SamCart Integrations To Boost Your Business Efficiency

What are the SamCart integrations with most popular tools? How many tools does SamCart integrate with?

SamCart has 29 integrations to help you achieve your e-commerce needs.

There is a solution that works with SamCart for everything from email to marketing, membership administration to payment gateways, and page builders. We have shared a detailed review of the SamCart cart builder in our post that explains each use case.

However, here are some great integration options.

Email Integrations with SamCart


Samcart mailchimp integrations

MailChimp provides solutions for sending targeted emails, automating follow-up emails, and analysing customer email responses. With MailChimp’s drag-and-drop interface, you can design and share visually appealing email campaigns.

From small e-commerce startups to huge online shops, the solution caters to a wide spectrum of businesses.


iContact offers drag-and-drop email creation capabilities as well as the option to customise email content based on your target demographic.

This implies that as a SamCart user, you can figure out which of your items or services your clients are interested in and personalise your interactions accordingly.


On a unified dashboard, ConvertKit allows you to sort consumers based on a variety of characteristics, send tailored content, and measure interaction rates.

The email designer module assists you in creating marketing emails by allowing you to customise fonts, links, theme colours, alignment, headers, and content to meet your specific needs.

Marketing Integrations with SamCart


Klaviyo samcart integrations

Klaviyo allows for tailored email campaigns based on client history, such as purchase and viewing history, as well as how customers responded with previous emails.

The money generated by email marketing campaigns can be determined using the reporting dashboard. You can segment clients based on previous purchases and deliver personalised email marketing to them.


Ontraport is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that allows you to automate your marketing and sales operations. Email marketing tools, lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead generation, and task management are all included in the package.


HubSpot assists businesses in establishing a web presence and converting online visitors into trackable leads that can be nurtured and analysed to increase income. The Marketing Hub module provides options for attracting more visits, converting those visitors into leads, and closing more sales.

Membership Integrations with SamCart


MemberPress is a membership site plugin that lets you charge clients for digital products like e-books and other material. Membership subscriptions and digital products can be created, managed, and analysed. MemberPress gives you the ability to restrict access to your online items based on the memberships or products that your customers have purchased.


Thinkific samcart integrations

Thinkific is a learning management system for creating, marketing, and selling online courses.

You can also use Thinkific to market, sell, and safeguard them. A drag-and-drop tool can be used to create multimedia courses. Thinkific is device-agnostic, which means it will save a student’s progress even if they transfer devices.


Wishlist is an employee recognition solution that allows you to send team members appreciation letters and gifts. It gives recipients the option of choose from a variety of gifts, including live events and gift cards. For reoccurring events, you may also automate the rewards workflow.

Integrations with Payment Providers in SamCart


You can accept and process cards, PayPal, and wallets like Venmo (US only), Apple Pay, and Google Pay with Braintree. It also allows you to buy now and pay later. This integration includes features to aid in the prevention of fraud and the management of data security.


Stripe is a tool that allows you to handle and accept payments over the internet. Stripe is capable of handling subscriptions, card storage, and direct bank account payouts. Businesses may accept international debit cards, credit cards, and currencies using this tool.


PayPal is a payment platform that allows you to accept payments through an online portal without having to divulge your personal or financial information. It’s so popular because it works for both enterprises and individuals of various sizes. Through the site, businesses can accept foreign payments from banks or digital wallets. PayPal charges a transaction fee based on the amount of money you spend.


Do you want to put your company online without having to hire software engineers and integration experts? If that’s the case, SamCart and these integrations are the way to go.

These tools can help you with all you need to do from start to finish, regardless of what you’re selling. Even if you already use one or more of the products listed here, SamCart can help you grow your business by allowing easy interaction with these third-party services. To take advantage of all of SamCart’s time-saving features, sign up today!


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