Applications to Practice your English Pronunciation

Learning English can be challenging due to its pronunciation. When English words are pronounced incorrectly, their meanings can completely change. As such, learning the English language requires knowing how to approach this challenging part.

Early exposure to English is recommended for optimal pronunciation. Children learn much easier when they are young. However, if you are motivated and enthusiastic, you will never be too old to learn!

You should make enunciation one of your top priorities when learning English. Although your vocabulary may not be very extensive or your grammar may be limited, it is okay. However, it cannot be pronounced very simply. Poor pronunciation makes it hard to be understood.

Would you like to learn how to pronounce English correctly once and for all? Here are some resources you may find useful:

8 Applications to Practice your English Pronunciation with

1. Howjsay

This is an easy-to-use online tool that is free. Here you can type in the word you wish in English, check its exact pronunciation, and then see whether it was said correctly.

2. Spell Up

Developed by Google three years ago, this free resource is available online. An advanced voice-recognition system makes it easy to learn English pronunciation.

In this activity, the user hears words and tries to spell them correctly. A tower will form as the user hears letters and words. The higher the tower, the harder it is to pronounce.

3. Lyrics Training

Using music to strengthen your pronunciation in English is one of the best ways to do so.

Singing songs is a great way to practice pronunciation when we’re learning a new language. Once you learn and memorize the lyrics of a song, speaking each word in the song becomes much simpler.

By using Lyrics Training, a user will be able to choose the level of difficulty for their favorite music videos, and sing karaoke on their computers.

4. Dictionarist

The site can be used to look up the meaning of words, as well as the pronunciation, as the name suggests.

To help you practice your English, you will be shown the word in several phrases in different contexts for each search. Without a doubt, this tool is incredibly helpful and helpful for conversations.

5. Forvo

Several individuals from all corners of the world have contributed to the creation of this website.

You can look up any word for pronunciation with this very interesting resource, and have the native speaker pronounce it from a variety of places around the world. Over 120,000 different pronunciations are available in this tool.

6. English pronunciation

This app is designed to allow you to understand the pronunciation of each new English word that you learn on Android and iOs.

You can record your own voice and even emit different sounds. As a result, you can check whether your pronunciation is correct in English.

7. Vaughan Radio

Listeners of this online radio will gain experience listening to spoken English by training their ears. Presenters pay attention to how words are pronounced, and they ask the audience to repeat what they hear in an effort to improve their diction.

In addition to learning grammar, vocabulary, and common constructions in the language, you’ll also be able to learn more about the radio.

8. Menrise

A Web-based as well as an iOS and Android app, it can be downloaded through the internet. Learning a foreign language is the purpose of this educational app. Videos of native speakers in different languages can be found in this application.

Every word will be explained to you in English using this tool. You can test your new knowledge with a few simple games.

We have included a video here to introduce you to a tool called “International Phonetic Alphabet” that we are sure you will find useful.

It is fundamental when you are trying to communicate effectively in a foreign language to continue improving your English pronunciation.

However, these resources are not a substitute for a qualified language centre if learning a language is your goal. What should you do if you want to find a good English school? You can count on us to perfect your pronunciation and become an authentic English speaker.

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