Teachable Creators Statistics 2023: Earnings And Stats

In This Article, I have shared the Teachable Creators Statistics.

Every employee at Teachable feels the weight of this year’s accomplishments. One of the most invigorating aspects of 2023 — yes, there were flashing lights — was the work of our creators.

The content creators at Teachable have had to pivot methods, modify aspirations, and reassess what it means to be a creator on the internet this year. And they’ve done it without a care in the world.

Many saw this as a continuation of what they were already doing, while others saw it as an opportunity to embark on a completely new journey into online information exchange.

We congratulate everyone who made the decision to venture into the world of online course production and coaching in 2023.

Earned By Creators

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Creation By The Numbers

To begin, it’s vital to recognize one of the most significant achievements we’ve seen at Teachable: the achievement of $1 billion in creator sales. This implies that creators from all over the platform have collectively made a billion dollars.

During the first half of 2020, Teachable developers made about $400 million and released 154,500 new courses, according to the company.

Furthermore, since the debut of our new coaching function in June, we’ve been able to assist creators in the launch of nearly 15,000 new coaching goods on the platform.

Teachable stats

A Fresh Layer of Paint is Applied

Teachable underwent an updated rebranding process at the same time that creators were embracing coaching and extending their offerings. We also streamlined our objective to better assist and support anyone wishing to start a knowledge-based business.


Part Of The Whole

However, we are never truly alone. Our unique community, teachable:hq, was founded in June, and it has more than 6,500 active creators who are actively sharing insights and discussing business across three tailored tiers.

And, just this past fall, Teachable reached 50,000 followers on Instagram, allowing us to reach even more individuals and spread the knowledge that exists in the world.

Teachable Creators Stats

The Gathering of Minds

This past September, we hosted our Share What You Know Summit in Los Angeles, which featured more than 40 incredible speakers including Nicole Walters, Jim Kwik , Anthony O’Neal, Gary Vaynerchuck, Lisa Nichols, and many others.

This three-day seminar assisted in the development of entrepreneurs by providing information on topics ranging from money to motivation. Even though we produced more than 20 hours of material, this was only the beginning of our efforts to become the finest business partner possible for our creators.

Teachable Creators Statistics

Setting Milestones

Following an invigorating Summit, Teachable content creators jumped right into Black Friday, where they recorded the biggest amount of coaching and course sales of the year, with more than 563,000 sales in only one month.

But as 2020 comes to a close, we want to take a moment to say that while we at Teachable will always try to make the best platform we can and celebrate the big wins, we also know that there is more to running a business than just numbers and stats. As an artist, there are little things that make you feel proud of your work.

Every little milestone on your business journey is important, and each one helps you get to where you are today—and where you want to go tomorrow.

Every little step forward is important, even if it’s just publishing your first course. Whether it’s reaching a global audience for the first time, making your first $1,000, getting positive feedback from a coaching client, or publishing your first course, every little step is important and helps you get where you want to be tomorrow.

Setting Milestones

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