Samcart vs Clickfunnels 2023 | Which One Is The Best For Your Need?

Confused to find the best tool! Let’s compare Samcart vs Clickfunnels two of the best tools for developing your business.


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Pricing $49/month $97/month
Best for

Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Course Creators, Authors, Non-Profits, Amazon Sellers and Product Inventors

Marketers Product/course developers

  • Free trial
  • Live and Recorded Demos
  • Variety of Templates
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Built-In Split Testing Included
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Numerous third-party integrations
  • Wide Range of Templates
  • No Set up Fee
  • Very easy to build complete funnels
  • It is flexible to make edits
  • In-built email marketing
  • No integration with Google Pay and Apple pay
  • It can be a little overwhelming for beginners
Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface and templates as well as tutorials are easy to start off.

ClickFunnels is the first choice of marketers because it provides them with the best thing in funnel marking.

Value For Money

Monthly pricing plans are worth it and come with all the bells and whistles.

Amazing sales funnel features and functionalities for campaign creation.

Customer Support

Stellar Customer support with live tutorials, demos and documentation.

ClickFunnels offers stellar customer support with 24*7 chat and phone.

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The first time I ever heard about the marketing concept I was amazed by it. As finance is the brain of every business, similarly marketing is the heart of every business, startups, brand, and small companies.

Which gives oxygen and nutrients to businesses to maintain their health in the competitive market world. Unlike earlier times, marketing is no longer bound to communication with customers about products.

If You are looking to know more about Samcart then check out our detailed Samcart Review

It has widened its scope to the digital and social world. Companies who fear to furnish innovation and dynamic changes in their products offered and services provided would no longer be a part of the marketing world soon.

Bottom Line Upfront: SamCart is one of the best eCommerce shopping cart made for direct to a consumer eCommerce platform, it is very easy to build beautiful checkout pages with SamCart. SamCart offers many features which you require to make your store more attractive and also find the best products to sell. Whereas ClickFunnels is a platform that can help you build funnels for your store and now it’s up to you to choose between them. Try SamCart or Get started with ClickFunnels.

To build a unique presence company has realized the power of creativity and marketing. People from every corner of the world possess the power to create things out of the way with innovation and creativity.

Moreover, to conclude the underlying idea of marketing we’ve come up with the idea of providing you with the concept of two tools that will help you in making marketing more effective. Now go through our in-depth comparison between Samcart vs Clickfunnels.

Samcart vs Clickfunnels 2023: Overview


Samcart is the best leading platform to engulf your rivalry. It focuses more on furnishing your online business with amazing tools.

Marketing automation software aims to help entrepreneurs and businesses to highlight their new offerings to the customers to convert them into sales.

SamCart Overview - Samcart vs Clickfunnels

Businesses that are buried under a load of assisting the shoppers and civilians must carve the features of Samcart to give people a good experience while visiting their site.

Samcart being a powerful tool offers a professional-looking shopping cart, which assists in turn visitors into buyers. Selecting pricing plans to customize your templates and creating checkout pages Samcart assists in empowering your daily business. 


Clickfunnels as the name suggests it helps in creating various funnels like sales, marketing, etc. Every feature will work as the game-changer for any business.

ClickFunnel Overview - Samcart vs Clickfunnels

It alleviates in creating, generating, and converting visitors into new leads and paying customers and has done a lot more to develop and energize companies.

It turns all the hard and precarious work into an easier one and introduces users to a great and long-lasting marketing automation tool.

This tool doesn’t even require technical and professional knowledge to put this into use. To utilize it to competitive advantage in the market, this provides a whole package of marketing tools in one place.

To give cut-throat competition to the marketing world it provides you with the unique features to stand out of the queue.

Samcart vs Clickfunnels: Features

1). Drag and Drop Builder


Samcart is the best platform for people and entrepreneurs to build their checkout pages easily.

Samcart offers you engaging, effective, and customized checkout pages with advanced settings to beat the competitors and capture huge market demand.

Samcart Drag and Drop Builder

Besides, you can also set up an automatic email reminder for the visitors who forget to fill the complete details after adding the products in the cart.

Checkout pages are crucial for every business as it is the very initial source through which visitors know about your business. 


Worrying about generating leads? We got you. Clickfunnels is a powerful application for providing customers with valuable drag and drop builder tools.

It helps in building a sales funnel page via which leads and sales are generated easily. Also, different marketing strategies like videos, sales letters, etc. assist businesses to make their page more innovative.  

Verdict: Both tools use different strategies to achieve the common goal of generating leads and sales.

Moreover, Samcart is specialized in checkout pages while Clickfunnels is not able to provide intensive and innovative templates and designs as compared to Samcart. Samcart offers many designs and features to customize according to needs.

2). Upsell pages


Samcart includes the option of Upsell pages to provide easy assistance to the customers. Your consumers can easily upgrade their cart anytime and add more products.

The all-time advantage Samcart permits your customers is that there is no need to re-enter their billing details again. Also, all this can be done only with a single click without investing much time.

This is best for customers, as they may get frustrated if filled repeatedly.  


Upsell pages are one of the best features that Clickfunnels includes in its software. As Samcart offers easy assistance to its customers, similarly Clickfunnels lets its customers use this.

ClickFunnel Upsell Pages

Customers can anytime add additional products and upgrade items whenever they want to. Customers are no longer in need to fill in their details again while purchasing. 

Verdict: In this case both the tools include Upsell pages and similar in assisting. Besides, Samcart includes an exit pop-up that allows retaining your customers.

However, both are equal to saving users time and cost. Hence, in the end, it comes to the long-term existence of business in the player market. 

3). Email marketing


Email marketing is one of the easiest marketing strategies to reach more customers.

Though Samcart doesn’t incorporate email marketing and automation tools, you can assimilate it with other email marketing tools to increase reach.

SamCart Email Marketing

Some software like Drip, mail chimp, Ontraport, etc can integrate natively with Samcart. This tool is highly recommended for purposes.

Since some business around the world is still not utilizing email marketing to capture the market. 


Clickfunnels includes a powerful feature that Samcart doesn’t have built-in which is an email marketing automation tool.

By far, it is the best tool for keeping regular updates to customers about the new features and technology that Clickfunnels introduce in the future.

Also, with email marketing, they can capture a huge market at the same time without any delay. Besides, it is multidimensional as one can connect to the audience anytime.

Verdict: Email marketing helps in collecting information and building your database. If we see in this case Clickfunnels includes an email marketing tool that helps businesses to increase reach while Samcart doesn’t have this feature in-built but then also the tools with which it integrates are more enough for any business to grow in the market.

4). Affiliate management


Affiliate management is another channel of marketers to build, grow, and drive traffic in the business. It offers you to create a new account in terms of people.

Samcart Affiliate Centre

Affiliates are the persons who possess the potential to market business in their reach.


Affiliate management is becoming more popular with the increasing marketing strategies. As of now, every company contacts affiliates to market their product to bring in more demand.

ClickFunnel Affiliates

However, Clickfunnels includes affiliate management but only in the premium or expensive plan. That might be costly for small businesses. Besides, it is referred to as a backpack system in Clickfunnels.

Verdict: Samcart offers affiliate management even at a low pricing plan with all the other facilities whereas Clickfunnels also offers the same but at a more expensive plan.

Most large businesses use the Clickfunnels premium plan as budget also matters. 

5). Page building 


You can start building pages from scratch with beautiful templates. It is very easy and simple to build pages.

Samcart Page Builder

All the features are arranged in systematic order and in respective sections so that the user can easily access the features.

The content tab contains all the elements and widgets. The collection tab contains CTA and headers. Users can customize checkout pages both on phones and desktops.

It also allows you to hide the things that you don’t want to show to the visitors. 


Clickfunnels is a user-friendly tool that provides you with numerous elements. It has arranged its features categorically to make it super easy to search for.

ClickFunnels Page Editor

Samcart is somehow slower than Clickfunnels as it automatically loads the mock the moment you add images.

Though, it provides features that can be used for creating pages and you can customize anything straightforwardly. Besides, you can make it more engaging using pop-ups, etc. 

Verdict: In this case, Clickfunnels is much better than Samcart as it is faster in building landing pages. Besides, it is powerful in engaging visitors with this type of strategy.

6). Security


Samcart is the safest site on which consumers rely on. It protects and secures the personal information of users and visitors.

Samcart reveals only some information about the visitors that the company needs like location, gender, and age.

This will help the users to know about interested people. Other than that, all the information will be safe. Samcart respects privacy and maintains all the information.

Using Samcart cookies your account is highly secured from unauthorized use or any scam.


There are millions of users on Clickfunnels like large business organizations, entrepreneurs, marketers, and small and medium-sized companies.

People are using their services and features over many times to generate sales and leads.

Being users they till now they are aware though Clickfunnels stores the personal information of users and visitors are very safe. Clickfunnels use the information to keep track of visitors and provide regular updates.

Verdict: Both the tools are reliable in terms of security. Over many companies’ are using Samcart and Clickfunnels to generate sales and leads.

Well, in this case, both tools are powerful and reliable sources for users. Samcart uses its cookies to make sure the information is highly safe and secure. 

Samcart vs Clickfunnels: Customer support


Samcart is quietly dedicated to its customers. It has discovered endless ways to satisfy its customers’ needs. It increases conversations with customers and simplifies the users’ business.

It has an in-built private army of promotional partners that will help to sell users’ products. Samcart with its communication and support team is always ready to solve customer’s queries.

For years, Samcart has put much effort and planning in providing the best support to customers’ within 24 hours. Freshdesk empowers Samcart by rooting the customer’s call exactly where it needs to be answered without any unnecessary messages. 


Clickfunnels support team promise you 24*7 assistance. Customers are free to contact Clickfunnels teams anytime via email, online chats, FAQ’s, etc. FAQ’s will help consumers to look upon the common problems or queries people generally ask for.

Throughout the whole process, you can contact them where you feel. They also provide live webinars to their customers to make features more understandable and keep them updated.

Clickfunnels supports its customers by many funnels it contains. The available funnels are user-friendly as anyone can easily access them.  

Verdict: Both the tools are superb in providing consumer assistance. Samcart introduces Freshdesk that will help customers to generate more trust and easy assistance whereas Clickfunnel supports its customers by providing live webinars, follow-up funnels, backpack, membership funnel, etc. Both have maintained their quality in terms of customer support. 

Samcart vs Clickfunnels: Pricing 


Samcart Pricing - Samcart vs Clickfunnels

1) Launch plan $49/month

  • 1 administrator only
  • Samcart branding
  • 2-day email support
  • Beautifully designed templates
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Free trial
  • Affiliate management

2) Grow plan $99/month

  • 3 administrator
  • 1-day email support
  • Consumer support (online chats)
  • Multiple payments options
  • Zapier integration
  • No transaction fee
  • No setup fee
  • A/B testing 

3) Scale plan $199/month 

  • 10 administrator users
  • Full email support 
  • Consumer support through every medium
  • CRM integrations
  • A/B testing
  • All the above-mentioned features are also included in a scale plan.

All the Samcart plans offer a 14 days trial and promise to refund in 45 days after the cancellation request.


Clickfunnel Pricing - Samcart vs Clickfunnels

1) Standards plan $97/month

  • Support 20 funnels
  • 20,000 visitors per month
  • 100 separate landing pages
  • 3 domains 

2) Premium plan $297/month

  • Unlimited sales funnel
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Generate unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited domain users

Clickfunnels all pricing plans include 14 days trial and guarantee to refund in 30 days if not satisfied.

Verdict: As per the plans, Clickfunnels is more expensive. Both plans offered by Clickfunnels are more costly than that of Samcart. Samcart provides many advanced features at affordable prices.

In the end, it depends on you which plan will best suit your business requirements.

Samcart vs Clickfunnels: Pros & Cons



1) Samcart is the best user-friendly software with advanced features.

2) Superior features help in yielding more leads with a good number of conversation rates.

3) Although it doesn’t include email marketing, integrations are available with different tools. 

4) One can customize the checkout pages.

5) It is a powerful tool for the checkout pages and effective shopping cart.

6) Samcart is cheaper than Clickfunnels

7) The affiliate management system is available and easy to deal with.

8) It is really a good platform for shopping cart and selling services digitally. 


1) Includes numerous features like sales funnel and landing page, etc

2) It has an in-built email marketing automation tool.

3) User-friendly and everyone can use it without even having perfect knowledge.

4) Can organize live webinars and provide free courses 

5) Provides A/B testing 

6) Drag and drop builder and exit pop-ups help the users to keep their visitors engaged and maintain good relations with the company. 

7) It quickly collects the information and helps in processing the data so that emails can frequently reach customers the moment they subscribe.



1) It does not include an email marketing automation in-built tool.

2) Features like A/B testing and upsells are available only in the premium plans.

3) Not able to organize webinars and host courses.

4) Not includes sales funnel feature

5) Although Samcart provides consumer support in every plan, it specifies priority.

6) Samcart charges a 1% fee on all the orders.


1) Plans are more expensive than Samcart.

2) Affiliate management is only available at a premium plan.

3) It doesn’t include checkout pages while Samcart offers a wide variety.

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👉 Will SamCart be helpful to trade physical products?

Although it is best for selling digital products, SamCart also gives extra options to switch to physical, such as shipping charges, shipping locations, etc. But it is not as advanced as Shopify. Yet, SamCart can work for all sorts of things like digital, services, physical.

👉 Can SamCart and Shopify be integrated?

At present, it is not feasible to access SamCart as a checkout page with Shopify. Shopify is used as a checkout to receive remittance and finish the order requirements. However, there are several other methods, where you use Zapier as an intermediate to make this both software to integrate and work along to transfer info between both of them.

👉 Do SamCart and Shopify require any pro-coders to work on?

No, SamCart and Shopify don’t require any coders. These are the most friendly and easy to use tools. Any beginner can start building the business as they provide customizable pre-built designs and templates. Their online store builder will make your work even easier.

Conclusion: Samcart vs Clickfunnels 2023 | Who is the winner?

Moving to the conclusion I’m a bit sure until now you guys get a glimpse of both the tools equally. In terms of quality, features, pricing, consumers’ support, and a lot more.

To cover-up our idea of introducing you with the best marketing automation tools we quickly conclude our article. However, both the tools have the same purpose but are different in dealing.

The reason behind this is a technology and innovative ways they examine in a way to provide their users best. 

Samcart deals with adding products in the specialized shopping cart and helps in creating and designing check-out pages whereas Clickfunnels is a tool for creating funnels and managing marketing procedures.

Both are excellent at providing full services to their users. Well, it depends on you which tool you want to utilize better and make the best out of it. Besides, it depends upon your business needs and requirements. 

Overall, both are powerful applications for generating sales, foster business activities, and develop your business in terms of growth. In the end, it’s up to you whichever you would like to go for.

SamCart offers many features which you require to make your store more attractive and also find the best products to sell. Whereas ClickFunnels is a platform that can help you build funnels for your store and now it's up to you to choose between them.

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5 thoughts on “Samcart vs Clickfunnels 2023 | Which One Is The Best For Your Need?”

  1. I have used SamCart on several websites. Samcart has a sandbox mode that allows testing everything, ensuring that our product is perfect before launch.

    If you use Stripe, you can test payments in sandbox mode and they won’t show up in your stats, which helps with accuracy.

    SamCart is a great solution for anyone that needs to test an e-commerce site before going live.

  2. Clickfunnel is a marketing software that provides users with a number of different options for designing sales funnels.Clickfunnel is a great tool for any small business to use and is one of the best marketing software options for those looking to design a sales funnel.It’s free to sign up, and doesn’t require any coding skills.

  3. If you’re looking for an easy way to bring abandoned carts back to life, then SamCart offers the best solution for anyone who needs a shopping cart on their website.

    I recover about 6-7 abandoned carts every day. We can also use SamCart to retarget customers on our website or in our email campaigns to motivate them to make their purchases.

  4. SamCart’s templates are perfect for startups to use and they are easy to edit and customize.

    I used the Blocky template at the start. It has a simple design with on the top of the page Contact information, in the middle order summary, and at the bottom, it has payment methods.

    I recently switched to the Startup template which is more modern than the Blocky template. Designs are quite intuitive

  5. Clickfunnels is a good service, but it’s not as advanced as Samcart. If you’re looking for more customizability, then you should go with Samcart. Samcart provides a powerful affiliate system and you can make a good passive income with it.

    I started doing affiliate marketing for several tools a few years back. One of these tools is Samcart which has the option to track conversions


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