4 Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment in WooCommerce

As a WooCommerce business owner, you’re surely aware that attracting new customers requires a significant amount of time and resources. All of your efforts will be for naught if potential clients abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase.

This is why cart abandonment should be a top priority for you.

It’s hardly rocket science to optimise your store to lower cart abandonment rates. With a few best practices sprinkled throughout, you’ll be well on your way to optimising your earning potential in no time!

The majority of these suggestions are simple to implement and can be done in only a few clicks. We’ve utilised all of them in the past and were blown away by the outcomes.

4 Actionable Tips To Reduce Cart Abandonment

1. All fees should be disclosed up front.

Tips to reduce cart abadonment

Avoiding any unpleasant surprises is one effective method to start retaining your cart abandoners.

Almost half of all cart abandonments are due to hidden or unexpected costs. Not only will you be able to cut your cart abandonment rate in half if you can eliminate this important issue.

You’ll also acquire the buyer’s trust and be able to count on repeat business.

To combat this, include as much pricing information as possible on your product pages. This would make it easier for your customers to compare products from different competitors.

2. Allow customers to check out without creating an account.

Another effective feature for lowering cart abandonment rates is guest checkout.

The ability to check out without having to form a user account is appreciated by most first-time consumers. Enforcing user registration might delay the checkout process and turn away clients who are sceptical of your brand or goods.

When a new client is required to fill out account registration information and confirm their email address before returning to their cart to finish a purchase, they may already be looking for an alternative.

3. Offer Discounted Shipping and other types 

When it comes to sales and conversions, discounts can work wonders. Of course, it’ll be fantastic if you can provide free shipping to your consumers. This is the most dependable strategy to avoid unpleasant shocks for your customers.

However, if this is not possible for any reason, cheap shipping can be useful. You might, for example, provide express shipment at the same price as ordinary shipping. You can offer discounted shipping or any other type of discount based on the total amount in the customer’s cart.

Display the discount information in the headline banner of your home page or shop page. This will encourage your consumers to complete the checkout process and, as a result, increase their order value to meet the discount criteria.

4. Customer reviews and trust seals might help you build trust.

Online customers are wary, especially given the prevalence of online scams. It can be difficult to persuade first-time buyers to enter their financial information on your website.

By including trust seals in your WooCommerce store, you can quickly increase visitor trust.

Small badges from third-party financial security compliance services like Stripe, PayPal, and McAfee could be used as trust seals.

It might even be as basic as a money-back guarantee, customer ratings, or the number of active users and total downloads. You can also display appropriate badges, prizes, and accreditations.

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Final Thoughts 

Cart abandonment is a huge issue for eCommerce businesses all around the world.

You’re losing out on a lot of potential money if you’re not working hard to limit the number of WooCommerce store visitors who leave things in their carts.

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