Recommend Gifts to be for Consumer Tech and Gadget Geeks

Finding the perfect gift for someone is an easy, fun task. Wrong! Without subtle hints or for guys, a direct answer of what they want, getting the perfect gift can be nerve-wracking and difficult. There is also the pressure of the perfect gift, since everyone enjoys seeing a face brighten and not faking a smile while looking for the receipt. So, when in doubt, go with a gadget.

The chances of someone having every gadget is almost impossible, so finding what they need should be a snap and it may be something they didn’t know they needed!

Great gadgets have multi-leveled appeal from the novelty of watching the new owner play with it for hours and how after that wears off, the way the gadget makes life so much easier. So, here is a list of some great gadgets for the person who has everything but needs one more thing to make their life complete.

Business Man Holding a Gift Package in Hand

Hands-Free Kit for the Car

We would all like one but never seem to justify the expenditure for one.

A professional must install it, so this makes it a bit expensive, but the recipient will certainly appreciate the new gift and love the giver for a very long time over it. Since their inception, these hands-free car kits are considerably more intuitive, have better sound quality and voice-activation.

Many switch between calls and music. Bluetooth-ready, they are fuss-free and reliable to boot. Those who love to talk will love this for certain.

While on cars – one step beyond

Cars Online

Rearview mirrors are old news.  Bluetooth is new news.  Combine the two for a mirror of the future and James Bond will certainly want this.  A hands-free kit with entertainment system has a microphone, speakers, MP3player, radio and text-to-speech.  Clip the existing mirror and that is all.

No professional installation required.  A hands-free wireless earpiece is available as well for those who want privacy.  For those on the move, it is everything they want in a single gadget.

Fitness Tracker

Exercise and fitness buffs take their work seriously, so a Bluetooth device that helps in the best of the fitness quest?  Sure!  Track caloric intake, calories burned during exercise and nutritional value of many foods is standard on many trackers.  Record stats of runs to check times for the next run and built in motivator badges are great for milestones and achievements.

The plateaus associated with exercise will eventually give way, and real results will appear.

The perfect gadget will please almost anyone, so be diligent in searching.  Use these three for starters and learn from them to find the perfect gadget for the person on the list.  This will make everyone involved happy from the effort and genuinely interesting choice of gift.

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