SmugMug vs Squarespace 2023 : (Compare These Two Now) | Which is Best for Photography Website?

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Pricing $7 per month $16 per month
Best for

Best for photographers as it offers a huge range of features and capabilities.

It is great for photographers, artists, and anyone who loves design and wants their website to look as good as the content they’re showing off online.

  • Customization Options.
  • Ease of Use
  • Photo Quality.
  • Dozens of modern and minimalistic templates
  • Rich Image manager
  • TypeKit fonts
  • Convenient SEO tools
  • Integrated flawlessly with Lightroom
  • 100% selling options
  • Outstanding client service
  • Numerous chances for internet selling
  • The ideal website building service
  • Exorbitant service fees
  • Customized URLs
  • Does not provide a wide variety of payment methods
  • Utilization of third-party applications is restricted
Ease of Use

It provides an easy to use environment to the user.

Squarespace is a little tricky because of it's advanced features.

Value For Money

Smugmug is worth to buy in this pricing.

It is a little bit costly than Smugmug because of it's advanced features.

Customer Support

Always active for customer's query and solve them ASAP.

Multiple medium to have the query of customer and available 24*7.

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Which is the superior product between SmugMug and Squarespace?

If you’re a photographer searching for a platform to build an excellent portfolio to promote your work and sell images online, which of SmugMug or Squarespace is the best?

There are several website builders available that allow you to create an online photography website in a matter of minutes.

However, how many of them are specifically designed to meet the demands of a photographer, blogger, or artist? You may create a WordPress site and manage your collection using any photography theme. However, this is not for everyone.

This article will compare SmugMug with Squarespace. If you’re looking for a fast comparison between these two platforms? Then allow me to express my viewpoint.

If you’re a newbie and want to construct a photography website on a shoestring budget, start with SmugMug.

If you are a professional looking to develop a fully-featured online portfolio site, Squarespace is the way to go.

SmugMug vs Squarespace 2023 : Overview

What is Squarespace?

When comparing SmugMug Vs Squarespace, Squarespace is without a doubt one of the major platforms. At the very least, in terms of features and visits.

Here are just a handful of Squarespace’s incredible features.

  • You have complete control over the picture file names used throughout the system, ensuring that your image is SEO optimized.
  • Squarespace users now access more than 40 million pictures from Getty Images’ library of high-quality creative and journalistic images covering breaking news and big events.
  • Create a visually compelling experience. Bring your website’s backdrop to life with a video of your choosing.

Squarespace - SmugMug vs Squarespace

  • Squarespace is pre-loaded with a chosen collection of typefaces from Google’s font library that may be utilized without the need to install embed codes.
  • Each Squarespace template design incorporates various content kinds, including Pages, Galleries, Blogs, Commerce, and Calendars.
  • High-quality templates that function perfectly across all current browsers and mobile devices and use the most up-to-date HTML, CSS, and Javascript approaches.

What is SmugMug?

SmugMug is an excellent location to start building your photography website on a shoestring budget. Creating and maintaining a WordPress site for your images is not straightforward.

At the same time, companies like SmugMug enable photographers to sell their work online.

Before we begin our comparison, here are a handful of SmugMug’s important features.

  • You may begin by taking advantage of their 14-day free trial. You may upgrade to premium plans at any time and get a 15% discount.
  • SmugMug focuses on portfolio themes, making it an ideal platform for artists, designers, and photographers alike.

SmugMug - SmugMug vs Squarespace

  • All SmugMug subscriptions can instantly convert your portfolio into an e-commerce platform and sell images online.
  • Upload all of your images and quickly establish your portfolio.
  • A comprehensive collection of mobile-responsive templates that adapt to any device. Additionally, you can effortlessly move between templates.

SmugMug vs Squarespace : A Photographer’s Comparison

Both systems provide advantages tailored to the demands of their users, but there are a few major distinctions.

The primary difference is that Squarespace is a platform geared for all sorts of companies, while photographers created SmugMug for photographers.

Both systems make it simple to create a website and store your images, depending on the package you choose, and you may even sell prints. However, it is the extent of their similarities.

If you’re a photographer, blogger, or hobbyist searching for a solution that fits your unique requirements, we suggest SmugMug.

1. Earn Money Online By Selling Photographs:

Their system is set up with vetted suppliers located across the globe who they know will provide high-quality services.

Because they have these contacts, your overseas followers will be able to save as well, providing you with additional revenue potential.

Earn Money Online By Selling Photographs

If you have a customer in England who wishes to purchase a print, you may arrange for it to be produced via their UK partner.

Your fan will no longer have to wait for or pay for expensive and sluggish overseas shipping since it will be produced closer to them.

The same holds if you reside in Australia and want to offer an American a photograph of surfers or the desert. SmugMug makes it simple for you to earn money in new and exciting ways.

2. Create Print-On-Demand Photo Websites:

Additionally, SmugMug makes it simple to sell prints. When you upgrade to the Pro plan or above, you’ll be able to sell prints on various products, from fridge magnets to metal wall art.

You choose the pricing points, allowing you to earn as much or as little as you like, and SmugMug has a couponing system, allowing you to run specials when you need sales to boost or want to do something fun.

Thank you, your devoted art fans. However, pricing and couponing are not the only factors to consider; print quality is also a factor.

SmugMug has a significant advantage over Squarespace in the print businesses they partner with. Because SmugMug is geared at photographers, they are quite picky about which print businesses they suggest.

SmugMug vs Squarespace : Strengths & Weaknesses

We have some Strengths of Squarespace

Squarespace Strengths

Outstanding client service:

If you’re having trouble deciding between Squarespace and SmugMug, keep in mind that you can still write an email or use the chat option to ask any query, although the former does not currently provide phone customer care.

Additionally, a garbage library is beneficial for learning the ropes.

Numerous chances for internet selling:

If you need to connect your website to social media or add online payment options, Squarespace ensures that you can effortlessly monetize your site.

Additionally, you may build and manage goods on your backend server. Squarespace does not impose any limitations on the number of goods you may sell.

The ideal website building service:

This platform has a plethora of functions. You may publish material, manipulate text layouts, and work with powerful text editing tools.

If you need to add a comment area, consider utilizing Disqus or Squarespace’s integrated moderation and commenting service.

It enables you to publish websites or add new articles simply by emailing them to your Squarespace email address.

Version for mobile devices:

Because this platform has a mobile version, you can use your tablet or smartphone to create a website, post photographs and videos, update settings, change the design, and resolve any issues with the assistance of Squarespace’s customer service staff.

Google Analytics integration:

If you’ve already signed up for Google Analytics or want to utilize the service to boost your website’s rating, you’ll welcome the fact that it’s compatible with Squarespace.

SSL-certificates gratuits:

In the SmugMug versus Squarespace battle, it’s worth noting that Squarespace provides free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for all Squarespace and third-party domains.

SSL technology ensures the security of the connection between your browser and the websites you visit. It is critical for the safeguarding of user data. Additionally, SSL certificates demonstrate that a domain has been validated.

Marketing and marketing of products:

Squarespace has a comprehensive collection of marketing tools that enable you to connect with your audience, navigate social media, and attract new customers.

Squarespace assists millions of websites in achieving top rankings in organic search results. You may enhance traffic to your website by using the Squarespace team’s significant SEO skills.

Excellent pre-built templates:

Before registering with Squarespace and beginning to use the website builder, you will have the option of selecting from one of the available templates. They are divided into several areas, including business, music, and interior design.

A well-planned user interface:

When comparing Affinity Photo to Lightroom, you’ll find that the former has workspaces referred to as personas. Each has a collection of icons that you’ll need to complete a certain assignment.

On the left, similar to Photoshop, is a toolbar. The context menu and top panel are located at the top. Additionally, there are additional panels on the right. The interface may be customized by adding any of the 25 available panels.

Weaknesses of Squarespace

Occasionally, the website may lag:

Squarespace, as several reviews have noted, loads rather slowly. This might be a huge disadvantage if your customers utilize a mobile device and need to add a product to the basket rapidly.

Does not provide a wide variety of payment methods:

Whether you’re a blogger, an online merchant, or an e-commerce website owner, you should utilize Stripe exclusively on Squarespace.

Utilization of third-party applications is restricted:

Squarespace integration with G Suite or Salesforce may be challenging to build. Squarespace seems to avoid integration with third-party services entirely.

We have some Strengths of SmugMug

SmugMug Strengths

Mobile version that is simple to use:

Your website should be completely optimized regardless of whether a user accesses it through an iPhone or a tablet. Due to the automated optimization function included in the SmugMug app, you do not need to develop separate mobile versions of your site.

Convenient SEO tools:

When comparing SmugMug and Squarespace, I discovered that the former’s SEO features are what set it apart.

They’re ideal if you need to alter the URL of your gallery, rename files, adjust the descriptions and keywords, or modify the landing page.

With Google Search Console authentication, you may submit your sitemaps to Google and utilize them as a directory for your website.

Integrated flawlessly with Lightroom:

In comparison to other limitless picture storage services, SmugMug has Lightroom Plugin Integration, which simplifies the process of importing and managing photographs.

The plug-in is synced with the service and preserves the meta-data and structure of the files and folders.

100% selling options:

SmugMug’s selling option puts this service ahead of the competition, including Squarespace. It’s great, which means you can immediately begin selling profitably.

This site offers a plethora of revenue-generating alternatives for your photographs. You may offer gifts and prints without further integration, modify consumer pricing lists, and make money by allowing buyers to download your photographs.

By partnering with this service, you may earn up to 85% profit. This is an excellent method to earn money using your photographic abilities.

Excellent photographic quality:

I’ve always been impressed with the quality of images uploaded on SmugMug. Whether you pick SmugMug Pro or another plan, your photographs will appear fantastic on high-resolution displays.

Perhaps you overlook it, yet this might be the deciding factor in the transaction. I want my images to appear stunning on any platform, and this service accomplishes that goal.

Unlimited picture storage and password-protected galleries:

Photographers place a premium on security and storage. These professionals are concerned with the capacity to organize and save photographs and the ease with which they can upload and sort them.

Numerous SmugMug reviews indicate that this platform has an outstanding search engine and folders, as well as enough storage space for your photos.

Excellent customizability:

I like SmugMug because it gives me many options for customizing my photographic portfolio.

When comparing Squarespace with SmugMug in this regard, I see that the first platform relies heavily on pre-built designs with limited customization options.

While SmugMug also employs templates, you may modify and personalize them to the point that they no longer resemble the original. 

SmugMug Weaknesses

Exorbitant service fees:

If you compare this service to free picture sharing services, you may reconsider utilizing it since each transaction will include a 15% service fee.

It includes the expense of payment card processing, customer care support, and development. However, this charge may seem reasonable if you sell many photographs.

Customized URLs:

When creating a gallery or personal portfolio, you do not want to include the name of another firm in the URL. On the other hand, SmugMug’s name gets added to the URL of your platform.

This might prove to be a serious disadvantage for professional photographers.

SmugMug vs Squarespace : Pricing

SmugMug prices are less expensive than Squarespace plans. Squarespace and SmugMug both provide a variety of pricing options.

Users may pick from Personal ($16/month), Business ($26/month), Basic Commerce ($30/month), or Advanced Commerce ($46/month) with Squarespace.

Squarespace Pricing - SmugMug vs Squarespace

Each of the four levels includes a free unique domain and SSL certificate.

Similarly, SmugMug provides four plans. Users may subscribe to Basic ($7 per month), Power ($11 per month), Portfolio ($27 per month), or Pro ($41.99 per month).

All memberships include an unlimited picture and video uploads, website analytics, and ad- and spam-free websites. On the other hand, Commerce features are accessible exclusively on the Portfolio and Pro versions.

SmugMug Pricing - SmugMug vs Squarespace

Squarespace charges a 3% transaction fee on its Business Plan. SmugMug charges a 15% transaction fee on each good sold.

Neither site builder offers a free plan. You may, however, test them out for a comparable 14-day free trial period.

SmugMug vs Squarespace : How Popular Are They?

When comparing the popularity of these two websites, it’s evident that Squarespace is a larger platform with more visits than SmugMug.

Compared to comparable picture hosting platforms such as Wix, Weebly, and others, SmugMug’s stats are low.

However, the primary benefit of the SmugMug platform is its exclusivity for photographers. You may import your photographs directly from Flickr or Dropbox.

Unlimited picture storage and password-protected galleries:

For photographers, storage and security are inextricably linked. Not only must you carefully store and arrange your photos, but you must also be able to sort and retrieve them rapidly.

That is why SmugMug is so popular for its limitless picture storage and simple folder and retrieval system.

As with your desktop, you may produce and save your work logically and consistently with chosen storage style. Additionally, you may construct secure drag-and-drop galleries.

Each gallery may be tailored to your specifications and those of your clients. You may deactivate right-clicking, password-protect them, or make them available only through a unique URL.

Additionally, the gallery may be changed without knowing any coding to ensure that it matches your style and is simple to use for your customers.

Apps for Photographers to Aid in Their Workflow:

Because photographers build the system, it is constantly updated with new features that only a photographer would consider.

This includes solutions like the lightroom app, which enables smooth uploading and transitioning from processing to your portfolio.

SmugMug Apps for Photographers - SmugMug vs Squarespace

Additionally, the SmugMug app allows you to post immediately from your camera or phone to your website or storage, ensuring that you never miss a snap if you misplace or inadvertently destroy a memory card.

SmugMug vs Squarespace : Comparison Chart

1. Features:

Although Squarespace provides more functionality, SmugMug’s image management and selling capabilities are superior.

Squarespace touts itself as an all-in-one solution and hence lacks the specific capabilities offered by SmugMug.

However, its plans provide a standard set of capabilities, such as unlimited bandwidth and storage, SEO tools, and access to third-party extensions.

Additionally, blogging on Squarespace is more manageable than using SmugMug’s clunky text boxes.

SmugMug Features - SmugMug vs Squarespace

Users may sell items and services on Squarespace, including digital images and prints. However, the associated features are the same across all online businesses.

Squarespace, for example, does not offer mass product uploads. This is especially handy for photography websites that need many files to be submitted.

Additionally, you will lose the ability to choose print sizes, critical for photographers.

Squarespace Features - SmugMug vs Squarespace

Both functions are present on SmugMug, as anticipated. The platform includes bulk picture management and file organizing features.

The site builder provides bespoke pricing, numerous currencies, and multiple branding options when it comes to selling. Additionally, users benefit from relationships with chosen print labs that provide the highest quality printing of their works.

2. Customization:

Customizing a template in Squarespace is simpler and more fulfilling than in SmugMug.

Despite its demanding design, SmugMug allows you to do a great deal. The platform enables you to customize your page in a variety of ways.

You may always customize a template to fit your design preferences, from headers and footers to page texture and colours.

Of course, normal capabilities like resizing content blocks, changing font styles, and updating your favicon are all accessible.

SmugMug Customization - SmugMug vs Squarespace

On the other hand, the themes are relatively simple, with the majority of options including a grid pattern. This is to be expected of a forum dedicated to showcasing images.

However, one gets the impression that SmugMug might have been more inventive with its templates.

The only themes that stand out are Deco, Duke, and Sierra. However, if you have the necessary technical knowledge, you may do more in-depth changes using CSS and HTML.

Squarespace’s templates are perhaps more well-designed. They’re also divided by category, with four dedicated to photography websites.

While it may not seem like much, Squarespace notes that you may customize other layouts to meet your specific requirements. To do this, the platform provides extensive customization options for various aspects and page layouts.

Squarespace Customization - SmugMug vs Squarespace

As with SmugMug, Squarespace customers may customize the colour theme of any design. Additionally, font styles, section width, and page alignments are all changeable, providing many design and layout possibilities.

Additionally, users will discover a wide list of parts they may create, with each feature being fully customizable. It’s not as “free” to experiment as Wix or even HostGator.

However, it provides far more creative control than SmugMug.


Squarespace’s UI is more user-friendly than SmugMug’s.

It’s simple to get started with Squarespace or SmugMug. Both systems include assisting users as they begin the website-building process.

In comparison to Squarespace, SmugMug asks fewer questions. However, the latter effectively uses the data you offer, instantly converting it to relevant suggestions.

After you’ve completed all of the questions, Squarespace provides you with a selection of recommended themes based on your product, service, and objectives.

Squarespace UI - SmugMug vs Squarespace

Squarespace also offers a significant interface advantage over SmugMug. While both systems support drag-and-drop, Squarespace’s workplace seems more advanced.

It’s quite simple to navigate between the options on the left-side panel and the main editing board. It’s not as simple as Wix, for example.

However, once you get the hang of it, Squarespace’s UI makes sense regarding what the platform can do. It’s natural, energetic, and uncomplicated.

On the other hand, SmugMug’s website editor seems rather straightforward. Yes, customizing tools are readily available. Additionally, switching between features is rather simple.

However, adding material, modifying a website, and resizing content blocks may be challenging. For example, by clicking a page element, a pop-up menu of modification choices is automatically shown.

While accessibility is desirable, dragging a content block seems more natural when employing point and click operations.

FAQs on SmugMug vs Squarespace :

What is better than SmugMug?

Squarespace, Google Photos, and ShootPtoof are better alternatives to SmugMug.

Is Squarespace good or photographers?

Squarespace is an outstanding website builder designed specifically for photographers. Indeed, it is so highly weighted toward showcasing high-quality photos that it does not perform well for text-heavy websites. Square Space is ideal for photographers and anyone who want to promote their work.

Is SmugMug worth the money?

SmugMug is a low-cost service if you often sell via it. Otherwise, it's a little pricey. SmugMug is an excellent host for your site if you're solely interested in creating a portfolio site. With affordable annual fees for the basic plan, you may have a website for less than $50!

What photographers use Squarespace?

Cassie Wang, The Kruks, and LotisFound Studio are famous photographers who use Squarespace.

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Conclusion : SmugMug vs Squarespace 2023

While SmugMug and Squarespace provide comparable functionality, they are geared for distinct sorts of professionals.

SmugMug is the ideal platform for photographers to build an online portfolio of their work.

This service has convenient customization options that are particularly beneficial for sophisticated users.

Squarespace enables company owners to quickly create an ideal online shop, website, or blog.

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