Samcart & Kajabi Integration 2023: How to integrate SamCart with Kajabi?

How does Samcart & Kajabi Integration work?

Do you want to send your SamCart customers flying over the internet and enrol them in your Kajabi courses automatically?

This isn’t science fiction, people; it’s real life. SamCart operates at the heart of your business, bringing together all of your favourite tools in one place.

So, if you’re using Kajabi, brace yourselves. We’ll show you how to connect SamCart with Kajabi to save time, delight your customers, and safeguard your content.


SamCart aspires to link all of your favourite applications. Kajabi is one of these tools, and the interaction between the two is fantastic!

SamCart focuses in check-out pages, while Kajabi is a one-size-fits-all platform for selling, marketing, and delivering online content.

When you combine Kajabi and SamCart, you’ll be able to offer up online content and accept payments effortlessly.

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3-Step Process to Integrate SamCart with Kajabi

Before you begin, there are three things you should check…

1. Create a product in SamCart first.

Create product in samcart- how to integrate samcart with Kajabi

At least one product must be created within your account. It makes no difference whether it’s a one-time fee, a free trial, a paid trial, a payment plan, or anything in between. Simply get one produced.

2: In Kajabi, make a “Offer.”

With a Kajabi “offer,” you can ensure that customers have access to the items they’ve purchased. In this article from Kajabi’s website, you can discover more about their services and how they work.

3: Integrate SamCart and Kajabi with Zapier.

Take a few moments to double-check that Zapier is configured to communicate with SamCart and Kajabi. Here’s a walkthrough on how to link SamCart to Zapier if you need it.

Let’s get this party started. To get started, go to Zapier and create a “Zap.”

No worries if you don’t know what a zap is or haven’t created one before. It’s as simple as producing a zap…

A zap is a rule that can be changed. We want to establish a rule that states, “Give that consumer access to an offer in Kajabi when an order is placed in SamCart.”

By incorporating Kajabi into their online procedures, SamCart users may save a lot of time and work.

It’s also a terrific method to expand your business and add new digital products to your store, such as online courses, memberships, and digital content.

Benefits of Samcart & Kajabi Integration

Let’s take a deeper look at two of the most obvious advantages of this fantastic pairing.

Enroll Students or Members in Your Kajabi Course or Membership Site Automatically

When you sell a digital product through Kajabi, SamCart will allow you to enrol members immediately and automatically once they’ve purchased it.

After a member completes the payment procedure and exits the SamCart checkout page, they will be transferred to Kajabi and automatically enrolled.

This instantaneous and automatic enrolment saves the user a great deal of time and effort.

More Automations

After you’ve set up your integration rules, SamCart allows you to automate a number of elements along the path, saving you time and improving customer service. Furthermore, on all SamCart products and Kajabi offerings, users have complete freedom over the creation of as many rules and triggers as they require.

You can add e-mail integration after you’ve chosen a product via the product tab. Other automated processes can be built up using the e-mail integration.


Using Zapier to connect SamCart and Kajabi automates digital purchases and membership access.

Members will be able to access Kajabi online courses instantly after making a purchase through SamCart, increasing customer satisfaction while saving you time.

The integration of SamCart and Kajabi is certainly a match made in heaven.

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