The Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024– How To Claim It?

The Jungle Scout Free Trial

I am sure you must want to try the Jungle Scout extension if you are looking to get into business with e-commerce, specifically on Amazon?

However, if you are still unsure, then use the Jungle Scout free trial to clear all your doubts. Here is more details about Jungle Scout free trial. 

Further details about Jungle Scout can be found here.

You may be looking for that side hustle you’ve been looking for – starting a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) business. However, what do you intend to sell? The question is how will you compete with such a global platform’s efficient competition? 

No hidden costs are involved with the Jungle Scout free trial. What you see is what you get. 

To make sense of Jungle Scout, you should try its free trial. You can cancel the subscription at any time if it is not aligned with what you want.

Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024: Overview

In Jungle Scout, sellers can develop a comprehensive Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) platform, which enables them to grow their business, manage it more efficiently, as well as improve their online presence.

You can use this method to find products with high demand, with a high production potential on the current market, to conduct all product-related research, and to identify trends in the sales.

By going through all the listings on Amazon, you probably have first-hand knowledge of how frustrating it is to identify which products you should put up and sell profitably.

The entire process was slow and inefficient.

 It’s not uncommon to find hundreds of results for the same result from different sellers when searching for a single product, which makes you wonder- 

Could it be a good idea to add another listing for the same product on the same platform if so many people already sell it? 

Despite its simplicity, this question is not easy to answer. 

The product may have a market, if its demand is so great that multiple people can sell it quickly and profitably at the same time. As well as the item’s sales trends, it is influenced by its popularity. 

You would have to find all this information about every product, and, in addition to that, research product niches that have untapped potential in addition to it. 

These tools were designed to accomplish this very purpose, so that such a tedious process could be completely eliminated.

A market research tool called Jungle Scout can assist you in finding products with the best profit potential to sell on Amazon. A smart business tool would be a product catalog, which contains information about the products that you are selling on Amazonso you can identify trends in sales easily. 

In this way, you are no longer required to manually track the market trends and the sale trends. You can use this FBA tool to build a brand for yourself and grow your enterprise.

Jungle Scout is not only extremely useful for your e-commerce business, but it is also very easy to use, so you can sign up and start growing your brand in no time.

Jungle Scout- Web Application

Through Jungle Scout, you will be able to begin conducting your research through your Internet Browser. 

Jungle Scout Extension

On the other hand, Jungle Scout Extension automatically finds all the results of your Amazon search when you run it in the Chrome browser.

How to Claim the Jungle Scout 14-Days Trial (Step By Step)

There are some free resources on Jungle Scout’s website to help people sell their products effectively on Amazon, but the best way to check out the product research tools to assist you in your market research would be to sign up for the 14-day free trial.

You can cancel your Subscription if you wish during the 14-day trial period by following the provided steps.

Jungle Scout is really easy to use, and you will also be able to request a refund if you do not want to continue with the subscription.

On the Jungle Scout website, you can find all the details. You can select one of three subscription plans currently available, Basic, Suite, or Professional.

There is a wide range of features and tools among them, so you can choose from among each one.

The features listed below will help you determine which Subscription is right for you and which will meet all of your market research and product research needs.

Jungle Scout lets you try the Pro version of the money-back guarantee free for 14 days before you subscribe, so you don’t have to explain it to anyone or justify it in any way. 

How can you get the Jungle Scout Free Trial?

Amazon selling expeditions can be accompanied by free resources on the Jungle Scout website. 

Jungle Scout offers a free trial so that sellers can get a feel for it. It is a 14 day trial that can be canceled at any time during this period and with no questions asked. 

There is a clear explanation on the website regarding subscriptions. A 14-day free trial is available for all three plans – Suite, Basic, and Professional. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. 

Sign up on the Jungle Scout website for the plan that you think fits your idea best.

Jungle Scout Free Trial: Pros & Cons

  • Provides insight into a product’s sales trends
  • This Safari extension and its web application are available through Jungle Scout.
  • Offers a variety of tools and features depending on which version you choose. Try out the Chrome extension or web application and get the features most suited to your brand.
  • Organizes your sales, revenue, sale history, reviews, and rating into a single overview allowing you to quickly access them.
  • It’s a straightforward tool that simplifies the process of learning about how to sell profitably on Amazon.
  • You can use it as a convenient FBA tool as well as an accurate e-commerce database.
  • You can conduct market research and product development with the Jungle Scout Web Application’s more extensive features and vast database.


You will find that when you examine the products being sold or bought as well as studying the Market for the product, you will not be able to observe the Market as a whole and instead will only be able to view one particular product.

  • Chrome Extensions are available for only Chrome Browsers, unlike the Web Application.
  • There is no mobile application available for it.
  • It is quite common to conduct extensive product searches within a particular niche or category.

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Conclusion: Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024

Jungle Scout is a very important research tool for Amazon sellers. Although it has its downsides, it is by far one of the best tools on the market.

In addition to providing all the necessary features, Jungle Scout also provides competitive analysis and sales estimation. This is the best tool if you intend to gain high rankings on giant E-Commerce sites like Amazon. 

If you have read this entire article, I hope you now have a clear idea about Jungle Scout and the benefits it offers for free. Getting a sense of the usage and building up the brand will be very easy through the free trial at first.

The free trial will help you get the results you are looking for and you will then be motivated to upgrade. Traffic will really be driven to your products and your sales will increase if you use this tool.

It is my wish that the article has helped you understand what Jungle Scout is all about and I hope you invest and make lots of money.

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