Review 2023: Is It The Best Web Hosting Platform? is an excellent managed WordPress hosting option for those looking for a faster web hosting package. Fast and highly optimized for specifically WordPress sites, servers are very fast. I was impressed with the ease-of-use of the control panel, enhanced security, auto-updates, as well as 24/7 support.

As of today, I’m still using the servers, which have been highly optimized for the last month and offer a “clear cache” feature to help me clean the server at any time.

From the cPanel, you can manage plugins and themes for your WordPress site. In addition to security, SSL, CDN, backups, and automatic updates are also included in the hosting plans.

What is

With (simply Rocket), all sizes of websites can be hosted with a simple platform. A fully integrated website security suite, a simple control panel, and blazing fast speed are included. Review Overview

It is the only hosting company on earth that provides premium services like CDN, WAF, Image Optimization, Font Optimization, and more at no extra cost for every website.

How is different from other Managed WordPress hosting services?

WAF is not included as part of any managed WordPress hosting. offers free WAF and malware removal, as well as other performance and security features.

This is the primary reason why I shifted to

When is Preferable? offers WordPress Hosting, the fastest page speed, and a free website security suite at a very low cost. It’s the ideal solution if you want the best WordPress Hosting. already has Cloudflare Enterprise on its servers. Cloudflare Enterprise plan benefits are included in’s plans for free if you host your site on You don’t need to configure it. Specifically, you will get services such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Image compression, CDN, and Caching. Review

Keeping a website always available and secure at an affordable price is a boon for website owners using for WordPress hosting. Additionally, a site security suite is included at no extra cost. Another advantage is that it is easy to operate.

In the following section, we will take a closer look at features, plans, and pros. Features

Fastest PageSpeed Guaranteed Review -  Features

Using, you can automatically optimize the content of your WordPress website without modifying it. This process pushes your optimized website content as close to every single website visitor as possible to enable them to all enjoy the same great experience.

As a result, your YSlow and PageSpeed scores will improve instantly. Guarantees are also included. You will be refunded if otherwise. Additionally, it includes:

  • Caching of entire pages
  • Proxying by third-parties
  • CDN with over 200 points of presence (free)
  • The enterprise server
  • Lookups of DNS are fewer
  • Resources that are guaranteed

Built-in Website Security Suite

Security Suite

Additionally, provides a built-in website security suite that is complimentary. This feature is the only one that comes free with this WordPress Hosting Service. Furthermore, you do not have to install or buy premium plugins or other services to secure your website.’s suite of services includes:

  • Website Firewalls (WAFs)
  • Anti-Malware Scanning
  • Anti-malware patches
  • Protection by brute force
  • Weak password protection
  • Protection against automated bots
  • Backup and Restore

Backups can be performed manually or automatically. Due to this, does not support external storage of backups, so it avoids using backup plugins such as UpdraftPlus and WPVIVID. Backup plugins are required if you would like to store your backups on an external storage device, such as Google Drive.

Backups are automatically performed every night on all of your sites. A 14-day backup is retained by them. Restoring to the backup will allow you to quickly backdate your site whenever you need to.

There has been an error in deleting one of my sites. My site has been restored thanks to live chat support. Earlier this week, my website’s backup was restored. Backups are not necessary.

Manual backups can be created on-demand. If you have any difficulties, you can restore from the manual backup if you want. This option is useful if you need to do any maintenance work like installing plugins or themes, etc.

It is always advisable to do those kinds of maintenance work in a staging environment.

Staging mode, PHP, and Auto Update features

Staging sites can be set up with just a click in the control panel. A statement environment will be created within minutes depending on the site size. In the staging site, you are able to test plugins and make changes, and you can apply them with a click to the live site. It is very common for us to make modifications with this option. It works perfectly with this option.

You can modify PHP’s version in the Advanced section of your control panel.

Automatically updates your WordPress core, plugins, and theme to keep your sites secure. Plugins, themes, and WordPress Core can all be auto-updated in the Control Panel, via the Advanced settings section.

Cron Jobs

Automatizing some tasks will be easy with Cronjob. It is generally not possible to add Cron jobs to Managed WordPress hosting plans. You will have that option with When adding Cron jobs, all you need to do is select the Advanced option.

Migrations Review - Free WordPress Migrations

Free migrations are unlimited. The live chat or support section can be used to open a support ticket. In a short time, they migrated our four sites. The migration service has been offered by other hosting companies till now. In comparison to all other Webhosting services, was quicker to migrate sites.

There are some tasks to be performed after migration. In contrast to other hosting services, it’s not done by simply changing the nameservers. 

Easy To Use WordPress Control Panel

It is the easiest way to manage one WordPress site or hundreds of them with the WordPress Control Panel (also known as Mission Control). WordPress performance can boost effortlessly in this interface by developing, launching, staging, and launching. These features are available in the control panel:



Currently, their support is good, but not up to the mark. They do not provide 24-hour live chat. It is not possible for me to join live sessions during Indian time. There may be US timings available. In one interaction, they were able to resolve the problems.

I once had my site down (of course by mistake). Live chat was the only way I could get in touch with them. They resolved the issue after a few hours of responding to the live chat. Pricing and Plans Review -pricing

The Hosting service offers four plans to its customers. Those are:

(For 1 WordPress Installation) – $30/ Mo

$600/3 installs (Professional)A Business Site (10 WordPress Installs) – $100/month

(25 WordPress installs) – $200/month for an agency

The above plans will be discounted by two months if you choose annual billing. You can return the product if your satisfaction is not satisfactory.

Pros & Cons


Faster loading time – 

Website success is dependent on the speed at which it loads. provides lightning-fast speeds. Immediately after installation, your website becomes faster. Ensures that your website is always accessible.

Free migration for websites: 

The process assures a smooth migration with no risks. Plugins for migration are included for free.

Customer Support: 

Live chat is available to help with any issues you may have. You can consult the hosting experts via live chat for the best solutions to your problems.

Free CDN and SSL certificate: 

Certificates cannot be obtained as easily, it involves many formalities. You will get an SSL certificate for your site for free if you purchase any plan. As well as the CDN.

Built-in Website Security Suite At No Additional Cost:

 The software includes a free website security suite. Cons

Limited to WordPress only: 

WordPress is the only platform supported. Other platforms are not supported.

It does not provide free domains with its annual plans, unlike its competitors.

Its knowledge base is very limited since it is a new hosting service.

DNS management is not available. You can also use Cloudflare to manage DNS if your domain registrar offers that service.

The Live Chat Support isn’t what it should be.

Quick Links Review – FAQs

👆Will service provide real-time security for my website?

Yes. The security suite built into the application will accomplish this.

🤷‍♀️Which paid plan of is best?

The requirements of your website will determine what you need. All four paid plans can be selected based on your requirements. Then you can get two months off the cost if you buy any of its annual plans.

🤔Will provide 24 hour customer support?

Customer support is available 24 hours a day.

✅Can I get the domains free?

That’s no good. The company does not register domains.

Conclusion | Review 2023 now offers you more than just a convenient WordPress control panel and an always-up website. Moreover, it features a built-in website security suite that is free of charge. In addition, it is the only WordPress hosting provider that offers the built-in security feature for free.

You won’t have to use any of the below plugins or services when your site is hosted on

Sucuri or other security plugins.

Backup plugins such as UpdraftPlus.

Plugins for staging.

W3Total Cache, for example, is a caching plugin. You can further increase page speed by using WP-Rocket.

Plug-ins for image resizing. 

Keeping a blog or website always up and secure at a very low price is a great goal for many bloggers, website owners, eCommerce stores, and business people. 

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