EasyWP Hosting Review: Low-Cost Managed WordPress Hosting

Are you looking for a low-cost managed WordPress hosting solution? EasyWP managed WordPress hosting is the best low-cost hosting solution. Read more about EasyWP in this exclusive EasyWP hosting review.

There are so many managed WordPress hosting providers like WPEngine, Kinsta, etc. But all these companies provide high cost packages. On the contrary, EasyWP NameCheap hosting is the best low-cost managed WordPress hosting.

Let us learn more about EasyWP managed WordPress hosting in this EasyWP hosting review.

EasyWP Hosting Introduction


EasyWP Managed WordPress hosting is the cheapest and true hosting solution. You can try the free 30-days trial with no commitment whatsoever. 

Powered by NameCheap cloud, your site will always be live and running. You can choose either monthly or yearly billing. 

If you compare EasyWP with other Managed WordPress hosting, you can differentiate site performance.

With EasyWP, your site will load in less than 1 second, with time to the first byte 192 ms. The cost is affordable and cheaper than any other managed WordPress hosting providers worldwide. 

Gone are the days when you had to manually install WordPress. You can now get WordPress ready sites and go live in minutes at one-click. 

You can access your WordPress dashboard from the EasyWP control panel at one-click. Leave your worries about managing cPanel that shows a lot of unnecessary options. It is easy to figure out everything like installing an EasyWP free SSL certificate.

How to Get Started with EasyWP?


The foremost step is to get an EasyWP domain name registration at a cheap price. If you already have a domain name, you continue with that.

Next, you can choose from three EasyWP plans. The most popular one is the EasyWP Turbo plan. 

You can try the first month for free and thereafter you will be billed accordingly. 

Once you have chosen the plan, continue with the first time registration. 

On successful registration, you can link your existing domain to EasyWP name servers. 

With the EasyWP login, you can access the EasyWP sftp and access the database files. 

Now, in the next section of EasyWP hosting review, I will show you EasyWP pricing & plans.

EasyWP Pricing


EasyWP offers simple, flexible, and transparent pricing with one month free trial. There are no long term contracts or commitments. You can either choose to pay monthly or annually.

Choose from three EasyWP plans viz. EasyWP starter, EasyWP Turbo, and EasyWP Supersonic. 

Starter: The EasyWP Starter plan costs $3.88 per month with 10 GB SSD, and 50 K visitors/month.

Turbo: The EasyWP Turbo plan starts at $7.88 per month. The plan includes: 50 GB SSD, 200K monthly visitors, 1.5x CPU & RAM, and free CDN & SSL.

Supersonic: This is the highest plan and for those who need large space & bandwidth due to massive traffic. The EasyWP Supersonic plan starts at $11.88 per month with 100 GB disc space, and 500k monthly visitors. The plan also offers 2x CPU & RAM, free CDN & SSL, and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Salient Features included in the EasyWP hosting plans:

  • 1X WordPress website
  • Installed in under 90 seconds
  • Hosted on Namecheap Cloud
  • Seamless scalability as visitors grow
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 3X faster than traditional hosting
  • Support for any domain name provider
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to manage WordPress websites
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy backups and restores
  • SFTP and database access

Why Choose EasyWP Hosting?


EasyWP helps you manage your WordPress site effortlessly. You just have to click, and everything else is managed by the platform.

No hiccups, no headache, your site goes live in minutes powered by NameCheap’s inbuilt cloud technology. 

Grow your Visitors:

EasyWP plans are powered by NameCheap cloud technology that can handle any amount of traffic. The Supersonic plan can handle a traffic as large as 50K per month.




Other WordPress hosting powered by Shared hosting offer slow speed. EasyWP supersonic cloud technology ensures optimal speed with zero interference. It is 3x faster than traditional Shared hosting. Your site is always live with zero downtime or server failures ensuring 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Easy to manage:


There’s one single dashboard that allows you to manage everything. You can create manual backups and restore them at one-click. From a temporary domain, you can change to your own domain name. Through EasyWP sftp, you can access your files effortlessly. Even if you want to create a new website, you can do so from the same EasyWP login.

Maintenance Mode:

Don’t go live until you are ready with the final touch. By selecting the maintenance mode, you can let your visitors know that your site is still not ready. 

Free SSL:


The EasyWP Turbo and Supersonic plans include free positive SSL from Sectigo. Using the free SSL, you can let your visitors and Google know that your site is protected. With an SSL certificate, you will gain customer confidence and authenticity on Google.

Free CDN:


A free CDN is like icing on the cake. The free CDN is also included in the EasyWP Turbo and Supersonic plan. The tool caches your website content from any corner of the world in seconds and delivers it at high speed.


The NameCheap support team is well-renowned for its consistent support. The team is friendly and ready to assist you in every way possible. You can reach the support team 24/7 with any issues.  

Customize easily:


EasyWP managed WordPress hosting is built for WordPress. With WordPress, you can install any theme and plugin to customize your site. With page builder plugins like Elementor, you can build a stunning landing page. The EasyWP plan comes with in-built cache, so you might not be able to install some cache plugins. Apart from cache plugins, EasyWP supports all WordPress compatible plugins. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EasyWP safe?

EasyWP is a Managed WordPress hosting offered by NameCheap that comes with free SSL certificate. A free Let's Encrypt certificate protects your site from malicious attacks.

Is EasyWP shared hosting?

No, EasyWP is only for running WordPress sites and is therefore a Managed WordPress hosting. It doesn't come with a cPanel and uses its own dashboard.

How do I access EasyWP dashboard?

First login to the EasyWP dashboard. Then, go to the EasyWP app menu and click on the logo. Now you can find your services listed inside the dashboard.


In all, the EasyWP hosting review was about the features you get to boost your site performance. 

The cost is affordable and worthy as some companies offer Shared hosting at the same price. But EasyWP offers managed WordPress hosting at the price of Shared hosting.

I hope, the EasyWP hosting review was helpful and informative.

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