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25 Simple Background Patterns

Whether repeated backgrounds or just patterns, for maintaining a graphic design weblog, designers need background patterns to make blog look outstanding. Backgrounds are the images which appears in background on blogs and websites, it can be any solid color, any gradient or just an image containing pattern or something. Background Patterns reflects website’s customization level and simple backgrounds makes it better to attract readers focus.

Nasty Fabric Pattern

Stripe Yellow Blue Pattern

Lined Paper Pattern

Subtle Pattern

Stripe Green Gray Pattern

Noisy Grid Pattern

Brown Striped Package

White Wall Pattern

Wave Pattern

Navy Pattern

Bedge Grunge Pattern

Thin Chevrons Pattern

Stripe Green Brown Pattern

Office Subtle Pattern

Subtle Pattern

Skeletal Weave Pattern

Translucent Fibres Pattern

Tartan Check Pattern

Square Retro Pattern

Subtle Dots

Pyramind Pattern

Noise Lines Pattern

Leather Pattern

Tiny Grid Pattern

Subtlenet Pattern

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