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Facebook apart from Twitter is the site I personally active on. I have came across Facebook Success Stories,the success stories behind Facebook.Facebook Stories is all about, people using Facebook in extra-ordinary ways. Facebook collected up the most sensational stories happening behind Facebook Users and they have made a Video of these.

This is the most amazing post till now for me, I have seen almost all the Facebook Stories and I must say, they are amazing, the Videos too are really phenomenal. The shot you are seeing above is one of the Story of Facebook, which I liked the most.

What are Facebook Success Stories ?

First of all, these are not at all Sponsored Stories, these are stories which are submitted by Real Users on Facebook Stories site.

They say it, people using Facebook in extra-ordinary ways.

We Are All Daniel Cui

Story of Daniel Cui, who his now best goalie in his school.

After freshman goalie Daniel Cui became the scapegoat for a losing season, the whole high school rallied to defend him. More than 100 students changed their profile pictures to a photo of Cui making a save and with newfound confidence, Cui returned the next season to play the game of his life and lead his team to a win.

People You May Know

Its the story about Mayank Sharma of India, and how he recovered after he lost his memories due to meningitis.

Mayank Sharma would probably tell you that going through meningitis is hell — if he could remember any of it.

Speeding Up Science

Brian asks help me identify the Ship and gets Huge Response.

In January 2011, Oregon State University ichthyologist Brian Sidlauskas led a research expedition into the little-known Cuyuni River region of Guyana in South America. His team documented more than 5,000 fish, but Guyana’s immigration policies required them to identify and catalog every specimen they wanted to bring back—a nearly impossible task, especially on a tight schedule. Sidlauskas uploaded his research photos to Facebook and tagged members of the scientific community who were able to identify almost all of the photos in under 24 hours.

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Facebook Success Stories - Case Studies

Got a Facebook Account ? Got a Extraordinary Story to tell the World ? You can Submit your own Facebook stories, and if its really extra-ordinary, yo will have your own story published as Official Facebook Story.

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