Review 2023 : Security, Features and Performance

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User Interface
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  • SSD servers are fast and reliable
  • Chat online, call, and email
  • Resources guaranteed for enterprise servers
  • Powered by Edge Cloud
  • Host WordPress websites with a WordPress optimized stack


  • Doesn’t offer email hosting
  • Not able to register domains
  • Plugins are automatically installed was founded and is owned by Ben Gabler & Aaron Phillips, two experienced web hosting astronauts. With this premium managed host, the objective is to improve user experience (UX), so that websites load faster.

Price:$ 25

There are many hosting companies that claim to provide great services, so finding a reliable hosting company can be challenging. I have been using aka OnRocket for months now, so here’s my review of it.

Managed WordPress hosting with Rocket is high performance. As of now, they host only WordPress sites. This rocket review may not be suitable for your website if it is using another CMS.

Quick Introduction about was founded and is owned by Ben Gabler & Aaron Phillips, two experienced web hosting astronauts. With this premium managed host, the objective is to improve user experience (UX), so that websites load faster.

It is designed to offer the best performance and security for WordPress, so it is only devoted to WordPress hosting. WordPress is the world’s largest CMS.


Why You Need A Managed WordPress Hosting –

The industry’s leading shared hosting platform is, without a doubt, Managed WordPress hosting. A cheap price is the only thing you should do if you need it. Websites represent your company after all.

For optimal performance, WordPress needs a more appropriate platform. Your blog’s growth will be determined by this. Rocket’s management team handles WordPress configuration and management.


a) Managed Hosting Is Optimized For WordPress

You’ll benefit from guaranteed resource availability, edge caching, and an optimized stack to ensure maximum performance from your optimized edge servers.

  • Memory caching with NGNIX – 
  • Default settings apply to everything. Cache module, speed optimizer, powerful security module, daily backup module, essential plugins, and many other things are provided by default in Rocket-managed WordPress hosting.
  • Resources included by default – The plugins and modules that could skyrocket my blog were included by default, which made it simpler to start.
  • PHP optimized for speed – Switch PHP versions for a faster experience (the latest version is recommended)
  • SSD Drives – 
  • SSDs (solid-state drives) have revolutionized the storage industry for a faster experience. Using SSD drives, ensures that its pages load faster.
  • GZIP Compression – The Gzip algorithm compresses data effectively.
  • WordPress-optimized

Rocket’s WordPress stack provides highly optimized PHP with access to multiple versions, php.ini support, and isolated resources to ensure maximum performance.

1. Hosting Speed?

Site Speed

The loading speed of a website should not have to be explained to you why it is so important. It’s all there in search engines like Google. The benefits of a faster loading website are many.

The managed WordPress hosting offers a great online experience for visitors to the blogs/sites. As well as being an important ranking factor in SERPs, website speed is also important for website growth.

Edge Of The Cloud

Edge Of The Cloud

The edge of the cloud is connected to the ISP (Internet service provider). This localization is simultaneously closer to the end-users, where all CDN’s have their footprints. Thus, better UX and faster loading times for them.

In short, uses the same footprints and moves your WordPress content closer to everyone, without getting on their private networks. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Networks with multiple terabits

Public clouds are slower than these. Moreover, rocket connects directly to visitors at over 20 Edge locations

  • The following North America Edge locations are available: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Miami, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
  • Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and London are Europe Edge locations
  • Sydney, Australia Edge Location
  • Location – Asia Edge Tokyo

Performance Enhancements For CDNs


Dynamic cache and CDN. Additional caching plugins have not been installed. In my opinion, it isn’t necessary now since has Brotli compression and a default CDN that are free.

Server Response Time

Well, is on edge cloud servers. You have already checked the speed test above. It’s because of several reasons that let the server respond so quickly.

A test was run online and, according to the results, my target audience is receiving responses within 2-3 milliseconds. It is absolutely amazing, and I was totally astonished by it.

My sites and clients are hosted on several hosting services as of now, but I have never had a consistent response time.

2. Security Matters

Everyone should be concerned about WordPress security. With WordPress being the largest CMS, websites built on WordPress are always a prime target for hackers. WordPress is flexible, so people want to create websites on it despite that.

However, you can handle security issues from your backend using multiple methods. It’s not rocket science at all. Choosing as your hosting provider means you do not need to worry about website security, as everything is by default in place to secure your site.

Integrated website security without the need to invest in paid security plugins or worry that your site will be hacked. You are protected from hackers with Rocket, as everything comes as default, secure, and easy to use.

Malware Protections - Review

3. Elegant Dashboard

Taking the necessary action faster is possible thanks to the dashboard. has a very clean and awesome dashboard. As well as being user-friendly, it can also be accessed without any problem. A simple and elegant design. The UI is flawless.

  • Launch WordPress – It’s easy to add your new site within a few steps
  • With One-Click Staging, you can clone your website, design it in a new way, or test new themes and plugins without interfering with the live site. Publish your work once you are satisfied.
  •’s dashboard makes it easy to manage all users.
  • Analyze the most important usage information, such as visitors, bandwidth and disk usage, and CDN usage.
  • You can now manage your files more simply than ever.
  • With support accessible from the dashboard, you can open up a ticket or chat. Their response time is very short.

Dashboard hosts a number of sites and they receive a lot of traffic. Additionally, you can find out how much disk space and bandwidth have been used.

The site configuration can also be managed directly from there, as shown in the image below. Go to the WordPress dashboard simultaneously.

One-click Staging

Nowadays, staging is a very popular thing. Therefore, webmasters and bloggers can try new themes, plugins, and redesign their websites directly on the live site.

Using Rocket, you can create clones in a few seconds with one click. For those who are always trying new things, this is a helpful feature.

  • Experimenting with New Themes
  • Duplicating your website
  • Plugins: Install them and try them out
  • Making your websites more appealing

From the rocket dashboard, you are in full control of all your websites.

4. Ticket And Support Resolutions That Are Fast customer support has surprised me with their response. Connecting with them does not seem to be difficult at all. It seems that their live chat support is more responsive than I had thought. Customer Supports - Review

The owners answered all my questions with ease and without any wait. Ben Gabler, that’s him. Managing WordPress hosting requires this feature. That’s what they deserve.

As the owner is responsible for the support, you might be able to discern the quality.

5. Rocket Hosting Pricing

pricings - Review

People might be stuck with large pricing information when they think of managed WordPress hosting. The Rocket pricing information, on the other hand, I found to be very affordable.

Cloud-based WP hosting, according to my choice, is reliable and affordable. Prices start at $25 per month and include premium customer support. You can easily upgrade Rocket Managed hosting with no data loss.

Starter Pro Business Agency
Install Sites 1 3 10 25
Monthly Visits 250,000 Visits 1,000,000 Visits 2,500,000 Visits 5,000,000 Visits
Bandwidth 50GB 100GB 300GB 500GB
Storage 10GB Storage 20GB Storage 40GB Storage 50GB Storage
Free CDN Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web App Firewall Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edge Network Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brotli Compression Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visit Visit Visit Visit

Whom On Rocket Aka Hosting Is For?

Automatic Updates - Review

For websites or blogs that require more power, it is a powerful hosting service.

Start-up website – The plugin makes WordPress even more user-friendly for small businesses. You don’t have to manage your own VPS servers, as with VPS. It is great for all businesses of any size to use managed WordPress hosting.

An intermediate or advanced level blogger – A website owner who receives large volumes of traffic or might be expecting it. The hosting company can handle the real-time traffic for your website regardless of how much traffic you receive. Their powerful and optimized servers are to thank for this.

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FAQs | Review 2023 Why is it needed?

Rocket.Net was specifically designed to host WordPress sites. No site building features are available.

Does WP Rocket still need to be installed?

Rocket Net already provides CDN(content distribution network), automated compression, automatic image optimization, and more tools that are useful on their own, but together they provide an extremely powerful package for a faster website.

Is WP rocket CDN available worldwide?

Worldwide delivery of content is faster with WP rocket CDN.

What is the refund policy? provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the services.

What are the alternatives to

The company is a high-quality WordPress hosting company with fast servers and features that you need for a great web presence. also features CDNs across 200+ countries and Botlin compression technology for even faster website loading times. Further, they can optimize images for you.

DreamHost, Kinsta, and WPX are alternatives.

Why is so popular?

With, you can host websites of any size and type on a reliable cloud platform.

Does offer a discount?

At the moment, there is a $1 monthly offer for the launch. Thus, you will only pay $1 for your first month. With an annual subscription to, you’ll receive 2 months of hosting for free.

Is Managed WordPress hosting a good choice?

The answer is a resounding yes. Paying for’s Managed WordPress Hosting is worth the cost because they have one of the fastest servers on the market. Several of the projects I host on maintain 99.99% uptime, and they maintain small response times of less than 66ms.

What is the benefit of using a managed WordPress hosting service?

A premium WordPress hosting company manages your website. You can focus on growing and marketing your business instead of worrying about site management, updates, security, and loading time.

Investing in WordPress-managed hosting services like is always a good idea when you want to focus your energy on growing your business.

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Conclusion | Review 2023

For people’s next/existing blogging projects, I recommend choosing such managed cloud-based WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting made it possible for businesses to be set up online without any issues. To win the race, it makes sense to opt for managed hosting these days.

One of my blogs is hosted by Rocket-managed cloud WordPress hosting, and I’ve found it to be very effective.

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