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How to Stay Better Organized via Smartphone Apps

Author Scott Belsky once said, “An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.” Organization is part of everything in our lives — how we work, play and plan. Instead of chaos in your life, gain better organizational skills with these four top smartphone apps.


Stay Better Organized
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The New York Times called Evernote a “Top 10 Must-Have App” for a reason. Not only does this app help you stay organized right from your smartphone, the app syncs with all your tech devices so organization is streamlined.

With Evernote you can take notes, make to-do lists, share files, categorize notes and files by type and email or share items on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Take photos at workshops in a snap and highlight important text. Search and find files by keyword. Save business cards with once click and never forget your big idea—just record it in Evernote.

What’s great about the BlackBerry Balance feature in the new BlackBerry Q10 is that you can keep your personal life separate from your professional life.  You can install Evernote on your personal profile and keep everything completely separate from all of your work information.

Adorno! MultiAlarm

Never miss a meeting or appointment by creating alarms for various events. Choose from three different ringtones (or upload your own)  for event alarm reminders and the Adorno! MultiAlarm also allows you to set and receive notifications by date, hour or for a single event.

The app comes with six alarm volume settings allowing you to “snooze” a notification and have it remind you again in 15 minutes with a louder volume level each time. Forget setting two alarms, this app from Adorno comes packed with one powerful alarm you can set to schedule your entire day, week or month.


From the experts on meal preparation, All Recipes.com, comes an easy meal planning app — DinnerSpinner.  With both a free and paid version, never worry about what to have for dinner again — or the nutrients in each meal.

Some of the features include browsing All Recipes’ 40,000 meals or performing a search based on nutritional value or a single ingredient. You can even exclude ingredients by typing “cookies, no peanut butter.”

While at the market you can search for an ingredient and find suggested meals. You can also create smarter shopping lists to help you stick to buying only what you need. Bookmark and share favorite recipes on Facebook to get your friends trying out your favorite dishes.


Wish you had all your favorite news feeds in one place? With the Pulse app you can do just that.  From favorite blogs to newspapers to social media sites to magazines, Pulse allows you to get news and updates each day all from one place. Pulse allows you to upload thousands of sites to view or import RSS feeds.

The app also connects to your local social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and more so there’s no need to download extra apps.

Read when there’s Internet connectivity or browse your daily news features, feeds and social media sites when offline. This smartphone app is a neat and tidy place to stay on top of what’s going on in the world.

With these four organizational management apps, you can make your smartphone work for you. Never miss an appointment, take notes on the important, plan meals ahead of time and make sure you stay on top of local and world news—what’s more organized than that?

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