t have to worry about designing or hosting the site which is so handy!

  18. I feel like Teachable was made just for me. I can create my course, upload photos from my phone or drag pictures from google drive – it doesn’t get easier than that! And even if things go wrong with a teachable plan, there are plenty of helpful people there waiting for you with a hug and some free advice.

  19. The Teachable LMS software is a beautiful and user-friendly online course creation platform. It projects your message, education, art or whatever you’re trying to express in a way that makes it stronger and more impactful. I was incredibly proud of the work that I put into my courses on this platform because there were so many options for customization which enabled me to communicate how important this content is to me without having to worry about aspects like design, hosting, integrations, marketing & sales – all of which are taken care of by Teachable’s easy-to-use interface. There are no limits! You can create everything from simple video tutorials or presentations with slideshows all the way up to interactive assessments and quizzes.

  20. I use Teachable to give purposeful online professional development courses for my agency. The content is always fresh, lively, and up-to-date. Teachable courses are instructional without being too dry or boring. I feel confident that I can create marketing materials with ease through their user interface which makes it easier for me to use the products they offer like having an e-commerce storefront for presenting goody bags (thanks Teachable).

  21. Teachable is not just another LMS. It is an LMS by learning teachers, for learning teachers. You might have heard of it before because it has taken the world by storm in a very short span of time. , That’s because its relentlessly innovative technology makes course creation seriously simple and engagingly fun! Let me tell you more…
    Teachers are delighted with how intuitive Teachable’s ease-of-use design makes creating beautiful content powerful multimedia courses that convey information in elegant fashion that works on any device, plus proudly offers out-of-the box integrations to third parties like WordPress sites and MailChimp email marketing!

  22. From a simple and fun blogging tool to becoming a full-fledged learning management system, Teachable has come up with everything one needs for educating viewers on new skills or expanding their knowledge.
    They have packed all of the features that an educator would need into an organized and user-friendly package. Who knew such simplicity could be so cohesive? They also offer tools like integrations, hosting, marketing & sales which make it possible for any aspiring online teacher to successively run their course without hassle!

  23. Thinkific is a new online education portal with some major flaws. For starters, they do not provide any live workshops or office hours. The monthly plans are also very high-priced for people who are taking it up on the fly. There’s no gamification aspect to Thinkific either which makes learning feel more boring than you might expect them to be! They honestly don’t show you what course creators go through when creating courses, leading to an overall lack of clarity in this area of their interface.

  24. Thinkific is an e-learning platform that uses a subscription pricing plan for its users. There are no live workshops or office hours, and the courses made by educators cannot be accessed from the app.
    It isn’t very clear with regards to checklists on how courses can be created which means navigating through this service may turn out to expensive when subscribed monthly. In addition, there is a lack of gamification, which really leaves much at stake in terms of engaging users with an interactive experience – despite their claims of being aggressively passionate about teaching and learning.

  25. Thinkific is a great concept with a lot of promises, but in the end it just isn’t worth the money. If you’re trying to build your own courses and hosting them on their platform- think again. Learning from experts has been done for years without so many restrictions or costs– even though Thinkific offers flexibility when it comes to deadlines, they limit what educators can teach and leave no room for students’ input. This means fewer opportunities for learners to put theory into practice which prevents active learning according to some experts. And if that weren’t enough, Thinkific uses up all allotted time slots (you get four credits per month) at once- which not only interrupts regular work productivity, but wastes valuable time!

  26. Thinkific was not my savior when it came to the new age of self-driven education. It sounds cool and well designed at first, promising you everything in a package for a fair price.
    But then realized that there are so many shortcomings in this platform which just defeats the purpose in why I’m subscribing to it. This is not a review but an advice – Think twice before opting into their paid packages, because they do have better alternatives out there!

  27. This course-creation platform is an absolute pain in the butt. No live workshops or live office hours? That’s just rude. You won’t even get access to courses that have already been created by educators, which makes this a whole lot of nothing for busy professionals on the go who need all the help they can get. Plus, it’ll cost you more than money when you realize how costly monthly subscriptions are and there’s no gamification so forget any fun!

  28. When we tested Teachable, it just didn’t work for us. We couldn’t get everything set up and logged in on our own – the “help” button only sent us to a chat line where someone asked why we were trying to register without paying, instead of an actual support person. The whole product was poorly made and difficult to navigate through, and after clicking around aimlessly for awhile we finally had enough. Sure they say there’s 24/7 service but judging from our experience you won’t be getting anything back if you need help with your site. If this is what they call “designing great experiences,” I feel sorry for anyone who ends up with one!

  29. Teachable is for those that need an easy tool to share their online courses with the world. Easily create engaging content and host live events through a powerful platform without any fuss. However, it’s clear why many users are saying they cannot recommend this program as there’s just not enough of a variety in what you can do- unless you already have a following on some other social media sites, then all of your power might come from there alone!
    Don’t be disappointed by these shortcomings if you were looking for a more trending place to market your skills or expertise. Just make sure to stack up some good reviews before investing endless hours into something that lacks depth!

  30. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing marketing software, Teachable does not provide the necessary tools to get you there. The automated process is slow and inefficient and transaction fees are charged even on the free plan. The lack of integration with other email providers like Mailchimp or Connectwise (or any provider for that matter) makes this program one-dimensional. If you want a platform that takes care of social media scheduling, email campaigns, lead generation forms/squeeze pages, landing pages,…etc., then Teachable would work for you as long as your budget can afford it – at $49 per month!

  31. “Teachable is the simplest tool for teaching online. We make it easy to create your own high-quality course with marketing tools you’ve always wanted. Plus, we make it easy to sell your course online, connect with students (live or offline) and measure performance.”

  32. As a teacher, no other tool is more effective or beneficial than Teachable. The powerful system provides you with the coaching and courses that will allow your students to achieve their goals while teaching them important skills both in-and out of the workplace. Don’t pay for other systems that are not even comparable when it comes to using Teachable’s fantastic tools! You can finally get paid what you’re worth by becoming an essential resource in this competitive work environment without sacrificing time spent on creating new content.

  33. Teachable is the best platform I’ve ever encountered! Great UI/UX, and very easy to use for beginners. They really care about their customers by providing a free sign up option without needing to enter payment details. It promotes click-ups, and has an affordable price point.

  34. Teachable is the best course learning management software for creating, selling and hosting your online courses. It was built to make it easy for students, instructors and teaching staffs alike. I love how Teachable gives you complete control of what’s happening inside your own online course while also making it very easy for beginners to get into the game with their first sale or sign-up. You have access to more than fifty sales page templates that are just waiting on you so that you can boost sales! From changing fonts, colors, shapes sizes easily in one click of a button—you have all the creative liberty you need without having to code anything!

  35. Teachable is an absolutely amazing platform for teachers to share their knowledge with the world! Earlier, I used to use some other platforms which were too steep. With Teachable, there are no tax troubles and there are more features than any of the other sellers out on this market. One of my favorite things about Teachable is that they offer a free sign up option without entering payment details. The UI/UX’s user-friendly nature makes it easy for anyone who needs to make sales pages or live meetings!

  36. Teachable was a breath of fresh air when it came to creating my online course. Rather than head over to WordPress or Squarespace, I found this platform super easy to use and have been watching the numbers grow by day. The amount of times I’ve been on with their support team is nothing short of impressive too. Getting anyone in contact is really quick and they’re always happy to help whenever you need them!

  37. I love it when my students stay engaged, and that’s exactly what Teachable does. I get to plan lectures, but the students get to pick what they want to learn. And if they don’t like one of my talks? It’s easy enough for them to jump right over to another topic! Teachable has taken all the work out of teaching; all I have to do is make sure their needs are met. This way I can teach more than just physics-my classroom is learning about culture too!

  38. I had never considered teaching online before I found Teachable. Once they walked me through the process and helped with marketing, my course is now getting tens of thousands of views per month! It’s so easy to teach using their platform and it has a few features that use artificial intelligence to drive sales for your courses automatically. Such a thing would have been impossible before this new software was released. Amazing product, best customer service team around…Teachable knocks it out of the park!!!

  39. If you’re struggling, strangled by taxes, or hooked on pricey online course platforms that are too complicated for your needs then you need to look into Teachable. Your business can be up and running in minutes with all these benefits: user-friendly interface perfect for beginners; no tax troubles; affordable pricing; free sign up option without the need to enter payment details; plenty of sales page templates so you can boost sales quickly plus much more. Sign up today!

  40. Thinkific is probably my new favorite website of all time. Seriously, I can’t believe something so easy to use can be so powerful. I had no problem creating courses and uploading content right away on Thinkific, which has ways you can easily upload pdf’s or PowerPoints or things like that for your course environment if needed.
    This thing is the best-hands down! So many crazy cool features!

  41. Thinkific is a convenient, user-friendly platform for creating courses of all kinds. It has lots of features, including Stripe integration. The sleek, intuitive layout lets you set up your course as easily as dragging and dropping elements where they belong. Which makes it a great tool for beginners who want to create professional looking presentations without any complicated code or intimidating jargon on the page. For those with more experience in marketing or design who need flexibility, there are still plenty of customization options available that allow you to make content look exactly how you want it. Plus the WYSIWYG editor means no more big learning curve if you’re not already experienced with HTML/CSS formats–especially handy when designing quizzes!

  42. Thinkific is an easy-to-use course creation platform that helps educators create and sell high-quality courses online. Whether you’re a novice programming instructor, rotating photographer looking to teach classes on your specialty or a psychologist needing more time at home with your family so you can’t commute back every night to teach those five students anymore—with Thinkific, now everyone can build and manage their own profitable business as an educator easily and affordably.

  43. Thinkific is an easy to use software that can be used in various capacities by individuals, groups, and institutions. It’s developed with the purpose of making it both supremely easy for users to create courses tailored to their need and time frame while providing an engaging experience for students through interactive course design.

  44. Thinkific has plenty of templates available so you don’t have to start from scratch when building your online class or lesson plan. You can also import content if needed – although full-fledged support packages are offered at varying price points which offer more customizations than just importing materials would allow you. The dashboard interface is well managed and laid out into relevant sections with all the elements neatly tucked away where they belong.

  45. Thinkific lets you create your own custom course to be hosted on their platform and accessed by anyone around the world through an e-learning portal (think: LinkedIn Learning). You also have the option of downloading content as well as paying per view. Thinkific has quite a selection of material to offer with editing and publishing tools, messaging features, and collaboration features — all available within the dashboard — that will provide exactly what you need! Plus if you’re not sure how to handle something like “editing lesson wording” or even courses in general there’s customer support available at any time.

  46. Thinkific, as a platform, gives you everything you need to create an effective online course experience. The dash board makes it easy to keep control of your members without any hassle at all. You know how sometimes those one-time purchase courses make you feel like they could go wrong? Well with Thinkific, its drip schedule content keeps things flowing smoothly for the entire duration as long as you don’t do something unusual like disable notifications on zero enrollments or cancel licenses.

  47. Thinkific is an easy to use platform that can make your education courses look attractive and professional. The user interface is well structured and the design makes sure there will always be a button/option you need close at hand.

  48. The search function in the dashboard could not be any simpler: type in what you’re looking for and voila, dozens of results pop up giving you all sorts of options! Just pick the one that’s right for you and upload content (or create your course) – no hassle. And if it’s not perfect yet, Thinkific has got some fabulous editing tools at their fingertips to make it happen real quick! You can also choose playlist music or sound clips on their website, which personalizes things even more.

  49. Thinkific is an effortless way to create beautiful looking courses online. You’ll get a lot of benefits from it- simplicity in the dashboard, email and marketing integration and of course having your own custom domain and unlimited courses. With this tool anyone can make their own school with no risk: you don’t need a credit card for registration and even there’s 100% free hosting! The tools are very user-friendly; we can drag and drop content into place or add our own including on slideshows, videos, templates etc. It’s important that they’re easy for any level to understand so whenever someone needs help we have chat support at hand 24/7.

  50. The best course creation software I’ve ever used!
    Thinkific is a product that makes it easier for educators to create courses, and provides seamless integration with marketing tools. There are free options available where a credit card isn’t required.

  51. Thinkific offers a marketplace and dashboard in which you can create and sell your courses online with ease. You can access all of the pertinent information from one place, such as adding new students to the course, updating the modules or content of courses, effectively communicating with students through built-in email interaction tools (also allowing them to contact you), designing quizzes/tests for use in courses, hosting membership sites with SEO capabilities plus more!

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