SamCart vs Shopify 2023 | Which One Is The Best?( In-depth Comparison)

If you are a person who is interested in online selling, then you must know about some authentic tools. Some examples of these tools are Shopify and SamCART.

Let’s find out in SamCart vs Shopify comparison post further.


Check out


Check out
Pricing $49/month $14/month
Best for

Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Course Creators, Authors, Non-Profits, Amazon Sellers and Product Inventors

Those wishing to create an online store, want to sell product and sell Dropshipping store.

  • Free trial
  • Live and Recorded Demos
  • Variety of Templates
  • Modern and Stylish Templates
  • Fraud Analyzing Feature
  • Membership Creator
  • Numerous third-party integrations
  • Wide Range of Templates
  • Free Trial
  • Create a backup of your website
  • Free Plan
  • Every Needed Tool for e-Shop
  • No integration with Google Pay and Apple pay
  • Bit Pricey
Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface and templates as well as tutorials are easy to start off.

Shopify is considered to be an easy yet complicated platform and that relies on how the user uses it.

Value For Money

Monthly pricing plans are worth it and come with all the bells and whistles.

Shopify has a free plan and three other plans for setting up the business which is slightly higher.

Customer Support

Stellar Customer support with live tutorials, demos and documentation.

Apart from live chat, Shopify has everything that a great tool needs in terms of stellar support.

Check out Check out

Both of these tools are very much popular among e-commerce store owners but they have their own pros and cons. So, if you want to know which one is better then here we bring for an in-depth comparison between Samcart vs Shopify to help you out with your decision-making process.

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So, Let’s do a SamCart vs Shopify comparison to get to know which one is the best one among them.

Bottom Line Upfront: SamCart is a e-commerce platform that lets anyone set up an online store and sell their products just like Shopify. But SamCart is now the leading e-commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes because of the tools and features it offers. Whether you sell online, on social media, in-store, Shopify got you covered.

You need to know how these two tools are unique and how they work and which will be the tool that helps you the best to sell your product.

Here, you will get to know the brief and basic information about SamCart vs Shopify,  which will further help you to decide and choose the best option for your business. 

So, let us get started as we get to know these tools better and further understand how they are helpful and which one is the best.

SamCart vs Shopify 2023: Overview

About SamCart

Samcart is a website based platform. It was started in the year 2013. It is one of the best online shopping carts and is still developing.

SamCart Overview - SamCart vs Shopify

Here users have access to create some useful checkout pages in a short span of time and have the chance to sell either physical or digital goods at their convenience.

As a user, you need to first plan a payment gateway which can be done through Stripe and PayPal.

SamCart provides a variety of options regarding payment methods such as payment plans, trials, subscriptions, shipping options, single- payment, various currencies, etc.

SamCart brought up 18 various checkout templates that were tested for conversion and one of the popular templates that SamCART consists of is the one-page funnel.

These templates are easy to handle and customize. Samcart provides a  platform for a wide variety of combinations concerning emails, marketing, payment, etc.

About Shopify

Shopify was started in 2004. It is an E-commerce platform. Shopify is a general platform that is not category-specific and offers services for every kind of business.

It means every person who wishes to sell online, can have easy access to sell their product. Shopify is a pliable platform that eases any E-commerce System and serves every business type.

Shopify Overview - SamCart vs Shopify

Shopify contains some alluring storefront templates which you will be able to edit and arrange as per your convenience.

With the help of these templates, you will be able to create your own checkout page. It does not require any special technical skills for the designing process.

Shopify provides website builders with a drag-drop feature that offers consistent & flawless editing.

It also gives access to the developers, if you are a pro-coder then you can check out the code of templates and edit the layouts with a few twitches in HTML.

Shopify app store provides a lot of combinations with reference to E-commerce services that include a major part of digital business processes like – payment processes, managing orders, marketing processes, accounting, customer support, product research, etc.

There are multiple applications which can be used for each of this process.

For new starters, Shopify provides a simple lite package that is embedded with integration abilities. This will be helpful for the beginners to have access to create easy checkout pages on social media sites and other websites.

Key Features and Benefits: SamCart vs Shopify


1). Easily Customizable Template:

Shopify provides numerous amazing subjects that can be easily handled and customized. All the templates on Shopify are set up with their own built-in setting that allows you to simply and apparently optimize every detail of your site. 

2). Low price package:

Shopify allows the user to start their business at a low price i.e 29$ per month. Shopify can be also used through mobile devices. An inbuilt Mobile shopping cart is included that permits consumers to sell their products.

3). Wide range of users: 

Shopify is an E-commerce platform that is used by over 1 million businesses. Shopify also permits you to acknowledge more about the users and their shopping customs and patterns. 

4). Various ways to access:

Shopify provides different methods for selling a product, such as online stores Pinterest, Facebook shop, etc. Shopify provides over 70 payment gateways and can be accessed in over 50 languages.

5). Fraud analyzing feature: 

Shopify has an amazing inbuilt feature that can analyze fraud and other spam.


The supporting team of Samcart focuses on sorting out and giving their customers the best experience, so along with the mentioned common features, SamCart even offers a few other additional features.

1). Add-ons:

The add-ons aid the customer to review more of the customer experiences and improvise their conversions 

2). Subscription saver:

They offer protection services to your customers 24/7 through an in-built process

3). Associate centers:

 as much as you promote your product the more outstretch you will be able to get, So SamCart aids you to build your partners to sell their products. 

4). Cart desertion: 

you can get an acute intuition of cart such as lost sales, customers outreached the purchase. 

5). Built-in SSL security:

 provides the customers with assured and prudent checkouts. It gives strong security as authorized by PCI. 

Features Comparison: SamCart vs Shopify

1). Templates and Web Design 


Shopify provides few pre-designed templates that are amazing and skillful but it doesn’t provide templates that work on checkout pages.

However, it offers some online store subjects and themes that consist of a set of their own webpage. More than 70 themes are provided out of which 10 are complimentary.

Shopify Templates

And others are accessible at a range of $140-$180 as they are surcharge themes. Shopify also has a good team of planners and developers who are able to plan and design a brand new subject according to the site, if you can afford it.

The editing program in Shopify provides better options than SamCart and if you are a pro in web development, you can look into the codes of templates of Shopify and twist them. 


SamCart offers about 18 templates that are skilfully planned and designed, they are quite interesting in their funnel builder, they aid in fixing up your sales funnel in the less expected time.

Samcart Sales Page Design

You are free to choose any template without any extra charges. All these templates were tested by multiple businesses to assess the output.

So, the templates provided by SamCart does not only improvise the conversions but they are operative and productive as well.

If you want to bring out any modifications and changes in any of the layouts or templates, Samcart offers an easy process to customize.

The colors of layouts are adjustable once you choose the template, you can amend the text and different elements can be twitched. Templates can be easily handled in mobile and are responsive to both mobile devices and PCs as well. 

Both Shopify and SamCart provide various templates for various businesses, however, the notable dissimilarity between these two tools is that Shopify fixes on the online store themes which are wholly advanced, whereas SamCart concentrates on checkout pages.

SamCart’s templates are free of charge, whereas we need to pay for most of Shopify’s premium themes. 

2). E-commerce Features


Shopify is one of the well-founded, organized, and well-developed e-commerce platforms, as a user, you might anticipate that they provide all the key features and important services of online selling.

E-commerce Features

And Shopify does this without any remark. The way Shopify administrates a product is quite inclusive. Multiple products and classifications can be adjoined without any limitations.

It gives you an option to choose the kind of product ( digital or physical) you want to sell.

In the case of a subscription-based business, you will be able to induce some extra charges. Shopify does not have this service as an inbuilt feature.

However, you can get this by hiring a developer or by combining an application that is suitable and consistent which gets along with your packages. 

Shopify offers tremendous tools that are accessible to uplift your deals and sales. For instance, you can fix some mechanized discount options for your consumers and even bring up constancy schemes.

Even if you optimize the payment processes, you need to explore the alternatives provided in their App Store. In case if you chose alternative payment methods other than Shopify, then you will be charged with additional transaction fees.

But with the help of optional gateways, you will be able to receive remittance to many consumers. 


Samcart is an easy application for marketing funnels, It has an assembling of astounding e-commerce attributes. It is able to board and take in digital as well as physical goods.

Samcart Ecommerce

So you can trade any sort of good in SamCart!. Before arising your work you need to apply the split testing tool provided by SamCart.

This particular thing aids in evaluating the conversion rate of the checkout pages.

Here is another notable characteristic of Samcart which is its associative system. Here you can support fellow marketers through the planned associate programs.

Some of the helpful traits namely one-click up-sell have the ability to uplift your possible income during checkout. This attracts the consumers to purchase more goods by just clicking once to adjoin them into a cart. 

In SamCart there is automated addition of shipping charges to the order, simultaneously when the consumer places the order.

These shipping charges can be customized by you depending on the geographical location. However, you are free to set a common rate for all the orders. 

Even if Shopify is a famous e-commerce site, Shopify is not specific for online selling alone and it does provide services for various stores through the Shopify POS system.

Now we can acknowledge that SamCart contains the accurate tools to allow quick as well as simple selling schemes through checkout pages.

Except for A/B conversion trials, other kinds of products can be initiated, associate schemes can be utilized. However, these are not equivalent when compared to features provided by Shopify.

Shopify does not restrict any tools related to checkout pages and further gives you access to integrate with other third parties.

Considering all these facts, Shopify is considered to be better than Samcart concerning E-commerce features. 

3). Ease of Use 


There are many different opinions about Shopify concerning its ease of use. Although it is known to be a customer-friendly platform by many, few consider it to be quite complicated.

Thus, Shopify is considered to be an easy yet complicated platform and that relies on how the user uses it. 

If your aim is a potential online store with proper functionalities then Shopify seems to be one of the best e-commerce platforms. And you need not have any professional Technical skills.

Shopify provides many pre-designed templates that will avoid you from putting extra effort into designing a website and will also save your time.

All you need to do is twitch the template codes and design your own site. These templates support mobile devices and PCs with a responsive characteristic.

It also provides inbuilt payment choices. So, you won’t need any extra third party payment ways, although it gives you extra payment options including those. 


SamCart became a well-found e-commerce platform for all those who do not have coding skills. You can create an account simply without any need for technical support to run your sales.

SamCart has an interface that is easy to use and simple to understand. All the features are arranged in such an order, that newbies can easily explore it.

If you need some extra guidance, SamCart provides many guides and also tutorials along with good customer service.

You will be able to design a checkout page quickly and simply and can integrate either with PayPal or stripe. Along with novices and new starters, SamCart also serves advanced businesses by offering new premium features.

SamCart aids you to set up an associate program and start it in an easy way. 

SamCart is pliable concerning the payment structure – you are free to customize and fix the rate for each product.

You also have an option to create a “VIP confederate ” in-case if you want to set a different level for a few frequent users.

However, SamCart is not fully developed when compared to Shopify. So relatively, SamCart has a low level of functionality. 


The entire procedure of designing and operating, controlling the marketing funnels on Shopify is as simple as in SamCart. Though Shopify provides many inbuilt features and is a consumer-friendly system than SamCart, it relatively backs off concerning the ease of use. Finally, it is understandable that SamCart has easy access to various marketing funnels. 

Pricing Battles: SamCart vs Shopify

Shopify Pricing Plans 

Shopify Pricing - SamCart vs Shopify


1). Basic Shopify -Features:-  It charges $29 per month for the basic app. 

  • They charge 2% extra fees for every feature other than the inbuilt and default features 
  • Access to the third party and other Shopify POS applications 
  • 2.7%+0¢ transaction fee for individual credit card 
  • SSL certificate free of charges
  • Recovery of abandoned Cart
  • Two staff accounts 

2). Shopify -Features:-  It charges $79 per month 

  • 1% extra fees on each feature other than default Shopify remittance.
  • 2.5%+0¢ transaction fee for individual credit card 
  • they give Gift Card
  • Professional reports on Business Analytics 
  • five staff account 

3).  Advanced Shopify Features:-  It charges $299 per month. 

  • 0.5% extra fees on each feature other than inbuilt Shopify remittance. 
  • 2.4%+0¢ transaction fee for individual credit card 
  • Advanced reports and Analytics 
  • 15 staff accounts
  • Access to purchase both on online marketers and social media 

SamCart Pricing Battles 

Samcart Pricing - SamCart vs Shopify

1).  Pro-Features:- It charges $99 for a month 

  • it provides preferential support 
  • You can get access to A/B split testing tool 
  • You can have the choose one-click up-sell
  • Advanced analytics along with reports
  • 18 templates are provided for checkout pages 

2). Premium Features:- It charges $199 per month. 

  • it provides preferential support 
  • A/B split testing can be accessed 
  • Single Time payment, payment packages, subscriptions, and tests 
  • Associate Center 
  • Subscription saver availability 

Pros and Cons: SamCart vs Shopify



  • Shopify is fully accommodated, you need not take an extra effort about the server cost and Safeguarding 
  • For people interested in drop shipping, Shopify serves as a good option 
  • Shopify offers a sensible reach of responsive store templates at free of cost 
  • Shopify was brought up with an inbuilt feature for blogging 
  • It gives 24/7 customer service and support 
  • Easy and simple to use (you don’t require technical skills to access it) 


  • To get access to extra payment gateways we need to pay extra transaction charges 
  • Optimization is restricted to a particular theme and platform abilities 
  • Shopify does not provide a free plan 
  • Advanced features are obtainable only through premium packages. 
  • The basic plan does not provide  basic requirements for creating a good online store 



  • Samcart is a platform that is easy to access and use. It aids to trade your goods with ease
  • It has easy customization with drag and drops feature 
  • SamCart provides amazing marketing funnels such as one-click upsells and bumps order 
  • Gives you easy access to add on coupons and discounts
  • They provide pre-designed templates for use. 
  • Abandonment Capacity and A/B testing 
  • You can fix various payment methods and packages for the consumers 


  • There is no digital tool to calculate sales tax in SamCart
  • Only PayPal and stripe are accessible 
  • Rarely integrates or combines with other websites.

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👉 Will SamCart be helpful to trade physical products?

Although it is best for selling digital products, SamCart also gives extra options to switch to physical, such as shipping charges, shipping locations, etc. But it is not as advanced as Shopify. Yet, SamCart can work for all sorts of things like digital, services, physical.

👉 Can SamCart and Shopify be integrated?

At present, it is not feasible to access SamCart as a checkout page with Shopify. Shopify is used as a checkout to receive remittance and finish the order requirements. However, there are several other methods, where you use Zapier as an intermediate to make this both software to integrate and work along to transfer info between both of them.

👉 Do SamCart and Shopify require any pro-coders to work on?

No, SamCart and Shopify don’t require any coders. These are the most friendly and easy to use tools. Any beginner can start building the business as they provide customizable pre-built designs and templates. Their online store builder will make your work even easier.

Conclusion: SamCart Vs Shopify 2023

Shopify and Samcart don’t exactly belong to the same niche. SamCart is purely a meant software for online shopping whereas Shopify is a wide E-commerce platform inclusive for various types of businesses.

So which is the best option to choose will be solely dependent on your business model.

If you are a person interested in creating a basic online store such as having varieties of physical products and wish to do drop shipping then Shopify serves as the best option. 

If you want to trade digital goods with many payment options and packages then SamCart would serve you the Best.

SamCart is specific to aid the users to build up well-customized check-out pages which will increase the sales.

SamCart is purely a meant software for online shopping whereas Shopify is a wide E-commerce platform inclusive for various types of businesses. Whether you sell online, on social media, in-store, Shopify got you covered.

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  1. Being an entrepreneur is never easy, but it’s good to know that there are people out there who can help you!

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    They helped me with information about setting up the account, designing a landing page, and making my first sale.

  2. Samcart is a great choice for any business. They offer a free trial and have a very responsive customer service staff to help you set up your account from start to finish.

    The built-in SSL provides prudent checkouts. They KNOW how to do checkout pages. I’m so impressed by the tech upgrades and the new drag and drop builder.

  3. Samcart is the best out there! To sum it up, SamCart is a great option for those looking for a beautiful website without the same integrations as Shopify. It’s also great for those looking for upsells that work well!

    If you want to make money, you need to focus on upsells. SamCart is better than Shopify in this respect.

  4. With Samcart, you can create custom widgets for your website, personalize your product’s presentation, manage your customer records, and more. Samcart is a great way to make your store look professional and take care of your customer’s needs.

    Samcart helps me to coordinate my email chain and log my sales easily. I don’t have much time to monitor my sales so Samcart makes it much easier for me with its tracking features.


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