Teachable Pricing Plans 2024: Which Plan Is Right For You? (Ultimate Guide)

Want to learn more about the Teachable Pricing Plans?

If you’re thinking about starting your online course, this is the perfect time to do so. The first step is finding a platform to host your course on. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin.

To help you, I have created an article explaining everything you need to know about Teachable pricing plans and what each package includes.

Discover Teachable’s pricing plans, benefits, and drawbacks to choose the best option. To learn more about Teachable, read my in-depth Teachable Review.

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Teachable Pricing Plans: Free Vs. Paid Plans Comparison

Teachable is a learning management system (LMS) and an all-in-one tool that helps you create superior-quality courses and sell them simultaneously to your target audience.

With Teachable, you only need domain knowledge, and Teachable will take care of your web hosting requirements and checkout processes when a person buys a course.

You only need to deliver your knowledge to the people waiting to learn.

Some Unique Features


Domain linking: Already have a teaching website? You can link your domain with Teachable, and They can take care of the rest.

Analytics: You can track every detail about your courses, like the number of people who bought your course, where they are from, the devices they used to purchase your course, and many more.

Online customer care: When you sell a course, the enrolled students will ask you for doubts. With Teachable, you can have group discussions and video calls online to explain to your students better.

Handling a huge team: Handling a massive team with multiple courses coming out every week could be a tough job. To promote your content and ensure that none of them is left and is enabled optimally, you can make a calendar with Teachable and make sure you are on schedule.

Let’s check out the Teachable plans and pricing in detail now.

Teachable Plans & Pricing (Monthly & Yearly Plans):


Teachable has three pricing plans available, as well as a free plan.

Free Plan$0$0
Basic Plan$59/month$39/month
Professional Plan$159/month$119/month
Business PlanCustom PricingCustom Pricing

1. Free Plan

The free plan comes with a basic set of features and is a good option if you start making an online course and exploring your options for tools.

  • No limit to hosting service

With the free plan, you can host unlimited websites, pages, and domains and get unlimited bandwidth and storage.

  • No limit to the number of courses

You can make and sell unlimited courses even if it is a free plan.

  • No limit to student enrollment

Teachable allows the number of students to enroll in your course, although the plan is free.

  • No limit to bandwidth usage

Create unlimited videos of any duration and make an excellent selling course. Teachable will never restrict your bandwidth usage in a paid and free plan.

Discussion forums

A discussion forum is similar to a physical notice board where you can share important course information and messages for students to access and read quickly. Students can also utilize the forum to ask questions or learn about new topics.

It’s a great platform to exchange ideas and techniques on various course subjects, which can enhance engagement, build trust, and motivate students to take your next course.

Basic quizzes

Every student wants to apply their knowledge. Building a course module by module keeps viewers engaged. You can use Teachable to create quizzes and insert them between modules to allow your students to test their knowledge.

Page Linkage

Connect your landing page to the payment and thank you pages, making the transition smooth and appealing with Teachable’s paid and free plans.

Advantages of Free plan

  • The free plan lets you get used to the Teachable interface and decide whether the platform suits you.
  • All the basic requirements come with the free plan, but unlimited hosting, storage, videos, and enrollment are the main advantages.
  • It provides most features in its free plan compared to its competitors, so the tool is perfect if you are starting in the teaching domain.

Disadvantages of Free Plan

A single disadvantage is the commission method they employ when you choose to begin with an accessible arrangement. Teachable acquires a commission of $1 and an additional 8% of the total cost of the course.

However, switching to a paid subscription is better if you anticipate selling more courses and are sure that enrollment will be massive.

2. Basic Plan


Teachable’s Basic plan costs $39 per year in billing.

The basic plan includes the free version’s features and many other upgrades.

Digital Downloads2Unlimited
Site Admins12

Main Features:

Commission fee

A dollar and 10% commission for a free plan is reduced to a dollar and 5% in the basic plan, giving you more earnings and less commission for Teachable.

Best Plan 

Depending on your preferences, this plan gives you access to two admin-level users, the owners or authors, or one owner and one author. Making courses with a partner will double your revenue.

Training and support

Teachable offers product support and training on creating an online course from scratch, which is extremely useful. The training is regularly updated and is a critical and highly recommended component of the plan.

Custom domain initiation

After logging into the Teachable tool, you must create a school with a custom domain or import an existing website on a specific domain.

These processes can sometimes become complicated and lead to errors impacting sales significantly.

Getting assistance from the Teachable team throughout the process has proven to be an excellent feature that the basic Teachable pricing plan offers to their customers.

Coupon Codes

You’ve uploaded your courses to the internet and want to keep a sale going or use a promotional code for those courses. The basic teachable pricing plan takes care of it.

With this plan, you can use multiple course coupon offers to boost sales and revenue generation.

Drip feeding your courses.

Giving a one-time course to some people may be overwhelming, and if the course is extensive and theoretical, students may skip some videos and miss critical points.

If you provide the course content in sections, they will have fewer tasks to learn and complete until your following Teachable video lecture goes live.

This is known as drip feeding, and it keeps your enrolled students engaged regularly.

Affiliate courses

Aside from the courses you offer to your target audience, it is always a good idea to sell classes from various websites/individuals on your website for a commission. This is known as affiliate marketing.

You can contact sites like Udemy, sign up for their affiliate program, and begin selling their courses. You will be paid a percentage of the total course price as a commission if someone enrolls in the Udemy course through your website/referral code. Affiliate marketing is possible with a basic teachable pricing plan.

Email Marketing

The power of email marketing is included in the basic Teachable pricing plan. Potential leads are people who visit your website and add a course to their cart but still need to complete the purchase for some reason.

You can email these leads and remind them about the course they added to their cart but have yet to purchase.

Third-Party Link Generation

There are numerous third-party integrations to which you can connect. These integrations will help you with security, traffic, website design, and SEO.

Why You Should Try Teachable Basic Plan? 

For only $39 per month, you get many features to help you explore and optimize your page.

Compared to the free plan, the basic plan includes many features that will assist you in increasing your sales and revenue and driving quality traffic to your website. You can retarget even the lost/neutral audience.

3. Pro Plan

The cost is $119 per month

Digital DownloadsUnlimitedUnlimited
Site Admins25

Main Features:

Exchange Expense

When you choose a free plan, you should pay an exchange charge to Teachable, which will be deducted from your course salary when an individual purchases the course.

This is the expense you should pay over Teachable’s commission methodology. But with this plan, you have no payable exchange fee.

It means that when an individual purchases your course and pays for it, it will immediately get the amount in your account without any deductions.

Teaching as a group

The plan is the best choice if you are teaching as a group, as the program allows you to have five admins on the same method, which can be a mix of owners and authors according to your liking. 

Domain on the teachable school

There is no need to worry about setting up your domain in the teachable school. If you opt for the professional teachable pricing plan, the technicians will give you a readymade school.

Teachable Page Builder- Teachable plans

You only need to provide them with the domain name or website you want to import on Teachable.

Graded Quizzes

Want your students to be graded? A professional teachable pricing plan provides a unique and high-demand opportunity if you test your enrolled students with graded quizzes.

Once a student passes or scores above the cut-off percentage you select, they can move to the next section of your course.



Want to decorate your school page in the Teachable dashboard? No problem at all. With the Teachable custom themes, you can beautify and make your page more effective.

You could also embed various shortcodes of third-party integration.


Like Google Analytics, Teachable provides various reports on your enrollment and students’ demography.

With a professional, teachable pricing plan, you can have extensive and in-depth analytics to understand your target audience better.

4. Business Plan

If you are planning a full-time business as an internet instructor and have security cash to contribute, a workable evaluating plan is an unquestionable requirement in the industry.


It will provide all of the features that Teachable can offer and that you would require to create a web-based instructing site.


  • You can have up to 100 administrators on one workable record and accommodate your entire group on a single account.
  • You can select mass enlistment, where an association can demand a bulk enrollment on one ID, and you can give them at a decided price.
  • Aside from these highlights, you get all the features of the free, essential, and professional plans.

Free VS Paid Plan: Why Are Paid Plans Better?

  • In the basic plan, you have no commission to pay to Teachable; additionally, the exchange charge when someone purchases your course is not paid for professional and business plans. But for the Free plan, you must pay a 5% transaction fee.
  • If you choose a free plan, you will have limited usability because you can only have one admin and cannot allow any other partner to create and sell courses. 
  • Whereas the professional plan provides five administrators, the business plan allows 100 administrators to cover your entire group.
  • You can make your site look professional using exclusive themes with paid plans.

Teachable Pricing Plans: Pros & Cons


  • High-level client assistance is accessible throughout the day, all hours. 
  • You can avail of the service in a free plan as well. 
  • They also have their client care arrangement through calls, emails, and visits.
  • Profoundly easy-to-use interface, the experts realize the answer for each potential issue you face. 
  • The production and posting of an online course are straightforward.


  • There are times when the site crashes ever so often because of the overload of either courses or clients, which hampers the deals. 
  • Signs in the system could be dubious.

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Conclusion: Teachable Pricing Plans 2024

I hope this article has helped you decide which Teachable pricing plan suits you best. In summary, your decision should depend on the number of courses you intend to sell and how serious you are about your enterprise.

If you start with Teachable, they recommend you take advantage of their free course of action and research the interface.

Teachable plans have a few advantages over their competitors and have unrivaled features that assist you in making your courses of exceptional quality.

To save more on Teachable, check out our Teachable Discount & Coupon codes here.

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