SamCart vs PayPal 2023 | Which One You Should Choose?

You’re probably wondering which is better, SamCart vs PayPal.

Both platforms are great for online payments. But they each have their own advantages and disadvantages that might make one better than the other depending on your situation.

Let me help you with a detailed comparison of each so you can decide which platform will work best for your business needs.


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Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Course Creators, Authors, Non-Profits, Amazon Sellers and Product Inventors

Small business, ecommerce platform, marketplace, enterprise, or developer, PayPal Commerce

  • Free trial
  • Live and Recorded Demos
  • Variety of Templates
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Shipping Management
  • Quick Transactions
  • Numerous third-party integrations
  • Wide Range of Templates
  • Free Trial
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Transaction Review Options
  • Encrypted Cart
  • No integration with Google Pay and Apple pay
  • Common targets of phishing and scams.
Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface and templates as well as tutorials are easy to start off.

The setup of PayPal is very simple and basic too and can be done easily by anybody without the help of professionals.

Value For Money

Monthly pricing plans are worth it and come with all the bells and whistles.

Easy Navigation of the app and provides real value for money.

Customer Support

Stellar Customer support with live tutorials, demos and documentation.

Customer support lacks strength and does not provide any live ticket or customer chat.

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Bottom Line Upfront:

SamCart is one of the best ecommerce shopping carts made for direct to consumer ecommerce platforms. It’s very easy to build beautiful checkout pages with SamCart and it offers many features that will make your store more attractive and find the best products to sell. You can also use our built-in search engine, which lets you find any product in seconds!

SamCart User Review

With all these great features, why not try out SamCart today? They offer a free trial so there’s nothing holding you back from trying it out. Sign up now and get started on building your perfect store right away!

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Receiving payments from your customers and buyers can be an issue which is faced by every person who is involved in a business with such transactions, if we take a wider look we all can see that from a small startup to a big multinational corporation everybody is involved in payments and online net banking.

If you are looking to know more about Samcart then check out our detailed Samcart Review

All kinds of businesses need a good and trustworthy platform to have safe, secure, and of course fast payments.

Both the platforms SamCart and PayPal are great, they give amazing features and benefits to their users. But of course one of them will be better than the other in some aspects, and one of them will be better than the other in other aspects. 

SamCart vs Paypal 2023: Overview

About SamCart

Samcart is different from the normal processors used for payment, it works more in the form of a sales page.

It offers an amazing collection of checkout pages, so if you choose a very attractive and different checkout page your payment page will not be like the usual pages that PayPal or any other site offers but you can offer your customers a better and beautified page while they check out with their order.

SamCart Overview - SamCart vs PayPal

They have many options available and templates from which you can choose from and it is so easy and quick to set it up that anybody can easily do it.

More than 10 thousand businesses have trusted SamCart and are using its amazing features for their sales.

And if you don’t know if you can trust SamCart or not, let me tell you that SamCart has processed more than one and half a billion dollars for their customers.

If we measure in Indian currency they have processed 1,10,21,47,50,000.00 Indian rupees for their customers. Hence, we can easily know how amazing their platform is and the great features it has. 

About PayPal

I don’t think that I have to introduce this popular platform to you, I am sure that almost every reader of this article will be having a PayPal account and might be a regular user of that platform. 

Paypal Overview - SamCart vs PayPal

What PayPal does is that it shows a button on the checkout page using which your customers can instantly start with the payment without any long process or any other kind of issue.

This will help your customers get through the payment process at a fast speed and without any delays.

PayPal also lets you set up an option using which you can share a link to the customer on their mail account and that link will directly lead to the page of PayPal, on that page your customer can effortlessly complete their payment and you will receive the payment too without any problems.

Using PayPal one can also set up options for subscriptions that will make the payment process faster and a lot more convenient. 

Verdict: even though PayPal is very famous and is used by all, SamCart offers better features like the templates. But PayPal is trusted by many people and is known for its excellent services.

SamCart vs Paypal: Setting up 

Setting up of SamCart 

Please keep in mind that to set up the SamCart product you will need an account on Stripe, it is like an alternative to the famous PayPal and it is very easy to use and it’s very simple to set up the account of Stripe.

Samcart Stripe Account

Stripe doesn’t give a button for instant payment like PayPal.

Once you have logged in on your SamCart account and your Stripe account you can start the further steps:

  1. After you have logged into your SamCart account you will be able to see an option saying products on the top of the menu. 
  2. Once you have clicked on the product option you can click on add a new product.
  3. Now you should be able to add in the name of the product, you can select the price of the product and you can also put in a brief explanation about the product. 
  4. Now that you have entered the product details you can start with the fun part, which is selecting the theme or the template of your checkout page. 
  5. The great part about choosing the template is that you can preview it before you put it on your website. You will get an option to do so, and if you don’t like the preview of the page you can easily change it and try new ones.
  6. After you are done with customizing your checkout page and deciding which template you want to use you can add the link to the checkout page on your website.

Setting up of PayPal

Before you start with the process of setting up PayPal you must create an account or have an account already.

Paypal Setup

  1. Once you have entered your PayPal account, you must open the dashboard and click on the option which says tools.
  2. After you have opened the tools you will see a few rows of available tools, on the 3rd row you will be able to see an option that will be labeled as PayPal buttons. 
  3. This tool will let you create the instant button which will make the payment procedure very simple for you. Now you can click on the create new button option to make the instant button.
  4. After this step, you can choose the type of button that you want by clicking on the option which says choose a button type, I would recommend you to select the buy now button as it will suit the requirement of your business. As you would want this for payments.
  5. You can now put in the title for your product.
  6. Once you are done with the steps that are written above start by adding the rate of your product and the currency in which you want to charge your customers.
  7. Now list click on the option which says create button and you are done. Your instant payment button is ready for use.
  8. The next page will now open and you will have access to the code, you need to copy that specific code and put it on your website. 
  9. As I mentioned before that you can also share a link directly to your customer on their mail id and they can instantly go to the checkout page of PayPal by clicking on the given link. This link will also be available with the code on the last page of the setup process. 

The setup of PayPal is very simple and basic too and can be done easily by anybody without the help of professionals.  

Verdict: the setup of both the platforms seems very simple and effortless and they actually are. In this area, both the platforms are winners and are very simple to set up.

But the only main difference is that to set up SamCart you require an id on Stripe too while on PayPal you need only one PayPal account and that’s it.

It might cause inconvenience to some people in creating an extra account for a simple set up process. 

SamCart vs Paypal: Similarities

  • Both these platforms let all types of companies that are based online or offline, salespeople, and marketing people in getting all their payments instantly online.
  • They help businesses in gaining more profit, create more and more sales, and they also help in increasing the conversion rate of their sales and business.
  • There is a great supporting preference in both these platforms which is available for sellers. 

Verdict: the similarities that Paypal and SamCart share are very basic but extremely useful and will provide you with the best results and will make all payments faster and easier.

SamCart vs Paypal: Unique features

1). Online stores


Samcart lets all sellers build gorgeous and wonderful pages in just a few clicks and a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about coding or hiring professionals as you can create online stores without worrying about all that.

Samcart Sales Page Design

They have a great variety of drag and drop builders and themes which are compatible and responses well with mobile apps. This will help you build astonishing online stores. 

As the pages are usually single, your customers won’t have to go through many landing pages to make the purchase of the product that they want to buy.

This will also convert all the visitors that visit your page into people who want to purchase from your extensive collection of products. A

s I told in the steps, you always have to login into you SamCart account and if you are logged in you have the ability to create products, put up rates, you can add in small informative paragraphs or lines as descriptions about your products and this is not it, you can do more things.

Once you have set up and created your account and are done with the setup process and have completed the adding of products and their rates, you can share your items and your store on many platforms.

These platforms include:

  • The most famous and popular Facebook and its messenger application and website.
  • The most trendy and catchy application of Instagram.
  • Email, many blogging websites.
  • And the most viewed video application called YouTube. It is seen by millions of people. 


PayPal does not possess the ability to allow sellers to make online stores or similar pages. 

Verdict: as SamCart lets, you make online stores of course it is better in this aspect than PayPal as online stores can also help in the increase of sales. 

2). Sales booster


SamCart has an amazing feature that will help you in boosting the number of your sales and will make your business grow at a much faster rate than you expect.

This tool is so strong that it will make all your visitors into buyers and convert sales.

Smacart Boost sale

While increasing and boosting your sales, Samcart lets you create offers and put additional add ons which will also make the customers purchase those add ons while they are at the checkout page and are making payments.

This kind of additional proposals and offers give a boost to your profit value and the increase will be very much visible as it will increase your profits to more than 7 digit numbers. 

This sales booster tool also lets all the sellers create one-click upsells which will also increase the profit value to more than three times their normal profit rates.

Using this feature they will provide customers with great offers at good prices both the times on checkout pages, before and after the purchase is made.

Sellers can establish subscriptions for their products to suppress the advantages of recurring income.

With the subscription saving application, sellers will not misplace the payments that the customers have to pay and everything will be on time.

This tool is automatic in getting declined subscriptions. It permits subscribers to revamp their credit card data with comfort.


PayPal is very different from SamCart. Let me explain how and why.

So, if you create a purchase and you find the payment method very safe and comfortable, you won’t hesitate in making that same payment again. Isn’t it? 

Paypal Sale boost

So PayPal does that, it makes your payments very secure and this will help you as your customers will come back as they trust you and make payments again and when your customers will make payments again and again you will have a security that your customer will not abandon their cart and they will make the purchase.

Therefore you will be able to create more sales and no purchase will be left out. 

Doesn’t matter if you are a seller who sells their products online or offline in traditional markets. Selling is selling no matter what kind of method is being used.

So PayPal will provide you with more options to offer your customers various payment options.

This platform will help you and your customer both, with simple and effortless ways to receive the payment and complete the payment, this will also help in the increment of sales. 

Verdict: even though PayPal has more payment solutions and many secure ways to complete payment procedures, Samcart has a better sales booster.

It will help you with the increment of your sales and boost the value of your profits. It makes your visitors turn into purchasers.

3). Checkout pages


Samcart will let sellers create exceptional checkout pages. These checkout pages are simple to start with and the setup process is super easy.

SamCart has an amazing set of templates and it provides you with a great drag and drops feature using which you can create many wonderful checkout pages.

This tool also lets you add several payment options on the checkout page that you create, the payment options include the most used google pay and apple pay.

It also allows you to set up payments with PayPal, Microsoft pay, and even stripe. As you need a stripe account for the initial setup it would be better if you use Stripe for payments too as it will make everything a lot easier but using other payment options are not very difficult to set up either.

This tool also allows sellers to make checkout popups that will appear on the last checkout page so that customers can pay from the product page of the website that you want. 


The checkout page that PayPal has been very basic but they are exceptional. Using PayPal as I mentioned before it will let you set up a button using which your customers can make payments instantly without getting into any kind of trouble or long process.

This platform is very safe and it is very secure, it will ensure that all the process of money transfer is done in complete safety. PayPal makes sure that the customers are enabled to complete the transaction process in simple and easy ways. 

PayPal has a wide network of payments, it supports various countries and it’s a payment procedure that is being used in more than one hundred and twenty countries. 

Verdict: again SamCart wins in the configuration of checkout pages, the attractive available templates and checkout pages will furthermore help in boosting sales but we must keep in mind that PayPal is very secure and provides a very safe network. 

4). Invoicing & Estimates


SamCart does not give invoicing and expenditure results.


This platform will allow you to send your customers very formal and professional invoices. These invoices can be very simple mailed to your customers.

Paypal Invoicing

This will allow your customers to see the invoice and make their payments very easily without any kind of issues. This will allow users to make payments using three options, they can pay through credit or debit cards, they can also pay through their PayPal account, and or the credit which is there on your PayPal account. 

Doesn’t matter what form of payment your customer decides to pay through, PayPal will ensure that you get the amount as soon as possible without delays. 

This tool also permits users to keep a record of the data of all the payments that you make.

You can regulate all the payments and their invoices on the mobile application which is available for PayPal, it will also be available on the online website of PayPal, and even the invoicing API. 

Verdict: in this aspect, PayPal wins, as we read that SamCart doesn’t offer the invoice feature, it is very beneficial to use this feature as it maintains formal conduct between you and your customers and it allows you to keep a complete track and record of the payments. 

5). Mobile application


This platform does not support mobile phone devices and it’s an interface that is not compatible with either android or iOS servers. 


The mobile application of PayPal is very effective and efficient, it allows users to use this platform on the go and access all the important information from any part of the world, this feature can perform all the above-mentioned features from the mobile phone device of users.

Paypal Mobile App

It can send invoiced and recover payments or get refunds with some clicks on the phone it is an amazing feature and it will make everything very easy and simpler. 

Verdict: the mobile application which only PayPal has made everything very easy all the processes can be completed in very simpler ways in your mobile phone device. 

SamCart vs Paypal: Pros and Cons



  1.  It provides the most amazing looking tools and checks out pages.
  2. The setup process is very effortless and quick.
  3. The dashboard has an extensive range of data.
  4. You can also provide offers to your customers.


  1. The account is totally free of cost.
  2. It offers a great mobile application.
  3. It doesn’t let any delays take place, all payments are instant.
  4. It is very fast in setting up.



  1. They cost a fee of 19 dollars every month.
  2. You will have to make an extra 1 percent payment for the stripe account.

As SamCart uses Stripe you might have to postpone roughly for about 7 days to obtain the income. 


  1. It is more costly than other alternatives.
  2. PayPal has been recognized to maintain a grip on your accounts for no explanation.
  3. PayPal constantly favors the consumer if a conflict were to happen.
  4. Paypal will try to convince your consumer to expend using their PayPal account, and if they did not make an account it can be obstructed for them.
  5. The PayPal dashboard can be hard to use even though it included many modifications.

SamCart vs Paypal: Pricing

Pricing of SamCart

Samcart Pricing - SamCart vs PayPal

It can be very expensive as the monthly cost is 19 dollars and you will have to pay an extra fee for the stripe of 1 percent.

Pricing of PayPal

PayPal charge 3.4% + 20p for every transaction

Verdict: the monthly cost of SamCart covers all transactions therefore it is a better option and PayPal can be more expensive with its charges than SamCart. 

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👉 Is SamCart compatible with mobiles?

No, only PayPal offers a mobile phone application, SamCart is not compatible with any kind of mobile processor, neither Android nor iOS and not even normal websites.

👉Which of the following will be a cheaper option between Samcart vs Paypal?

SamCart can be cheaper than PayPal as PayPal charges for every transaction and SamCart charges once which is a mixed fee for every month. Nevertheless, if your transactions are less PayPal will be cheaper as SamCart also costs an extra 1 percent fee for Stripe.

👉 Which platform is more formal between Samcart vs Paypal?

PayPal allows users to send an invoice to their customers which makes it formal and professional and very easy to keep a record of data.

Conclusion: SamCart vs Paypal 2023 | Who is the winner?

Both the platforms are great will reduce your pavement hassles. They provide a great interface and are very simple and easy to use and even the set up is effortless.

Whichever platform you decide to use make sure that it supports all your needs and requirements.

These platforms aim in bringing a change in the payment procedures, they want their customers to have a trouble-free transaction with no problems and issues of long procedures and delays.

They make online banking operations very easy and secure for safe usage. Whichever platform you decide to use, I ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

Both are great and they possess features that are remarkable and extraordinary. The mobile application in pay pal especially makes everything simpler and more importantly, it is great for travellers. 

SamCart offers many features which you require to make your store more attractive and also find best products to sell and SamCart doesn't charge any extras for any transaction like PayPal does so what are you waiting for then start with SamCart today.

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  1. Samcart is an online payment system that made it easier for me to accept payments from customers.

    It provides a whole range of features including invoicing, customer management, and multi-currency support among others – all at no monthly fee! You can also use third-party apps such as FreshBooks or Xero with Samcart so everything’s in one place.

    Their visual presentation and templates are much more professional-looking than other platforms.

  2. SamCart has all the standard features you’d want in a shopping cart.
    SamCart differentiates itself from ThriveCart, and its other competitor’s a bit by its detailed payment structure product flexibility. They have granular billing frequency settings for payments as well.
    With this many one page funnel design and checkout page template design options, it’s easy for SamCart customers to get started by filling in their product info.


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