Purchasing Expired Domains For Traffic In 2024

If you’ve been online for any length of time then I’m sure this is an issue that you address on a regular basis. I’ve studied & implemented internet marketing for several years now – and there are many different tactics that can be used to drive quality traffic to your sites.

There are posting quality articles to hundreds of directories and other viral methods. There’s PPC. There’s SEO. JV marketing, RSS…the list goes on and on.

All of these methods do drive traffic to your website, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you employ them on an ongoing basis, but they also require a certain level of investment – either in your TIME or in your MONEY.

However, there’s one tactic that clever marketers have been using for some time in order to drive thousands, tens of thousands, and more worth of targeted traffic to their websites – immediately, and without excessive effort while paying no more than $10 or so for the privilege.

If this excites you (and it really ought to) then read on… this eBook is an introduction to the world of buying Expired Domain Names that come with traffic inbuilt from various sources. We’ll look at why buying expired domains can be so lucrative, what the various issues are and how you can get started right now.


What Are Expired Domains with Traffic?

Abandoned or expiring domains with traffic are formerly rented web domains by organizations or individuals. When a domain name expires, the domain registrar will very certainly recover it because the owner failed to pay the renewal fees due after the 30- to the 60-day grace period.

When a registrar reclaims a domain after its expiration date, it makes it available for public resale.

Surprisingly, search engines continue to send traffic to these defunct domains. They also include a number of websites that link back to the domains.

The Concept Of Buying Expired Domains – One Of The Internets “Underground Stealth Tactics” For Immediate & Low-Cost Traffic, Subscribers & Profits

I love loopholes. That’s exactly what buying expired domain names is – a big traffic loophole. It works because over time a domain has been built up – A mixture of time, money and know-how have been ploughed into it – and it draws in a good amount of traffic.

But now, for whatever reason, that domain has expired. Where once there may have been a thriving website pulling income in from various sources, it no longer exists. And it’s up for grabs to the first person who recognized what a potential goldmine it is.

We’ll look at why domains expire a little later (it’s not always because some dopey marketer forgot to renew it) but for now, let’s look at the underlying concept behind obtaining free targeted traffic simply by scooping them up.

Before we go on, I know some people may have moral objections to purchasing expired domains, and that’s fine. After all, you’re taking advantage of a domain that has traffic coming into it because someone had invested a lot of time and/or money into it.

From my perspective, I want you to understand that it’s my job to show my customers and newsletter subscribers genuine ways to make money online. That’s why I have to cover all legitimate topics provided that they are legal (which this is).

Now I’d like to introduce the concept of link popularity. When looking for an expired domain with ready-made streams of traffic this is one factor that you must pay close attention to. An expired domain with plenty of backlinks is very likely to have a targeted stream of traffic built into it.

Let’s say that you have a site about beauty products. You then exchange website links with 100 other websites that have a complementary theme. You’ll then create a steady income of traffic onto your beauty website from these backlinks. It also improves your status with search engines. Once you find expired domains that have a high amount of backlinks and scoop them up then you’ve just acquired a site that has a stream of visitors interested in the broad beauty niche. You could immediately use this stream of visitors to make money by:

expired domains

  • Setting up a simple content website & Adsense adverts that serve ads that appeal instantly to your website visitors (here’s a great article that shows you how to go about setting up content sites that can make you a fortune with Adsense income).
  • Offering highly targeted beauty products via your affiliate links.
  • Capturing the visitor’s email address, perhaps via a free report, so that you can offer them backend products via email marketing.
  •  Perhaps you’ve already got your own beauty-related product that you can sell to your visitors.

Ordinarily, you would have to set up your website first, get the above in place and THEN go about the hard part of actually marketing the domain and slowly getting traffic to it. It can take ages to get a new website listed on popular search engines.

It’s also time-consuming, and often expensive to get traffic coming into a new site (no matter which traditional method you try). With expired domain purchases, when done correctly, you already have a steady stream of visitors coming into your website from day one. Your site has immediate search engine placement. The income starts to flow from day one. Isn’t that just peachy?

The great thing about buying expired domains is that you can also simply use the traffic to feed your existing projects. Got a website on travel that’s already successful? Find expired travel domains that fit your site and use them for immediate traffic gains. In fact, it does not matter what niche you’re in – you can use this strategy to jumpstart your website income immediately.

You can find expired domains that yield anywhere from a few unique and targeted visitors a day, to a few hundred, to a few thousand. Your investment? $10 to register a domain name. Even if you found domains that yielded 10 unique visitors a day, you would get 3,520 uniques over the course of just one year. Do you think you could make a profit from this if your outlay was just a tenner? You bet.

Why Use SpamZilla to Find An Expired Domain with Traffic?

SpamZilla is a domain list application that can help anyone looking for expired or expiring domains. You can compare millions of updated auctioned, removed, or expiring web names on the site.

It customizes each option to your individual needs and desires. Whether you want to acquire a single domain or a large number of them, SpamZilla has a plethora of services that make the process easier.

SpamZilla also provides the following benefits:

  • Ordinary domain searches on platforms like Whois.com simply reveal whether a website is for sale and the Whois history. SpamZilla offers a lot more.
  • The site tracks a domain’s monthly organic search volume and identifies how many authoritative and common backlinks it has to other sites.
  • Check the domain’s SEO using the Backlinks Miner Tool, which compares the top 100 backlinks to your domain. The anchor language, anchor text, and outbound links from that site are all included in each report. You can also go to any connected website or blog post.
  • SpamZilla’s advanced filtering capabilities will simplify your search results. You’ll be able to store, catalogue, and investigate important keywords, as well as keep up with what sites are hot, so you never miss a chance again.
  • With SpamZilla, you can instantly compare tens of thousands of supported domain zones from around the world. Don’t worry if your domain zone isn’t supported; we deal with over 60 distinct domains for each given domain zone globally.

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Why Would Anyone In Their Right Minds Let Go Of A Domain That’s Generatic Sizeable Volumes Of Traffic & Income?

There are many reasons why domain names can sometimes be let go of. Here are a couple of examples:

  • People move on. They find other business opportunities which they plow themselves into. Sometimes they don’t feel it worthwhile to maintain the domain name they once invested so much effort and expense into. The result is a domain name that attracts good amounts of traffic that can be reshaped to fit in with your new project. It’s even possible to find a domain name that fits this criterion and then create a business model for it. If there is significant traffic pointing to it then a simple 1to10 page site that carefully blends Adsense & affiliate income can start earning an income right off the bat.


  • The business that had registered and used the domain no longer exists. If you’re reading this then there’s a very good chance that you’re an internet business entrepreneur. However, there are many large corporations that also register domain names on a daily basis. These companies can go bust (thereby exposing the domain to re-ownership) or the particular project that the domain was registered for may no longer be around. Now large corporations may spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on advertising and SEO to get traffic to that domain, but once the domain is no longer needed it may not be worth their while to keep it. It gets abandoned. It still has dynamic traffic streams coming its way. It can be reclaimed. And that’s where you can really benefit.

There are more reasons ranging from death to procrastination, but the above listed are the main ones. The next section looks at some sinister reasons that some domain names may be released (and you really need to know about this before ordering an expired domain).

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