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Essential Small Business Website Features

Nowadays, it is paramount to create a website if you are a small business or big. The online presence of any business can create a lot of differences in the reputation of the firm. The website of any business now represents the notion and aim of the company and also the progress they are making. The business website should have a decent amount of information about the company and also more than that.

Small Business Website Features

There are hundreds of factors which make your business site look more classy and impactful.

But why would you focus on the hundreds of the points when you can concentrate on the handful of the essential tasks?

As a blogger and freelance Web designer, I have designed numerous websites for local businesses. In this post, I am sharing my list of essential points, which are crucial for any small business website.

Must Know Features for Small business Website

While designing the website for any small or medium business, if you add below-mentioned points in the development, then you can create a stunning website for your enterprise.  Here are all the facts and points which are important while designing the business website.

Domain Name

The Domain name is the web address of the website. Without the domain name, you cannot have the site running. The domain name is imperative for any business website. While choosing the domain name, choose the extension of the domain according to the type of your business. Like .in is the country specific extension for the Indian businesses, .org is the extension for the business organizations and the .com is for global websites.

The logo is one of the essential elements in website designing. The Logo represents the virtual image of your business on the site. Creating a unique and impactful logo is a task of utmost importance and must be done by following experts advice. You can get some amazing logo maker tools to design your business logo.

Header Navigation

The Header Navigation is also important for the websites as it will direct your site visitors to the different parts of the site. The header navigation contains the links to the various parts of the sites, which makes it easy for visitors to access other pages of the site.

About Us

The About Us page is the most relevant page on the website after the homepage. It is the page that should have every information about you and your business. With the “About Us” page, visitors can know more about the companies and their operations.

Breadcrumb Navigation

This is the type of secondary navigation which leaves a trail that shows a visitor how much deep they are on the website.

The breadcrumb navigation reveals the current location of the visitor on the site and how much away they are from the homepage of the site.  It helps a lot in improving the user experience of the visitors.


The sitemap is the map of all the pages you have on the website. It is as simple as its name suggests. But, the Sitemap is not just important for the search engine spiders, as we consider it in SEO. The Sitemaps are helpful for visitors who are having trouble finding the particular page of the site. When someone is not able to find the appropriate page on your site, he can check out the sitemap your site and then head towards that page. As simple as eating chocolate. :p

Contact Page

If someone had any doubt or he has to make the inquiry of the business from your website, you should provide the Contact Us page. The Contact Us page should have brief contact information like the Postal Address, Email Address, Business Phone Number and the Contact Form.



The Fresh and Quality content keep your site unique in the eyes of the visitors. You can write your content or the business information and add it on the site. Otherwise, some freelance writers can do it for you.

Working Hours

The small business website should have the Working hours of the business on the Homepage and the Contact Page. This will help your visitors to contact you in case of any inquiry in the office working hours.

Social Sharing Buttons

Remember the Saying, “Sharing is Caring!”? I hope you do. Nowadays, the instant means to gain massive exposure for ourselves and business website is the Social media. Adding Social Media Sharing Buttons will help visitors to share the site and other pages with their social friends and will get your site some more exposure.

Live Chat Service

If you care about the visitors and their concerns about your business, then you should consider adding the Live Chat Service. With Live Chat service, you can address the problems and Concerns of your customers and random visitors. With Live Chat service, you can quickly solve the problems and the concerns of the clients and visitors.

FAQ Page

If your business is Service Oriented, then you can add up the FAQ Page. The FAQ Page, As known as the Frequently Asked Questions page contains the common questions and their answers. All the simple questions which might be asked by the customers must be listed on this page. It is kind of the resource for those who want to seek answers to various problems and doubts on your site.

Mobile Responsive

Nowadays, most of the people are accessing the internet through smartphones and Tablet PC. with the mobile responsive design, your website can provide great Mobile-friendly user experience to the visitors.

Reliable Web Host

A website is hosted on the web servers, which are mostly provided by the internet hosting services. There are plenty of the web hosting service providers in the market, but you’ve to choose the one who offers the powerful web hosting. There are many traditional web hosting services like Hostgator, Bluehost, Digital Ocean, etc.

Content Management System

The Content Management System is the web software for making the websites. The Popular CMS is the WordPress, which provides your Backend Interface for creating and maintaining the site. You should build a website using any Content Management System instead of coding the web pages from scratch.

Integrate with Google Services

After finishing the website designing, you should add the site to the Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. The Google Webmaster Tools helps you to add the site in Google Index. Google Analytics tracks the number of visitors and the time spent by them. It is necessary after the development task you should follow.


These points a mentioned above will help you in designing practical and beautiful business website. These are the proven points to assist you in website development. If you are getting confused while developing website and implementing these points, then hand these points to the web developer.

If you implement all these points mentioned above, then you can create a stunning small business website which is going to bring in some customers to your business. If you loved this post, then please do share it with your friends on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and whatsApp.

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