Shortpixel vs Imagify 2023: Which One Should You Choose?

Which is the best picture streamlining agent module for WordPress? In the present article, we will analyze two of the best modules—ShortPixel vs Imagify.

The passing judgment on score would be founded on the sort of picture improvement highlights and the aggregate sum of decrease from every advancement choice.

For the record, WP Maven is utilizing Imagify to serve pictures utilizing WebP arrangement and it synchronizes well with WP Rocket. Snap here to dive deeper into WP Rocket arrangement.

Need to realize which is the reasonable champ? You’ll be astounded!

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What is the best WordPress picture analyzer module?

WordPress is home to many picture streamlining agents and it is fairly difficult to figure out which is awesome. Two of our undisputed top choice WordPress picture analyzer modules are ShortPixel and Imagify.

Now of composing, both of these modules offer free and paid plans. Here’s more insights regarding them.

ShortPixel. The free arrangement accompanies 100 picture enhancements with no size limit each month. Paid plans start at $4.99 each month with 5,000 pictures enhancements each month and proposition both picture streamlining utilizing a module or on the web.

Imagify. The free arrangement accompanies 200mb worth of picture enhancements each month. Paid plans start at $4.99 each month for 1 GB worth of pictures enhancements (roughly 10,000 picture streamlining) each month and proposition both picture improvement utilizing a module or on the web.

Key Features


Some of the critical elements of Imagify are:

Pressure highlights permit packing of all the current picture records in mass.

You have a choice to pick the degrees of pressure – Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra.

The first regular pictures are put away safely as a reinforcement, which helps in simple rebuilding in future.

Short Pixel:

Shortpixel vs Imagify

Some of the vital components of Short Pixel are:

You can pack every one of your pictures in mass with simply a solitary snap.

You can streamline your pictures that are not accessible in the media library, similar to the pictures added through other modules.

Pack pictures in various arrangements like JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF documents, either in a lossy or lossless configuration.

Programmed pressure – pictures can be resized to set measurements before they are upgraded.

Pricing- ShortPixel vs Imagify


Imagify offers both a free arrangement and some paid plans. The two variants offer similar arrangement of functionalities. The critical contrast between the renditions is in the quantity of pictures that can be upgraded.

The free arrangement permits improvement of 25MB worth of information each month that is around 250 pictures. Though the paid rendition begins at $4.99 each month for 1GB of information that is around 1,000 pictures.

Short Pixel:

Like Imagify, the free form and premium rendition give a similar usefulness. The free form permits streamlining of up to 100 pictures each month while by paying just $4.99 you can expand it to 5,000 pictures each month.

Last Words: ShortPixel vs Imagify

Today picture enhancement modules are exceptionally valuable in the turn of events and support of site due to their remarkable ability to advance the site and assist with decorating it simultaneously.

Each module referenced above has highlights that are honorable. Every one of these modules can assist with further developing your site execution by advancing the first pictures.

Pictures having the best view and size or shading assist with having a major effect to the site, so pick the right streamlining apparatus for the pictures which will be included on the site. Pick the best picture streamlining module relying upon the necessities of your site.

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