SamCart vs PayPal 2024: Here Are The Biggest Differences

Deciding between SamCart and PayPal for my online business was challenging.

SamCart is known for its efficient shopping cart solutions designed to simplify sales and enhance the checkout experience.

It’s tailored for entrepreneurs looking to boost their checkout process and overall sales.

PayPal, on the other hand, is a leader in the online payment sector, with millions of customers trusting it for safe and simple payment processing.

I needed a tool that wasn’t just about transactions; I wanted something to help my business grow by making the buying process smoother for my customers.

SamCart promised to be that boost with its marketing-focused features, while PayPal offered the familiarity and trust that could ease customers’ minds.

It was a tough choice, balancing between enhancing the shopping experience and leveraging a widely recognized payment system.

The choice was tough, requiring careful consideration of which service would best meet my business’s needs, focusing on payment processing capabilities, ease of use, and additional features to support my sales strategy.


Check out


Check out
Pricing $49/month $
Best for

SamCart is an outstanding web-based shopping cart application that can be used to sell both digital and physical things.

PayPal is an online payment system that allows you to send and receive money around the world. It is a fast, secure way to pay online.

  • Free trial
  • Live and Recorded Demos
  • Variety of Templates
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Shipping Management
  • Quick Transactions
  • Numerous third-party integrations
  • Wide Range of Templates
  • Free Trial
  • Easy to create pages
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Transaction Review Options
  • Encrypted Cart
  • Instant credit options
  • Lack of built-in marketing features
  • Less comprehensive reporting
  • High chargeback fees
  • Frequent phishing target
Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface and templates as well as tutorials are easy to start off.

The setup of PayPal is very simple and basic too, and it can be done easily by anybody without the help of professionals.

Value For Money

Monthly pricing plans are worth it and come with all the bells and whistles.

There are no such plans, but the transaction fees can be costly.

Customer Support

Stellar Customer Support provides live tutorials, demos, and documentation.

Customer support lacks strength and does not provide any live tickets or customer chat.

Check out Check out

If you’re planning to sell things on the Internet, you’ll need a way to display your products, impress your customers, and handle transactions. As you look for the right tools, you might be comparing SamCart and PayPal.

This article will help you decide which one is better for you by explaining what each platform does and highlighting the main differences between SamCart vs PayPal.

Bottom Line Upfront:

If you’re aiming for more than just basic payments and want to boost your earnings with solid conversion tools, SamCart is the winner. While PayPal works for simple payments, SamCart brings extra value to the table.

Try SamCart free for 7-days days, and if you’re hooked, enjoy a 20% discount with annual billing.

SamCart vs Paypal 2024: Overview

About SamCart

Samcart is different from the normal payment processors; it functions more like a sales page.

There is a great variety of checkout pages to pick from, so you can provide your clients with a better and more visually appealing experience than what they would get from PayPal or any other site. At the same time, customers complete their purchase by checking out.

Samcart Homepage

They have many options available and templates from which you can choose, and it is so easy and quick to set it up that anybody can easily do it.

More than 10 thousand businesses have trusted SamCart and are using its amazing features for their sales.

If you don’t know if you can trust SamCart, let me tell you that It has processed more than 1.5 billion dollars for its customers.

We have talked in detail about it in the SamCart Review.

About PayPal

I don’t think that I have to introduce this popular platform to you; I am sure that almost every reader of this article will have a PayPal account and might be a regular user of that platform.

Paypal Overview- SamCart vs Paypal

PayPal shows a button on the checkout page so that your customers can instantly start the payment process without any lengthy process or other issues.

This will help your customers get through the payment process quickly and without any delays.

PayPal also lets you set up an option using which you can share a link to the customer on their mail account, and that link will directly lead to the page of PayPal; on that page, your customer can effortlessly complete their payment, and you will receive the payment too without any problems.

Using PayPal, one can also set up options for subscriptions that will make the payment process faster and a lot more convenient. 

Verdict: Even though PayPal is very famous and is used by everyone, SamCart offers better features, like templates. However, PayPal enjoys widespread trust and is well-known for its top-notch services.

SamCart vs Paypal: Similarities

  • Both of these platforms let all types of companies that are based online or offline, salespeople, and marketing people get all their payments instantly online.
  • They help businesses gain more profit, create more sales, and increase the conversion rate of their sales and business.
  • There is a great supporting preference on both of these platforms, which are available for sellers. 

SamCart vs Paypal: Unique features

1. Online stores


Samcart lets all sellers build gorgeous and wonderful pages in just a few clicks and a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about coding or hiring professionals, as you can create online stores without worrying about all that.

SamCart templates

They have a great variety of drag-and-drop builders and themes that are compatible and respond well to mobile apps. This will help you build astonishing online stores.

As the pages are usually single, your customers won’t have to go through many landing pages to purchase the product that they want to buy.  This will also convert all the visitors who visit your page into people who want to purchase from your extensive collection of products. 


PayPal does not possess the ability to allow sellers to make online stores or similar pages. 

Verdict: SamCart lets you make online stores. Of course, it is better than PayPal in this aspect, as online stores can also help increase sales.

2. Sales Booster


SamCart has an amazing feature that will help you boost your sales and grow your business at a much faster rate than you expect.

This tool is so strong that it will turn all your visitors into buyers and convert sales.

While increasing and boosting your sales, Samcart lets you create offers and add additional add-ons, which will also make the customers purchase those add-ons while they are at the checkout page and are making payments.

These kinds of additional proposals and offers boost your profit value, and the increase will be very visible as your profits will reach more than seven figures. 

This sales booster tool also lets all the sellers create one-click upsells, which will also increase the profit value to more than three times their normal profit rates. Using this feature, they will provide customers with great offers at good prices both on checkout pages and before and after the purchase is made.

With the subscription-saving application, sellers will not misplace the payments that customers have to make, and everything will be on time.

This tool is automatic in getting declined subscriptions. It permits subscribers to revamp their credit card data with comfort.


PayPal is very different from SamCart. Let me explain how and why.

So, if you make a purchase and find the payment method very safe and comfortable, you won’t hesitate to make the same payment again.

Isn’t it?

PayPal helps you as your customers will come back as they trust, and when your customers make payments again and again, you will have the security that your customer will not abandon their cart.

Therefore, you will be able to create more sales, and no purchase will be left out. PayPal will provide you with more options to offer your customers various payment options.

This platform will help you and your customer both effortlessly receive and complete the payment; this will also help increase sales. 

Verdict: Although PayPal offers more payment solutions and many secure ways to complete payment procedures, Samcart has a better sales booster.

3. Checkout pages


Samcart will let sellers create exceptional checkout pages. These checkout pages are simple to start with, and the setup process is super easy.

Samcary checkout page

SamCart has an amazing set of templates and a great drag-and-drop feature. You can use it to create many wonderful checkout pages.

This tool also lets you add several payment options on the checkout page that you create; the payment options include the most used Google Pay and Apple Pay.

It also allows you to set up payments with PayPal, Microsoft Pay, and even Stripe. This tool also allows sellers to make checkout popups that will appear on the last checkout page so that customers can pay from the product page of the website that they want. 


The PayPal checkout page is very basic, but it is exceptional. As I mentioned before, using PayPal will let you set up a button that your customers can use to make payments instantly without any trouble or a long process.

PayPal checkout page

This platform is very safe and secure. It will ensure that the entire money transfer process is done in complete safety. PayPal ensures that customers can complete the transaction process in simple and easy ways. 

PayPal has a wide network of payments, supports various countries, and has payment procedures that are being used in more than one hundred and twenty countries. 

Verdict: SamCart wins in the configuration of checkout pages; the attractive, available templates and checkout pages will furthermore help in boosting sales, but we must keep in mind that PayPal is very secure and provides a very safe network. 

4. Invoicing & Estimates


SamCart does not give invoicing and expenditure results.


This platform will allow you to send your customers very formal and professional invoices, which can be mailed very simply.

Paypal Invoicing

This will allow your customers to see the invoice and make their payments very easily without any issues. Users can make payments using three options: credit or debit cards, their PayPal account, or the credit that is there on their PayPal account. 

It doesn’t matter what form of payment your customer decides to pay through; PayPal will ensure that you get the amount as soon as possible without delays. 

This tool also permits users to keep a record of all the payments that they make.

You can regulate all payments and invoices on PayPal’s mobile application, which is available now; it will also be available on PayPal’s website and even the invoicing API. 

Verdict: In this aspect, PayPal wins, as we read that SamCart doesn’t offer the invoice feature. It is very beneficial to use this feature, as it maintains formal communication between you and your customers and allows you to keep a complete record of the payments. 

5. Mobile application


This platform does not support mobile phone devices, and it’s an interface that is not compatible with either Android or iOS servers. 


PayPal’s mobile application is very effective and efficient. It allows users to use this platform on the go and access all the important information from anywhere in the world. This feature can perform all the features mentioned earlier on users’ mobile phone devices.

Paypal Mobile App

It can send invoices, recover payments, and get refunds with a few clicks on the phone. This is an amazing feature that will make everything very easy and simpler.

Verdict: The mobile application PayPal has made everything very easy. All the processes can be completed in very simple ways on your mobile phone device.

SamCart vs Paypal: Pricing

Samcart Pricing

Samcart has monthly and annual subscriptions, each of which has a 7-day free trial. With the yearly subscription, you will save up to 20%.

Samcart pricing plans

  • The launch plan is $79 per month.
  • The Grow plan is $159 per month.
  • Scale plan pricing is available on request.

PayPal Pricing

PayPal employs a pricing method distinct from SamCart’s.

Instead of requiring a monthly payment, their service is free to use. However, they impose a transaction fee, which can reach up to 2.9% per transaction. The specific transaction fee may vary based on factors like location and payment method.

You can find a comprehensive list of PayPal transaction fees for reference.

Verdict: SamCart’s monthly cost covers all transactions; therefore, it is a better option, and PayPal can be more expensive with its charges than SamCart.

SamCart vs Paypal: Pros and Cons

SamCart Pros 

  • SamCart excels at optimizing revenue streams, providing advanced features to maximize sales and enhance overall profitability.
  • It integrates with dozens of email marketing tools like Drip, GetResponse, and others.
  • SamCart charges zero transaction fees, enabling businesses to retain more of their revenue.
  • Membership site builder is available on all pricing plans
  • Ability to create discounts and coupons
  • A/B testing functionality.

SamCart Cons

  • There is no digital tool to calculate sales tax in SamCart
  • Only PayPal and Stripe are accessible
  • Rarely integrates or combines with other websites.

PayPal Pros

  • PayPal is a practical choice for online transactions because so many online stores and websites accept it.
  • PayPal offers a buyer protection program that can help resolve disputes and offer refunds.
  • Users can make transactions in various currencies, and PayPal automatically handles the currency conversion.
  • PayPal’s mobile app allows users to manage their accounts, send money, and make purchases on the go.
  • PayPal offers services for businesses, including payment processing, invoicing, and subscription services.

PayPal Cons

  • PayPal has a bad reputation for maintaining a grip on your accounts without explanation.
  • PayPal constantly favors the consumer if a conflict were to happen.
  • It will try to convince your consumer to spend using their PayPal account, and if they did not create an account, it can be obstructed for them.
  • The PayPal dashboard can be hard to use, even though it includes many modifications.

Conclusion: SamCart vs Paypal 2024

In conclusion, the comparison between SamCart and PayPal reveals a notable point of integration between the two platforms.

PayPal is a good choice if you need to collect payments with a website button. However, SamCart is recommended for advanced conversion features.

It is essential to consider the specific needs and objectives of your business to make an informed decision on the most appropriate payment solution. Integrating both SamCart and PayPal can potentially provide a comprehensive and flexible approach to meeting various payment requirements.



Is SamCart compatible with mobiles?

No, only PayPal offers a mobile phone application, SamCart is not compatible with any kind of mobile processor, neither Android nor iOS and not even normal websites.

Which of the following will be a cheaper option between Samcart & Paypal?

SamCart can be cheaper than PayPal as the latter charges for every transaction and SamCart charges once, which is a mixed fee for every month. Nevertheless, if your transactions are less, PayPal will be cheaper, as SamCart also costs an extra 1 percent fee for Stripe.

👉 Which platform is more formal between Samcart & Paypal?

PayPal allows users to send an invoice to their customers, which makes it formal and professional and very easy to keep a record of data.

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  1. Samcart is an online payment system that made it easier for me to accept payments from customers.

    It provides a whole range of features including invoicing, customer management, and multi-currency support among others – all at no monthly fee! You can also use third-party apps such as FreshBooks or Xero with Samcart so everything’s in one place.

    Their visual presentation and templates are much more professional-looking than other platforms.

  2. SamCart has all the standard features you’d want in a shopping cart.
    SamCart differentiates itself from ThriveCart, and its other competitor’s a bit by its detailed payment structure product flexibility. They have granular billing frequency settings for payments as well.
    With this many one page funnel design and checkout page template design options, it’s easy for SamCart customers to get started by filling in their product info.


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